d***k Sex on the Beach -- Part 1

She was so d***k. She thought the girls that brought her along were her friends, but they weren't. If they were, they'd have never let me drag her away from the fire.

I was a gatecrasher. I hadn't expected to be at any party, I didn't really know too many people in this city apart from my house-mates. I work at a local drive-through liquor store. Late one night a bunch of immature, loud-mouthed lads came through and told us about a beach party they were going to. I was on the 'early' shift, I finished at 11pm just as they came in to stock their trunk. The whole world was their friend just then, especially the guys that sold alcohol, so we were all invited. I had no plans for the night and I was the only one to say 'okay'. They waited for me to grab my keys to follow them out, their new best friend. Someone had a big shack by the beach, I'm not even sure they knew whose it was.

It was a fair way away, about 20 minutes, enough for me to consider turning back more than once. The roads were quiet, so there was no chance to lose them even though they were belting along over the limit. When we got there we tracked a long way along the beach and then I was introduced to whomever heard them shout "Hey, meet the beer-guy, we brought him with us!" to which there was a ripple of applause. That marked the full journey of my friendship with those guys, after that they left me to my own devices.

I was a few years older than most of the people I could see. Most of the guys running around were at a stage in life where they needed to prove to their mates how much of an idiot they were. I also had the advantage of coming sober to a d***ken environment. Mind you, they were having a great time being fools. It was a genuinely good, friendly party.

People were outside on the beach, the shack in the background was dark. Good thinking if you want less damage. There was one main fire that looked like it was set up before the party, it was huge and well stocked with logs to throw on and logs to sit on. 4 other smaller fires had also been lit along the beach, perhaps by people broken off from this party or perhaps by other groups that just happened to be nearby. Either way, people drifted between each, drawn to the ones which had the most screaming or laughing or chanting at the time. It was perfectly warm and windless, which meant an interesting mix of bikini-top girls and shirtless guys. The boy-girl ratio was a pretty much half-half which meant lots of showing off, and lots of pairing off. I'd have said most people were late teens, maybe twenty, but it wasn't a school party. The guys I had brief chats with worked somewhere around town, or on the land. Some claimed to have recognized me from the booze shop, but I couldn't say that I remembered the face of any of them.

My radar was definitely on for a score. It had been a while since I'd had sex with a nameless d***ken girl, and there were plenty of targets around. The main thing was to pick the right one. The girls were grouping together, but just occasionally a guy would come in and give his girlfriend a kiss and a hug before running off into the darkness to be an idiot with his mates again. I needed to be careful not to hit on a girl with a boyfriend, I would be in trouble from all directions.

The party was still strong as it sailed past midnight and beers and mixers had become one big communal pool of stock, with people drinking whatever was handed to them. At around about 1:30am I'd picked my target. She was stunning of course...an innocent-looking thing that I'd been told was 19 years old. She looked fresh and she looked d***k, if it's possible to be both. She wore small denim shorts and a loose t-shirt so I couldn't see exactly what her package was, but I guessed it would be delightful. She had light brown hair with a few blond streaks. She was not too tall, slim, well-shaped. Even though she was d***k and swaying her being was entirely womanly, she had delightfully curved hips and an erection-enticing gap between her thighs. The way her t-shirt fell loose around her stomach, she was probably trim. Her stature, her smooth tanned legs in the firelight...she would do.

Every time a boy came up to kiss or fondle one of her friends she ignored them, staring into the fire. I didn't see her searching into the darkness for her man, so she either didn't have one (which would be hard to believe) or he wasn't here. Her friends were really d***k, they were in no state to be concerned with her or look after her. She herself was swaying dangerously, bottle in hand, her eyelids heavy. I looked around the circle of people in the firelight, no one was particularly noticing her anymore. Amongst all these people she was alone, pretty and unattended.

I slipped into the darkness and around to her side of the fire. From behind I gave the slightest push in her back so she fell toward the fire. Racing forward, I reached around her waist and pulled her back. No one else paid much attention, but she herself was woken by the shock of suddenly having flames leap at her then pull away.

"Just caught you," I said in her ear, "that was lucky."

