My Fiancé and Her Ex -- a Threesome "F

My fiancé and I have a pretty satisfying sex life. Both of us were virgins when we met, she had the idea of waiting for marriage. Smooth talker that I am we started fucking after a few months together. I knew she had a wild side that just needed to be let out; I could see it in her eyes.

We didn't live together but fucked every chance we could, in the park at night, in the stairwell in her apartment, in the bathroom of a bar, wherever the mood struck us. And by us I mean her. Her strict Catholic upbringing still made her feel guilty and she didn't like to talk about sex or even admit to liking it unless it was in the heat of the moment. It sometimes seemed that if I initiated sex anywhere, even in my bedroom, I was a pervert, but if the mood struck her while walking through the park it was fine to sixty-nine behind some shrubs.

We also had a fairly active fantasy life, usually through talking about fantasies over the phone before we went to sl**p. I loved it when she'd talk about something sexual from her past and how it could have gone. Like the time she said her neighbor was checking her out in the laundry room. He was just an older guy checking out a 23 year old in tiny shorts, it was nothing but when she mentioned it to me I asked what she would have done if he had made any moves on her. She made up a whole story about how he seduced her and they fucked on a washing machine when anyone could have walked in.

One topic that came up a lot during our late night conversations was threesomes. She naturally assumed I wanted to have one with her and another girl, which was true, but I also wanted to have one with her and another guy. It was partially my voyeuristic side that wanted to see the action, but also because I loved her and wanted to see her satisfied. There was also idea that it would alleviate any jealousy between us. If we had a threesome with another dude and one with another chick, neither of us could feel left out right?

The only thing that really bugged me sexually about our monogamous relationship was that we had to use condoms. Tina was scared to take the pill; she had heard too many stories about it causing side effects like mood swings and bl**d clots. Again I blame the nuns at her Catholic school; they said all kinds of things to scare her and her friends when it came to sex. I understand that they were trying to protect the girls from teen pregnancy, but it was screwing up normal adult relationships...namely mine! I tried to talk her into going on the pill, how much better it would be, but was met with angry responses. If I wanted her to take the pill, all I cared about was sex, it didn't matter if she died or how she felt. So I was stuck wearing a rubber.

One night I was home alone playing an online game when the phone rang. It was Tina. She had been working that evening until 9pm; it was after 2am now. I hadn't realized the time since I was so engrossed in my gaming. I asked if she just got home and she said yes. She said her ex-boyfriend Bill had stopped by her work and asked if she wanted to get a drink and then a ride home. He was meeting a buddy of his at the bar at about 1am to give him a ride home. Bill's plan was to have a drink or two with Tina, she could meet his friend and then he'd take them both home.

The two of them had stayed in touch; he had screwed up the relationship and had been trying to win her back but had given up after our engagement and was satisfied with just remaining friends. I had talked to her about him before and found out what they had done together sexually. They were young, just finishing high-school and all she'd let him do was make out with her. She did admit that she let him see her boobs a couple times and once she had let him finger her while he sucked her tits. He had practically begged for a blowjob or to tit fuck her, but she refused. She told me that he loved her tits and she felt like that's all her cared about, that's one of the reasons she broke up with him.

"Did you have a good time? You guys were out pretty late. Did anything exciting happen?" I asked her. I hoped that she'd take my hint and give me a fantasy to think about. If she had been drinking there was a pretty good chance that she'd be horny and a little less inhibited.

She said yeah, we had fun. She paused and said very quietly, her voice shaking "I did something bad." I was still playing the game but that statement, and the way she said it, got my full attention. Maybe she was in the mood to tell me a story. I pulled my shorts down so I could stroke off while she talked.

"What did you do?"

"Promise me you won't get mad?"

"Honey, I won't. I love you, just tell me what happened." I had a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, a cross between fear and excitement.

"I can't."

"Did you guys drink?"

"Yeah, me and Bill did a couple shots. I had four and we split a pitcher."

No wonder she was slurring a bit, she's kind of a lightweight. I took a shot to see if she was in the mood for a story.

