From Prude to Lude

My wife kasey was always a prude ever since highschool we were together for 20 years our marriage is boring as fuck no pussy no head no nothing i jack off to the stories she heard from other girls and friends of ours from highschool and i was thinking " man i wish that was me" but not i try so hard to get her turned on everything from threesomes two somes whatever she just wont get turned on well she...she's a fucking PRUDE i mean she is a virgin she's 29 im 30 we never fucked ...-sighs- ever so i had a plan in mind for tonight's dinner i invited a few friends over and a few black friends they were hung like horses i know cause we all played on the basketball team and after practice id take a glimpse of there fat cocks while showering they would play around and rub there dicks between my ass cheeks it felt good am i bi yes secretly my wife dont know shit she never asks about anything all she does is come home from work and go to sl**p we never go out anywhere not since our first few years of marriage so it was getting time for dinner my wife not to thrilled about anything as usual " honey our guest should be here any minute" she was in the bathroom getting ready " yeah sure whatever" she said in her bored voice the door rang tim allen jessi brandon crissy eric and james the black guys i played with arrived on time my wife came out looking dreaded and unexcited as usual " hey honey" i said happily " hey guys" she added " so lets eat shall we " dinner was great and its now time to put my plan into action i led my negro friends into the living room leaving the couples to talk to her friends " so guys" i whispered "get naked right here right now " so they stripped i did to i had a pair of pink lace panties i ordered from amazon two weeks ago they sat down i got on my knees and started sucking them off real good " ugghhh fuck" eric sighed with great pleasure as my pink lips sucked on his horse cock i put james dick together with erics and sucked them together " what the hell are you doing carl " sucking dick something you dont do " the couples laughed cause they already knew about our sex life we didnt have one " you guys knew about this " she asked her friends " yes baby to a bestfriend to a bestfriend i think you need to loosin up a bit gosh its been we 30 years ? kasey turned to watch me suck the niggers dicks off she started to get turned on i knew it i felt her eyes staring with extreme lust my plan worked " ugh ..i ...oh my god i didnt know you could do that carl" she was amazed of my cock sucking skills crissy and jessi started to undress brandon tim and allen gathered behind me started playing with my ass crissy and jessi started to rub kasey's pussy she twitched they picked her up like she was royalty and put her on the love seat they caressed her then started eating her out she loved it then i was taking brandons cock up my asshole it felt so damn good i was very happy how my planned turned out we are now the neighborhood whores we get fucked by all the rich doctors lawyers that live in the neighborhood we went from prude to lude
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