She turned to look at who held her so tightly from behind. Her head spun on my shoulder. Her beautiful face with its petite lines and cute nose was blank, she did not recognize me.

"I think you fell asl**p, you were about to fall forward into that," I pointed at the fire. She was still trying to make sense of it all. "It might be better if I keep hold of you for a minute."

She let me, still wordless, her hand on my arms as they wrapped around her. I swayed us gently back and forth, kinda like you would in a slow dance and she seemed relaxed enough to stay like this with me. I held my face in her hair for a time, then moved down and nuzzled at the back of her neck. She didn't stop me, but wasn't responsive either. We stayed like this for a while, people around us busy with their own personal challenges. In time one of my hands slipped under her t-shirt, slowly sliding up to the base of her bra. I pushed the other hand an inch into the gap between her stomach and her shorts.

She didn't stop me so I kept going. I pressed under the band of her panties, down to the point where I could feel the top of her pubic hair. I stopped and took stock. No one was paying us particular attention and she stared absent-minded, sl**pily into the fire.

I was utterly excited, I was itching to keep going. I was dying to see how far into her pants I could get without being stopped. I pushed my fingers down in through her hair until I could feel the top of her slit. I ran my middle finger down into it. Her head went back slightly and I could feel her shift her feet to open her legs. She was responding, her weight back on me, her hands squeezing my arm, her breathing deeper, she dropped her bottle to the sand. I grabbed her bra-covered breast and squeezed. It was not too big, but full and hard. Her shorts were really tight, it was a struggle to get my hand and my finger down to her entrance. With her shorts stretched to straining point, I dipped the tip of my finger into her hole, looking for the wetness I needed to start working her over.

Suddenly she wrenched herself away from me.

I thought I had pushed too far, that she had woken from her dream with a stranger's hands in her pants and wanted to make a run for it. Instead she turned to the darkness and leaned over. Her chest and neck spasmed and up it came, liquid vomit, chunk-less beer and summer-wine spew. Luckily I was there to hold her up and hold her hair from falling into the stream from her mouth. There wasn't a lot of it, but it made for a mess. Some hapless guy's towel was left abandoned by my foot, so I flicked it up with my toes and used it to wipe her mouth. We managed to keep the gunk out of her hair and off her clothes.

Flushed and tired she turned into me afterward and held me, resting her head on my chest. She was clean enough, but her mouth stank. I yelled at a nearby girl to pass me a drink, and I was passed a half-bottle of white wine. I pulled my girl back from me and wrapped her hand around it.

"Rinse your mouth with this," I told her, "Rinse. Go on."

Eventually she opened her eyes, looked at me as if to say 'who are you?', and then drank it down.

"Don't drink, rinse!" I yelled.

She didn't pay attention, she just kept drinking. Oh well. She may throw up again, but at least she'll stay rotten d***k.

It was time to close the deal. She was as compliant as she was going to be. I led her away from the fire toward the shack, expecting there must be some quiet place to unwrap her undisturbed.

"Where are we going?" she said, tired. She had no comprehension of where she was being led, why she was being led.

"Just over this way for a bit of a look."

She was struggling to stand without my help.

"But everyone's back over there," she said, trying to point the other way.

"That's okay," I said, "you and me have got something interesting to see in here."

I opened the front door to the shack.

"Really, what?"

I smiled at her and guided her into the dark living room. "You."

If she understood what I meant, she didn't show it. We stumbled through the room, around the sofa and table, through the gap in front of the big black TV.

"It's so dark," she complained.

"Its okay, just in here," I told her, arm around her waist supporting and guiding her. If she was any less d***k she would have known what it meant to be pulled through a door to a darkened room with a bed in it.

"Where are we? What's in here?" she asked slurring. I shut the door. I stood behind her as she leaned back onto my shoulder, struggling to keep her eyes open. Going straight for the gravy, I reached around and undid the button on her shorts, slowly sliding down the zip. She didn't stop me, didn't even seem to realize it was happening. I put my hands down into her pants, sliding both her shorts and her panties slowly down over her skin. I wanted to move quickly before she woke from her trance, but not so quickly that I broke the trance.