"Did you kiss?"


"Just on the cheek or more?"


"You made out with him?" The thought of my fiancé making out with her ex gave me a hard-on.

"Yeah...and some more"

I took another guess at what 'happened.' I liked to help her start her stories until she got into it.

"Did Bill touch your boobs?"

My fiancé is a curvy girl, not fat, but no one would call her thin. She does have huge tits though. She gets looks from guys all the time, even some girls stare, but she hates the attention. She's always talked about getting a reduction and was surprised when I said sure. She thought I'd try and talk her out of it, but to be honest I'm more of an ass man. If I can still slide my dick between them, smaller tits are fine with me. Her ex loved her cans and I know he would jump at the chance to cop another feel. I assumed that's the 'more' she was talking about.


"Over your shirt or under it?"

"Both, I was wearing a spring dress, the yellow one you like; he pulled it down and took off my bra. He kissed them too."

Her voice was full of lust, but I could tell she was still a bit nervous.

"It's ok Hon, I'm not mad. Where were you guys?"

"In his van in the bar parking lot, we left after I did my fourth shot. You're not mad?"

"No, it's funny but it's turning me on, I'm hard. Did anything else happen? I promise I won't be mad at you if you tell me the truth."

"Yeah more happened... He was sucking and licking my boobs I was a bit nervous because anyone walking by could see us through the windshield. The back windows were tinted though so we went and sat together on one of the seats behind us, there was more room to move around too. No steering wheel in the way. We were kissing and he was playing with my tits. Then his hand went under my dress. I moved it away. Then he did it again. He was rubbing my thighs and then stroking my underwear. He pulled them off."

She hesitated then so I had to keep the story going. "Did he lick your pussy?"

"No, I kind of wanted him too but didn't ask. I think he would have though. He put his finger in me though."

"Was it good?" "Yeah, I'm ovulating I think that's why I was so horny and his fingers just made it worse. Then he undid his pants. I'm sorry I really wanted to see his dick, I was so turned on. I never did get to see it when we were going out. And he did pay for the drinks. We pulled his pants off and his underwear. I just looked at it for a minute, and then I touched it."

"You jerked him off? Did you make him come with your hand?" I was really excited; her stories usually weren't so detailed. It was usually her saying I sucked him off, he licked me then we fucked. I had to coax details out of her.

"I jerked him for a bit, but I didn't make him cum. I wanted to suck him off."

I gasped, and had to stop stroking my cock.

"Are you mad?" she asked me.

"No, I almost came."

"You really like this huh? I bet you would have loved to have been there. You could have moved my head up and down his cock. You could have fucked his cock with my mouth. I hope you're jerking off now."

"Oh yeah I am. I would have made you deep throat him. Are you playing with your pussy?" I knew she had to be, she was getting into it. She always started fantasies off slowly and as she got hotter so did her stories. I was eager for her to continue. "So he fingered you, then you sucked his cock?

"He was still fingering me, he never stopped. He was reaching across my back, his hands were moving really fast and hard, like he was fucking my pussy with his fingers."

I pictured my fiancé with her ass in the air getting fingered by her ex while she swallowed his cock, her head bobbing up and down.

"Did you cum?"

"Not yet, but he was getting close. He was thrusting up and holding my head down fucking my mouth with one hand while he fingered me, it was really turning me on. He tried to pull my head away when he told me he was going to cum, but I didn't want to make a mess. He was still wearing his shirt and I didn't want it in my hair or on my face."

"Did you let him cum on your tits?" She didn't really like getting cum on her, but I thought it would be more realistic than anything and we both knew he'd love to cum on her tits.

"I let him come in my mouth."

I had to stop stroking so I didn't cum. She must have been really horny to even suggest that, she hardly ever took my load in her mouth. She continued her story...

"I was going to spit it out the door, but when he started to cum I swallowed. I could feel him spurting in my mouth and it was making me really hot. I wondered what you'd think if you could have seen me. I thought you'd be proud of me, I didn't spill a drop. I drank all his sperm. When he finished I kept sucking him and kept him hard. Then he played with my pussy again. I really wanted to cum."