She felt herself losing her bottoms and went to grab at them, but it was a feeble attempt. She was struggling to keep balance as I slid her pants over her knees. I got down on my own knees, my head at her bare ass as I picked each ankle up to lift her clothes away from her legs and toss them safely under the bed. Her pants were completely off just like that, what a score this would be. It was too dark, though. I couldn't really see what she looked like. I suspected she would be a sensational nude, but it was just too black.

Not wanting to turn on the main light I shuffled her over to the window and opened the blind. Clouds shifted and bright moonlight came in from outside. Wow, her naked ass was as tight I thought it would be. I let her fall down onto the bed face-first, bare from the waist down. Wow, wow, wow, what a score, this girl was poster material. I peeled my own clothes off in a hurry, all of them, and stood by the bed naked and stiff. I watched her drift toward sl**p. I looked down at her backside and the darkness between her open legs. I stroked myself at the thought that she was in no condition to stop me. Rather than jump on and stick it to her, I wanted her completely naked first. I wanted her awake, to consciously feel the cock push her open, I wanted to feel her reaction when she realized there was an erection moving up her cunt.

"Hey, c'mon, you gotta get back up."

I pulled her by the hips, and then the shoulders back up off the bed to an unsteady standing position. She was moaning to let her back down. I pulled the smoothness of her naked rear to me, squashing her against my hard-on. The feel of a hard cock running up her bare back flicked a switch in her natural instincts, her defensive ones. She gasped and turned to look at me, for the first time seeming to comprehend there was a naked man with her, and that her vagina was undressed.

"Huh? What, what you...," she didn't really know what to say. I spun her toward me and kissed her. Dazed she let me; though what she was doing could hardly be called kissing back. Her mouth stunk of white wine mixed with vomit, but the feel of her body was exponentially compensatory. I lifted her arms to put them over my shoulder and took her bare ass with my hands. I pushed her stomach in against my erection; the warmth of her skin on my stiffness was exquisite.

She broke from my mouth and laid her head on my shoulder. She slowly shook it.

"No. No," then after a pause, "No."

"No what?" I asked quietly, massaging her naked rear.

"I don't know you..."


"I've got...boyfriend," she told me, then threw her head back to try to look at my face, struggling to focus. "I've got a boyfriend, and he is... I love... I can't do...with other..."

She didn't finish, couldn't bring the words out.

"Can't do this?" I asked, demonstrating as I kissed her neck and her ears.

"Hmmm..." she agreed with eyes closed, "can't...do...this."

I reached up under her t-shirt and undid her bra at the back. She tried to squirm to stop me but could not get her limbs to perform the most simple of motor actions.

"I...told you...have...boyfriend. I can't," she mumbled, eyes looking to the door for someone to come and get her out of this. "I really can't..."

"No one is coming to help you, baby. Better to just relax and enjoy yourself, don't you think? It's just a little bit of sex, yeah?"

I pulled at her t-shirt, bringing it and the bra up together. She subconsciously lifted her own arms up for me to help get it off, the same time as mumbling "Stop. No. Can't. Stop. Don't. Leave me sl**p, please."

Wow. This girl had water-balloons for breasts, mid-sized and rock hard. I could hardly squash them. What a score! I held her up with my grip on them. They felt so good in my hand, tight and hard only like a young woman's tits can be. The look on her face said she didn't want this, to be naked, to have her breasts mauled. I stood there for an age, squeezing and squashing my d***ken, nude play-mate. I held a hand in the middle of her back and leaned down to suck on her nipple.

"Oh God. Stuart...gonna hate me..."

"Baby, it's just a little kiss." I sucked hard enough to give her a hickey, something for Stuart to see later, whoever he was. My erection was well and truly pushing amongst the hairs on her mound.

"Please, don't, no, not that..." she begged, trying to back her hips away from my prodding hard-on.

"Don't worry; we're just having some fun at a party."

I turned her body around, still standing. Both of us were naked and it would be better to get up her quickly. Once she had a penis up her perhaps she'd stop whining so much. I kicked her legs open at the ankles and bent her forward to lean against the wall. She didn't resist, perhaps couldn't resist. I pulled my cock down between her thighs.

"No. No, please don't. Not...there...don't have sex with me," she was almost whispering, pleading.