Did she really do this? It was a lot more detailed then most of her other stories. Maybe it was true. The idea made me even harder and I had to stop stroking again so I didn't cum. I had a thought. "Did you have condoms with you or did he?"

"No, neither of us did."

Too bad, I was hoping she'd say she fucked him. I should have cum if the blowjob was the end of the story.

"If you did would you have fucked him?"

"Yeah, his fingers felt so good and he was doing it so hard I thought fucking him would be even better."

"So that was it? Wait you said you came right? When?"

"Yeah I came. But not then, there's more to the story."

Phew! I could still come; maybe Bill's tit fucking fantasy was going to play a part of our little fantasy session. She continued.

"After he came I was sucking him so he was still hard. I licked all around his penis, I made sure I sucked up all the cum that was still leaking out. Like I said I really wanted to cum so I climbed on top of him and he took off his shirt. I made sure to put his cock between us and I grinded against it as we made out. He had his hands on my ass and was moving me all around. That's when I asked him if he had any condoms."

"So you grinded on him until you came. Did he cum again?"

"We both came but not at the same time. I'll get to the part where I came and when he did again."

"Did he cum between you on your stomach or did you suck him again?"


"He tit fucked you?" I knew it. The image of a cock sliding between her tits and coating them with jizz almost set me off.

"No. Stop interrupting or I'll stop telling you the story."

"Sorry, not another word from me. Please continue." There was no way I wasn't going to hear where she was going with this.

"We were grinding together and I was so horny. I'm sorry Honey, his cock felt so good rubbing against me. It was sliding along my pussy and my clit was sticking out so it was rubbing against his shaft. I just wanted to feel what it was like, just for a second. I rubbed the head around my pussy and then I just slid down. I could feel it slid into my vagina. I had his cock in me, it was so warm. I just wanted to leave it in me for a second then give him another blow-job or something I wasn't going to fuck another guy, especially without a condom. But I guess it felt good to him too because he started thrusting up and it felt so amazing that I started to ride him. I realized I was fucking another man and I started to cum. His cock felt so hot in my pussy without a condom. I was bouncing on him and kissing him, his hands were all over me, I was shaking I was cumming so hard."

"He whispered that he could feel my pussy grabbing his cock. He said he was going to cum. I knew I had to pull off him but I just pushed down more to get him deeper in me. It felt so good I couldn't help it. I could feel him his body shaking; his cock was getting bigger inside me, getting ready to explode. I wanted it to last so I stopped grinding and just sat there and kissed him. I told him to wait."

"I waited a few minutes not moving with him still inside me so he wasn't as close to cumming. I rose up and was going to get off of him and finish him with my tits or my mouth. I looked down and saw his shaft with just the head inside me and wondered what it would look like all the way in, so I sank back down until he was buried all the way. He groaned as I slid down, it was so hot seeing our bodies pressed together with him inside me."

"I thought if he cums now I could get pregnant. As soon as I thought that I came all over his cock. It was like I was possessed; I just started riding him again watching his cock slid in and out. He made me cum again and I wanted him to cum. I didn't care if it was in my mouth, on my tits, on my face, or even in my pussy I just wanted to make him cum. I started to really ride him hard, he grabbed my ass and was working me up and down. I knew it was wrong and risky but I was starting to cum again. He was squeezing my ass and trying to suck my tits. I leaned back and looked him in the eyes then we both looked down at us joined together. He slammed me down onto his cock; he was as deep as he could go. He started twitching. He was going to cum inside me. He was going to fill my vagina with his sperm. He kissed me, pushing his tongue in my mouth as his cock buried itself in my cunt. I was so close to cumming that I just wanted him to last a second more, but knew he had to pull out. I broke the kiss and raised myself up off his cock. I felt so empty that I slammed back down. I decided where I wanted him to cum. So I told him"

"On your face?" Watching her get a facial from another guy was a fantasy of mine. She ignored my question and continued her story.