"Don't worry. I'm just going to do it little tiny bit, yeah? Just in and out, just once okay. I'll go up there once, see what it feels like, then come out. Okay?"

"No, please, don't..."

"Just once. In and out."

"Just once?"

"Just once."

"And then you'll take it out?" She was half-sobbing now. I didn't answer.

"You'll take it straight out after, won't you?" she asked again. I continued to ignore her.

I stepped inside her ankles and lined her up, holding my cock and rubbing it up and down her flaps, her slit. She wasn't very wet; it wasn't going to be easy to get in. I went down on my knees behind her, she stayed leaning against the wall to stop from crashing to the floor. I stuck my tongue up her hole, into her vagina. Her head threw back but otherwise she stayed in position. I fucked her with my tongue and licked her a dozen times before standing back up. Her face was in shock, as if no one had ever stuck a tongue in her genitals before. This time as I rubbed my cock-head along her slit it skated smoothly.

"You ready?" I asked. She didn't speak.

I dipped head-length into her hole. It was wonderful. I had the tip of my cock inside the vagina of a stunningly beautiful nameless girl that I'd never met. She started sobbing.

"Don't. Please. That's enough. Don't. No more. Please. I've...only Stuart...not on pill...I...aaaaahhhhhh!" her pleading was cut short by me pushing further up her vag. It wasn't a quick deep thrust, rather a bump-by-bump slow push upward. She was opening up bit by bit. And crying, really crying. She wept like a baby, regressed to c***dhood. Once I was in her full depth, I grabbed her by the tits and pulled her back off the wall. I held her up against my body, increasing the contact between us and forcing the angle in her genitals to a humping rather than stroking. I grabbed the front of her neck, pulling her head back to me. With my other hand I held on to her pussy mound and humped at her rear, dick sliding along her insides. Oh, she felt good, her back against my chest, breasts jiggling free, the tight grip her cunt gave to my cock.

"Ah, there you go. That feels better," I said at the side of her face as I held it to mine. "Jesus, you are a sweet fuck...your cunt feels great, baby."

She was sobbing. "You said just once, in and out," she managed to blubber.

"This is just once. One proper fuck, yeah?"

"You...said...you'd take...it...out." She was struggling to talk as her insides contorted.

"Oh, c'mon, you can't say this doesn't feel good, can you? Your cunt is sopping wet. Surely you don't want to stop this now?" As I said 'this' I gave her a deep one, and she gasped air.

I spun us around and had her hands go down on the bed. She was bent 90-degrees and I gave her a right slamming from behind. I could feel her breasts thumping up and down as they hung from her. She looked so fine undressed. I ran my hands along her perfect skin from the back of her neck to the side of her thighs, touching all of her naked body that I could. From here I was able to get deep into her, I could feel the top of her insides. She may not remember all this when she woke in the morning, but she'd certainly know something had been up her.

I was getting hot and sweaty. I stopped myself and pulled out. I flipped her around and onto her back on the bed. I pushed her legs open and quickly glided myself easily straight back up the full length of her pussy. Our pubic hairs mashed into each other and her legs came up round behind me. She tried not to look at me, but her mouth was open in that way girls do when something big is buried between their legs. I smashed at her, slapping my pelvis against hers. It was a right proper fucking she got. She held her arms over her breasts trying to hide them from me, but instinctively her body arched its back and pushed its legs wide, helping the mating process. The dichotomy was electric, her top half wanted to be rid of me, her bottom half was squeezing me, milking me for semen. It was all I could do not to let go of my load and give her just that, her cunt was as fine as any I'd fucked.

I flipped over to my back so that I lay on the bed, stiff up her as she was spread-legged on top of me. I was puffing, catching my breath. The air stank of sex. She started sobbing again.

"What exactly is the problem?" I asked, "You weren't a virgin were you?"

She shook her head.

"Then what's the problem?"

"My boyfriend...the only guy..."


"So...I've never...," she stopped talking and fell to me bawling her eyes out again. Oddly, her sobbing made her hips pump up and down on my cock slightly, like mini-fucking.

"What exactly's wrong? This feels good doesn't it, you enjoy fucking don't you?"

She bawled and sobbed and didn't answer for the longest time. I didn't particularly mind, it felt good to have her naked weight on top of me, all the time piercing the depths of her cunt.

Finally she spoke, mid-sob. "I'm...I'm...I can't believe I...." On she went, crying again. It was a strange experience. Tears were pouring over my shoulder and running down to the bed. She was clearly upset about having full-on sex with a total stranger, and yet she made no attempt to actually pull her body away from me. My hard-on was still stuck full length up her, for God's sake.

"What are you crying about? What could be so bad?" I lifted her by her shoulders to show me her face. Her hair and her breasts fell from her body as I held her up to look at her.

She looked down at her own naked body, at the place where we were joined. Then she broke into a fresh round of howling. I let her fall back to me, breasts squashed against my chest again. Literally with nothing to do, I started to hump her from below. May as well get as much fucking in as I could, she had a fine body. I held the sides of her hips and sawed my cock in and out of her as she cried. She didn't stop me.

After a while I got tired and her sobbing calmed down. Again I lifted her by the shoulders, enough so that I could see her face.

"What's with you?"

She didn't reply, but at least she didn't break into tears again.

"What, you don't do this very often?" I asked. She shook her head. "You don't usually end up in the sack with guys at parties?"

Again she shook her head, even more than before. And again she brought one arm up to cover her breasts, just like when I was slam-fucking her.

"Have you even been naked with a guy before?"

She shook her head. "Not...completely," she whispered.

"You feel embarrassed being naked with boys?"

She gave a slight nod.

"You're not a virgin, though?"

"Of course not," she said, surprisingly f***efully.

"But only with your boyfriend?"

This time she gave a small nod.

"And he's the only one...ever?"

"Of course," she replied quietly.

"But you don't take your clothes off when you fuck?"

She shook her head.

"Why?" I asked, curious. She didn't answer.

"How many times exactly has he fucked you?"

She didn't answer straight away, but eventually mumbled "Not many".

"Have you never cheated on him?"


"Not even a kiss or a held hand with another guy?"

"Of course not," she said quietly but indignantly.

I thought about this while enjoying the feeling of her naked body sitting on me, her tight walls wrapped around my cock pierced deep in her. She was a gorgeous young thing, a glorious score.

"How long you've been with him?"

She almost whispered, "Almost two years. Our anniversary is next Thursday..." Now she was starting to sob once again.

"So, that's why you are upset?"

She nodded as the tears came back.

"Tell me, this guy, does he use a condom when he fucks you?" I asked.

The girl nodded, "Yeah."

"Every time?"


"Well...if that's the case...then this next bit is going to be quite new, I expect."

She looked down at me as if to say 'what'? Her face in the moonlight was so pretty, so innocent to not know what was about to happen to her nude body.

I held her by the hips and pushed up into her.

"Tell me what this feels like."

"What?" she actually said it this time.

She didn't know what I was talking about until it was in her. She didn't even recognize the spasm as it shot up my shaft. Only when the spurt of warmth hit her insides did she get an inkling of what was happening to her. By then it was too late. She didn't try to scramble off, she didn't move at all. Stunned, she stayed in the same spot, knees on the bed either side of me. Her eyes grew wide and confused at the feeling of the warmth spreading inside as her cunt filled with semen.

"Ah," I groaned as the last squirt dribbled into her insides. "Now...that's what your cunt is meant to be used for."

Her face was in shock. Mine was grinning.

"You took that pretty well," I told her. "I thought you might try and stop yourself getting pregnant."

She looked at me in horror. "That was...you just...came...in me."

"Yes," I grinned, "and you're a real trooper...sitting there and taking it like a woman."

She went white. "Oh, Jesus. This can't be real..."

"C'mon," I teased, knowing the affect saying this would probably have on her, "All women get pregnant eventually."

Again her body fell to mine and the bawling restarted. She was sweating, too. It was weird that she brought herself closer to me the more upset she was. She commiserated her unfortunate situation by squashing her naked breasts hard into my chest, her arms wrapped around my shoulders and by leaving the offending penis to rest inside her pussy. In fact I was quite in the mood to continue, I had hardly gone soft at all. I kept a slow humping on from beneath, my own sperm giving good lubrication. Her pussy felt really good still. Not too small, but tight around me. Most of all it was silky smooth inside. I wondered if she was aware of how good her cunt was compared to others? Probably not.