"I was grinding on his cock hardly moving and I whispered in his ear. I told him to cum in me. Saying it was so dirty that I started to have another little orgasm. He moaned and slammed into me hard. I felt his whole body shake and his cock was twitching. He was exploding inside my pussy. I could imagine his sperm shooting out of his cock into me. I was biting his neck and I thought about getting pregnant and it made me cum even harder. I almost passed out."

I exploded all over my keyboard and monitor.

"Are you mad?" She asked her voice quiet.

"I came."


"Yeah. Did you really do that? It wasn't just a story?"

"There's more. Are you sure you're okay?"

"What else happened?"

"One sec, I'm hanging up, call me back in two minutes." She hung up the phone.

What? I went to the bathroom, took a leak and grabbed myself a drink. While I was there I pulled out some lube. If she was going to continue this fantasy story I was going to make the most of it, even without her here. I sat back down in front of the computer and started up a photo slide show of her. Once I was settled I called her back.

"Are you sure you like it so far? You're not mad?"

"No I'm still hard; I want you to tell me more."

"Ok, one sec." She went off the line. Was she talking to someone else with call waiting? She was back with me in seconds.

"Where was I? Ok so, I was still sitting on him, we were pressed together and all sweaty. I kissed him again and he really slowly pushed in and out of me. I leaned back and looked at his cock inside me; I could see some sperm coming out of me. I climbed off him and sat down on the bench seat behind us. I spread my legs and rubbed my pussy. I looked at my hand it had cum all over it, his and mine, so I licked it off. He was staring at me, he hadn't moved. His penis was getting soft but had some cum on it. I wanted to taste it."

"I knelt in front of him and licked his cock clean. Some cum had run down his balls so I licked it up too. He lifted his legs higher and I could see some of our juices had gotten on his asshole. So I licked it too. It was so nasty; first I let him cum inside me, now I was licking his ass. I was fingering myself as I licked him. I was still horny and I got him hard again so I leaned back on the bench seat and asked him to fuck me. He reached over and turned the seats into a bed. I was lying down and he was on top of me. He pushed inside me and we were fucking again. I wrapped my legs around him and we were kissing as he fucked me slowly. He wasn't as hard as he was before though and I wanted it harder. That's when we heard someone outside the van say holy shit."

"It was Bill's friend Malcolm looking through the window. We totally forgot about him. I told Bill to get him inside the van. As soon as he was inside I told him to take off his clothes, so he did. He was going to argue with a naked girl I guess. His dick was pretty big. Bill's was ok, yours is bigger than Bill's, but Malcolm was even bigger than you and his balls were huge. I made him sit on the chair and started sucking him. Weighing his balls in my hand and licking them I couldn't believe how big they were I thought they must have a lot of cum in them. Silly I know but I was in the moment. I sucked them in my mouth while I stroked up and down his cock. Bill was stroking himself to try and stay hard."

"I stopped sucking Malcolm and lay back down on the bench. I wanted to fuck Malcolm. I thought I had already fucked one guy, another wouldn't hurt. I wanted to know what his big cock felt like inside me. I asked him to fuck me. He said he might not last very long since it had been a few days since he last came. I didn't care; I wanted his cock in me. He was between my legs about to put his pole inside my little pussy, and then stopped."

"He pulled a condom out of his backpack and started to put it on. I thought about how warm Bills cock was without a condom. I grabbed it from him and threw it on the ground and thought I'd tell him to pull out; I didn't want to take even more of a risk but I really wanted him in me bareback. He pushed it in me, it felt huge. I told him to fuck me hard, as hard as he could. He started pounding the shit out of me. Bill was leaning by my face and I tried to suck his cock, but the pounding was distracting me. It was like a jackhammer in my pussy. I just stroked Bill with my right hand, playing with his balls and giving him the odd lick."

"I started cumming after only a few minutes. I thought about Bills sperm inside me, getting pushed even deeper by Malcolm's cock. It was amazing, I was so horny, the thought that I was ovulating and had one guys spunk already in my just turned me on more. I was actually hoping I would get pregnant; the thought was making me cum. I wrapped my arms and legs around Malcolm, he was sweating, dripping on me and I loved it. I asked him to cum in me. I told him to cum in me. He asked if I was on the pill."

"I said 'If I'm not you might knock me up. What would my fiancé think?' I showed him my ring. I didn't notice until then but there was some of Bills sperm on it. I'm sorry Hon, but I was so turned on I was just saying crazy things."

"I told Malcolm I wanted him to cum in me. I wanted him to make me pregnant. I told him I loved his cock, that I wanted his baby. I told him that I loved him. At the time I meant it. He bellowed and I knew he was cumming in me. I hoped he was giving me a baby. I pulled him into me as deeply as I could. He was thrusting like a madman. I kept saying "I love you" to him and made out with him as he came in me."

"Hello?" Tina asked. "You ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I was, wasn't I? It was just a story...

"I don't love him, I mean I guess I meant it at the time but you're the only one I really love. I was just horny and cumming. Anyway..."

"When he was finished cumming he pulled out and I could feel the sperm dripping down my ass. I reached down with my hands and tried to scoop up what was escaping. I was pushing it back in. Malcolm was kneeling on the floor between my legs and crawled up the bench. I reached out with my left hand for his cock. I noticed my ring wasn't sparkling anymore. It had too much cum on it. That gave me a little orgasm and I pulled Malcolm's cock to my mouth. He moved back and straddled my chest and slid his cock between my tits. He was fucking my tits; I was leaning forward trying and taste his dick licking it with every thrust."

"I asked him if he was going to give me some more cum to eat as I licked off what I could from my ring. It tasted so good. I was trying to swallow his cock with every thrust. I don't know how long we were like that for but Malcolm said he was going to cum and I told him I wanted it on my face. Malcolm kept thrusting between my tits and exploded on me. It went everywhere. I opened my mouth and finished him off, swallowing what I could."

"I kept sucking Malcolm thinking we were done, but he had other ideas. He was playing with my pussy. He said he wanted to fuck me doggy style. I couldn't believe he was still hard. I guess it's true what they saw about nineteen year old guys, they sure can keep it up. He got off me knelt on the floor, my head resting on the bench, my tits swinging freely. He got behind me and rubbed his cock up and down my slit. He pushed in and was pounding me again, his hands holding my ass slamming me back towards him. I was moving too, trying to get him as deep as I could with every thrust. There was a flash and at first I thought it was lightning. I looked up and saw Bill with his camera. I dropped my head as I started to cum again, but Malcolm grabbed my hair, turning my cum covered face towards the camera. He was taking pictures of Malcolm fucking me."

"I was getting fucked by a stranger bareback with two loads in my pussy, one that I swallowed in my tummy and a load on my face as my ex boyfriend took pictures. I came again. Before I knew it Malcolm said he was going to cum in me again. I told him I wanted him to. Bill was still snapping pictures as Malcolm unloaded in me for the second time. Malcolm whispered in my ear. "Too bad you're on the pill, you'd be pregnant for sure if you weren't" He had no idea that I wasn't on anything; I had another orgasm as he said it."

After he came in me again I sat back on the bench, Bill was still snapping shots of me and jerking off. I was playing with my pussy rubbing the sperm all around it and asked if we were done for the night as I licked my lips. Bill said he wanted to fuck my tits and cum on my face. He handed Malcolm the camera who kept snapping pictures."

"I squeezed my tits together and let Bill fuck them until he was ready to blow. I noticed Malcolm was jerking his cock quickly and had the camera pointed at me but wasn't taking any pictures. I cocked my head quizzically to him and he told me he had it in movie mode. Before I could comprehend what he was saying Bill exploded between my tits. Instinctively I bent down and took a few shots on my face before I engulfed him, trying to swallow what I could, most of it ran down my chin and neck sliding over my tits and down my belly. I pulled my head away just in time to get hit in the cheek with Malcolm's last little load so I turned and took him in my mouth too. I had one hand on Bill's cock and was rubbing my pussy with the other."