I decided to try and stop the crying. I lifted her by the shoulders, this time pushing her up straight. I brought my own body up to a sitting position. I shuffled us across the bed until my ass was on the edge of it, feet on the floor. She was sat on me, straddling me with my cock deep in her pussy surrounded by semen, some of it leaking out between us. In this position I could push her back from me, kiss her neck, her face, her gorgeous breasts. It was easier to grab her ass and push deep into her and again I was as hard as I could be. This was a beautiful woman in her rawest state, being pushed to do what I wanted to do.

I kissed all of her top half. As I put my lips onto her eyes, for the first time I felt a smidgen of passion escape from her. I kept doing it, pushing the buttons that I could find. By the time I had my tongue in her ear she was ever so slightly humping her hips back into me. When I kissed her lips she kissed back, when my tongue went into her mouth her tongue played back. Suddenly I found myself fucking a girl who was fucking me back. We broke the kiss. She put one hand around my neck and leaned her sumptuous body backward, voluntarily increasing the speed and f***e of her humping at my pelvis. Her eyes rolled around her head, giving away that she was still d***k out of her mind...but who was I to complain?

She didn't notice the door open behind to the left of her, but I did. Some guy that I'd not seen before swung it open and stuck his head in. He looked like he was looking for something, and that he'd found it. He opened the door wide but just stood there silently, with a look of "gee, it's true what they told me out there". He stepped a little closer and around the front of her, as if to be absolutely sure of who this girl was in the moonlight. Given she was unaware of company she just kept energetically humping me with her naked body. The hand around my neck supporting her was on the other side to where the guy was standing, so he had an uninterrupted view of her naked front as she leaned back and pumped her nude pelvis at me. I saw him glance at my face just briefly, almost as if to think who is this lucky bastard she's fucking? I thought this guy knows her, but from the look on his face I don't think he had ever seen her naked before. Or fucking.

Eventually she looked to my eyes and wondered what I was looking at. Turning, she stopped her humping immediately. She brought her body in and pushed it hard against me to hide her teenage tits that had been bouncing openly just seconds ago. I held her ass and pulled it close to me, feeling my cock still deep up her cunt. She squinted as if trying to look better at the guy who was watching us.

"Shit. Doug," was all she could say.

"Who's Doug?" I asked with Doug standing right there. Doug looked at us both, then slowly walked back to the door. He turned and took one last look at this girl wrapping her naked body around me like a limpet. He shut the door as he left. I felt the crying coming back.

"Who's Doug?" I repeated.

She didn't say anything, just moved her body back from me a ways. She looked down at our nakedness. She took her hand and pushed back on her own mound to better see the point of entry taken by my stiff cock.

"You don't have a condom," she said quietly.

"No," I answered.

"You came in there?"

"Yeah, lots. You don't remember?"

"Shit," was all she could say. I wanted to know who Doug was, but I didn't want her to back off from the sexual progress we had made, not yet. I wanted to squeeze at least one more cum out of my time with this girl's body. I kept kissing her neck and her ears. Still d***k, she couldn't fight her body, she began fucking again.

She closed her eyes and worked her hips at me, as if trying to forget all her troubles which were mounting quickly.

"So let me get this straight," I started, wanting to have some fun. "You are completely naked with a man whose name you don't know."

There was no reaction, just eyes closed and continued humping.

"You've got a boyfriend who trusts you, but here you are fucking someone else."

I'm sure she could hear me, but she kept ignoring me. She just kept silently fucking my cock.

"You aren't on the pill," I continued, "yet your pussy is full of sperm, so you'll be pregnant on your anniversary with your boyfriend next Thursday?"

She stopped her hips now and came in to hold me, leaning her head on my shoulder. She seemed tired.

"And it seems some guy you know just caught us. He took a long, long look at your body. I'm guessing he's not seen you naked before?"

She sighed and shook her head on my shoulder.

"Oh God," came the muffled words from under the hair on her face.

"Well...no point in wasting anything," I said, squeezing her ass. "We may as well have as much sex as we can considering you're a one-night stand."