"Malcolm stepped back and raised the camera as I took Bill's cock back in my mouth. Malcolm asked me if we should send you the pictures and video. Did I have anything to say to you? I'm not even sure what I said because thinking about you seeing the pictures and video with me covered in cum and it dripping from my pussy gave me an orgasm."

She stopped talking. I heard her grunt and realized she was cumming. I was waiting for more, but I guess she was done.

"Wow. That was crazy. It was your best story so far. It was pretty realistic."

"Are you still at the computer?"


"Check your e-mail."

I logged into my account and there was an email sent at about the time Tina asked me to call her back. There were pictures and a video attached. With shaking hands I opened the video attachment.

There was Tina sitting on the floor of the van covered in sperm. It was all over her face and running down her tits and stomach. She had a cock in her mouth and was slurping on it, her left hand busy playing with her pussy. She looked at the camera as a voice, Malcolm's I guess, asked her if she wanted them to send her fiancé the video. The camera zoomed in on her face and tits.

"Oh god." She said as she shook in an orgasm and turned back to the cock taking it in her mouth.

"Is that a yes? Do you think he'll like it? Anything you want to say to him?" Malcolm asked.

She released the cock from her mouth. "Yeah, send it to him, I'll call you later and give you his email if I think he doesn't believe me." She was shaking as she talked to the camera. "Hi babe, I know this isn't what you had in mind when we talked about a threesome. I hope you're not mad. I let them both cum on my face." She licked her lips. "I swallowed them both too, their cum is swimming in my tummy now." The camera panned out a bit and I saw her rub her belly. It had streaks of sperm all over it.

"Where else did we cum?" asked Bill.

"Oohhh" Moaned Tina as she shook in orgasm again. She raised her left to her lips and said "Some got on my engagement ring." The camera focused on her ring, it was coated with a big glob of sperm which she slurped off and swallowed.

"Where else?" asked Bill.

The camera zoomed out and followed her hand to her pussy. "You both came in me, in my pussy."

"Good thing you're on the pill."

"What if I'm not? What if I'm ovulating? Would that turn you guys on, knowing that my fiancé might not be the father of my baby?" She turned her head and licked Bill's cock.

"Why'd you let us come in you? I had a condom." Malcolm still thought she was k**ding about not being on the pill.

"I don't know why. I wanted you too. I love your cocks. When you were fucking me I wanted you to give me your baby. Sorry honey. Look how full I am. They filled me up." She looked down and the camera zoomed on her pussy, she was playing with the cum. It was all over her cunt. The camera went back to her face "God I hope you cum when you see this. I want to do it again, maybe with a few more guys. We can film me getting gangbanged. Do you want to be there or just watch it after?"

"Will you use condoms next time?" asked Malcolm.

"I don't want to use condom's anymore, bareback is so much hotter." she was still fingering herself and squeezing her tits.

"If you really aren't on the pill, will you go on it before your gangbang?"

"Maybe. I don't know. I don't like the pill. But I really want a gangbang. I guess I could do it when I wasn't ovulating. But that's when I'm horniest. What do you think baby?"

The video ended. I had been jerking off and blown my load again.

I realized Tina was talking to me on the phone.

"You still there? I guess you believe me now. This is the first time I've done anything like that. Did it turn you on? I hope I'm not pregnant. I don't know if I should get the morning after pill. What should I do?"

I had no idea what to say, the story was a huge turn on but the reality was crazy. I had cum and was out of breath I had been so turned on. I didn't know what to say to her. "I don't know."

We were silent over the phone for a few minutes. Then I said I guess we have to decide something. I wanted her to take the pill. She was scared to though. "Which is worse taking the pill or having another man's baby?" I asked. I could hear her graon as she came again. I thought I could hear the video playing in the back ground. She was watching it again.

"Will you come with me?" She finally asked.

We made plans to get the morning after pill the next day and to talk about her going on the pill or the patch. I wondered if this meant she'd be seeing her ex and his friends more often...
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