She didn't react. I held her by the ass and picked us up off the bed, turning around and dumping us both back down. This time she lay under me, legs spread, still full of cock. I slid in and out of her, slowly at first but then building to pace. Her insides were smooth and comfortable, gripping me as I fucked. My pelvis slamming to hers made her whole body shake. She lay her arms up above her this time, her tight breasts snapping up and down uncovered. I lay down closer and kissed her mouth. Her tongue naturally came into mine and her hands went around to my ass, encouraging me to spear her. It was standard missionary fucking at it purest and best. She was taking it hard up her and she was increasingly interested in the erotic feeling building in her insides. Both of us heard the bedroom door open and close twice, but each time we ignored it. I was too busy in the glory of nailing such beauty and she was too wrapped up in the release she was building to. I must admit, it is the first time I'd been able to get a woman to do this. You could see it coming, it took minutes to build. She knew it was coming, too. Her eyes were wide open, her hips were pumping back at me from below and her nails drawing bl**d from my ass. Her breaths came in ever-increasing gasps and she began to actually smile in anticipation of what was about to happen to her.

"Oh shit," she said eyes wide, "I think I'm going to...."

When it came, she let it ride all over her. Alcohol exists to reduce inhibition, and this girl didn't hold back her glee. She threw her head back with a guttural scream, her whole body awash with convulsions. I was starting to lose it, it was all I could do to ride the storm. She grabbed me and held me tight, biting down and through the skin on my shoulder. It hurt like hell, but I wasn't going to stop her from celebrating her orgasm. It just kept going. I kept fucking her hole, as hard as my tired body could and she kept biting and screaming and convulsing. She was swearing like a pirate.

The she gave one long soundless gasp, like a death knell, and slowly released her grip on me, easing her weight back to the bed. Even her cunt muscles relaxed themselves. I stayed inside her hovering on the edge of my own release.

"Holy shit," she whispered.

"Baby," I gently got her attention, "baby, look at me. Are you ready? I'm going to cum in you again."

She looked at me.

"You ready for it?" I asked again.

She nodded.

"Here it comes," I said quietly, "You're going to be pregnant for sure now. You're okay with that, yeah?"

She nodded.

I pushed hard up against her mound and looked at her face. She closed her eyes and gasped when she felt the penis twitch inside her, then looked at me amazed when she felt the semen spray. There wasn't as much as the first time, but she was taking more notice of it this time. Her face seemed to change as warmth spread inside her. She went from sexual to sensual. She lifted her hands to hold my head, pulling me to her. She kissed me on the lips, long and slow as if kissing the father of her baby rather than the guy fucking her. I guess it's not strange for a girl to consider insemination a special moment, especially the first time.

I broke the kiss and lay down next to her on the bed, my softening cock finally slipping from her saturated vagina. With no tissues she leaked openly over her own thighs and onto the bed. She didn't care, she was still half-d***k and now awfully sl**py as well. We turned toward each other and kissed again. I took her hand and made her hold my wet half-hard penis, getting her to pull on it and wipe some of the slop away. She rubbed her hand on the bed cover, then collapsed back into me.

"My god," she said, "I've never...."

"Never what?"

"Never had that happen."

"What? Never had an orgasm? Or never had a man cum inside you?"


"You like?"

She lifted her head and picked herself up closer to me. She leant down and kissed me in the way a girl kisses her boyfriend, with care and with tenderness. She was still d***k, but something inside her had naively decided that the gravity of the night's experience meant we were together now. We didn't even know each other's name.

It was warm enough to stay above the covers so I lay my head next to her, our bodies intertwined and soon we found ourselves asl**p.

96% (30/1)
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1 year ago
This was a fantastic story. I love how the attraction between the two slowly change over time.
1 year ago
I loved it. Girls try to be "good," but will always go with the bad boy who fucks them the best.
1 year ago
we probably all been there, but these days some of the girls get all funny about this type of thing afterwards
2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
drunks are so fun
3 years ago
awesome start, but dangerous
3 years ago
That was great. What a slimeball to get her pregnant and not care, but so erotic and right!
3 years ago
Great story. Very well written. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Very well written and details are great. Thanks for sharing