Does Your Girl Clean Your Cock?

Standing in the doorway to my apartment with Becs, I think back to meeting her for the first time. I'd been playing pool with Brian, my at-the-time and current roommate, in our dorm's community room, which looked like a huge living room furnished with the same aqua blue tables and chairs we had in our rooms, a flat screen TV, couches everywhere, and a ratty old pool table. I'd gotten a game in pretty much every day that year, our freshman year, and was getting to be okay. Becs, or Rebecca as she called herself then, came by with some girl she was rushing with, I forget her name, and started talking to Brian.

I have no idea what they talked about; I started fantasizing about Becs right then. Let me tell you why. Becs is a hot little thing. She's got the perfect tits, perky but definitely handfuls. Who knows how they'll look when she's 50? Right now, they're perfect for grabbing, squeezing, licking, sucking. She's part of the group of girls at my college who actually dress femininely and cute. Most of the time she wears little skirts that show off her firm little ass and she has straight blonde hair to her shoulders. She looks like a hippie chick from out of the 60s, but more polished. The cutest thing about her is her smile. Well, those lips, I'll get to them in a minute. Becs is genuinely a fun person to hang out with too, so, she's a great package.

I lost track of her freshman year but, now that we're both juniors and living off campus, we crossed paths again waiting in line for parking permits. My school is a bureaucratic mess and I usually hate that doing anything means waiting in line for an hour. This time the bureaucracy actually worked in my favor because it gave me time to get reacquainted with Becs and we've been hooking up ever since.

Notice I said "hooking up" and not dating. That's the beauty of college life, it's a hookup scene. Still, sometimes I get the feeling that Becs likes me, which is cool, even though I know I'll probably break her heart one day. For now I'm enjoying that hot little pussy of hers.

Smiling at this thought, I insert my door key in the lock, wondering if Becs is imagining the key to be my cock and the lock as her pussy. I sure am as I push open my apartment door. We'd both had some drinks with good old Brian and his girl, enough to loosen Becs up and definitely enough to make me horny. After we kick off our shoes, I circle my hands around Becs's ass and pull her toward me to kiss. I push on her lips and aggressively poke my tongue into her mouth, sliding it against her tongue. Continuing to kiss her, I release her ass cheeks and move my hands up her hips and under the bottom of her tank top. As I caress her waist and move up the small of her back, she pulls back from my lips and says in a sigh,

"Oh baby, mmmm yes."

I pull her close and look in her eyes, "I want you."

She smiles and looks up at me. I can tell she feels like I appreciate her, like I think she's special. She is, but she's still my bitch.

"Yes, I want you. I want you bad. Fuck me," she says in a breathy voice. I can tell she's turned on. Probably already wet. I slide my left hand around to her front torso and start lightly rubbing my thumb around her left nipple, feeling it get hard. My right hand goes for the snatch, pushing aside her panties and feeling her hole. Yep, she's nice and slick, probably been wanting this all night.

I give Becs one more aggressive kiss then a tight squeeze of that nipple, making her yelp just a little. Fingering a girl from a standing position can be pretty hot. She's totally at your mercy, almost like a puppet. But, it can get awkward after a while and I was ready to get moving.

"Let's go," I say, pulling Becs's shirt off and guiding her toward the couch. I throw off my own t-shirt, jeans, and briefs and sit down on the couch. Becs stands in front of me, unsure of what to do next. That's not a problem though, I love girls who are blank slates; girls like Becs live to please. I spin her around and unzip then pull down her skirt then smack her ass. She yelps a little again and smiles.

I give Becs just a look and she knows to get on her knees and start sucking. I was already getting hard at that point so didn't need too much stimulation at that point to get going. Like a lot of girls, Becs starts off sucking the head of my cock and moving her hands up and down the base.

"Uh-uh," I remind her like I'm disciplining a puppy. "No hands." She looks up at me a little disappointed, knowing what's coming up, but dutifully puts her hands behind her back. It isn't always easy to train a girl but those little moments of resistance, knowing that I'm making her do something she doesn't want to do, make it all worth it.

I thrust down her throat, making her gag and wince. "Oh yeah, baby," I encourage her. "That feels so good. Take my cock."

She smiles and tries to enjoy it. Good girl.

It's time to start throat fucking her. I thrust my cock into her mouth until I feel the tip fit snugly into her throat. She gags and raises her hands to my thighs to push me away.

"Take it," I say assuredly. I grasp the back of her head to steady her and keep her gagged. Her little hands aren't strong enough to push herself away but I want her to know that even symbolic resistance is not acceptable. "Lose the hands and I'll pull back," I assure her. When she hesitates and continues to gag, I repeat, "lose them."

She obediently puts her hands behind her back. I give a tiny thrust forward, making spit flood out of her mouth, and pull back. Becs gasps for air, her mouth covered in spit. "Good girl," I tell her and let her catch her breath before ramming my cock back in.

After I've gotten enough throat fucking in, I'm ready to fuck her pussy. So far I haven't fucked Becs without a condom. I decide to try to make tonight the night. She's in such a passive mood, maybe she won't notice or won't say anything if I just go for it. Fucking flesh to flesh feels so much better, so much hotter than with latex. There's no comparison. Tonight I'm feeling especially primal and cumming into that hot little pussy is a must.

I lay her down on the long couch, propping her back up on a soft pillow. Wasting no time, I kneel in front of her, push her legs open, and push my finger into her snatch. Nice and wet. I finger her hard, making a squish sound as juices slide out. It's kind of nasty but hot. I tweak her clit a couple times with my thumb, a little something for her pleasure, and she starts moaning like she's getting close to cumming. I figure that means she's turned on enough to take my cock. Removing my fingers, I lie down on top of her and, hoping that she won't remember that I'm not wearing a condom, I push my cock inside of her.

"Ohhhhhh" she exhales. "Oh my God." It seems like she's doing fine. I start thrusting.

"Your pussy feels so good." She reaches down to play with her clit and I grab her hand and restrain it, holding it against the couch, while I continue to thrust. "No bitch, this is about my pleasure not yours," I say with a smile. That kind of shit actually turns this girl on, plus I love it too. Making it all about myself getting off makes me feel like a king.

If Becs happens to like what I like doing to her, that's fine. I grab those perky tits and squeeze them hard. "Ahhh fuck daddy," she f***es out. Daddy, huh? That's a new one, but I'm down.

I can feel that I'm close to cumming, which, believe it or not, isn't my favorite part of all this. Well, maybe it's tied for first. I decide not to warn her that it's coming so I try to keep my expression fairly neutral. But, when I'm ready to cum, I can't help but let go of her tits and scream "Ohhhhhhh fuck yes. Fuck take it bitch. Take all of daddy's cum. Fuck. Yeah bitch."

"You came in me?" She looks up at me nervously, but trying to be cool. I'm still wrapped up in my orgasm, panting.

"Yeah, it's cool, don't worry about it."

Ok, here comes my other favorite part of this. As I catch my breath, I pull out of her. My cock is totally slick, completely covered in her sticky vag juices and some of my own cum. I hate having a sticky dick and I believe it's the job of my bitch, the person I'm fucking, to clean it off.

With Becs still reclining against the couch pillows, I reposition myself so that I'm sitting up and almost high enough to straddle her face. With my wet and sticky cock bobbing in her face, tapping her closed lips, I order her, "clean it." She hesitates, another sign of resistance that assures me that she doesn't want to do this but she will, which I fucking love.

I grab the back of her head, but don't f***e her forward into my cock. I want her to do this willingly. "I said clean my cock, bitch. Do it." I let out a grunt, a bit overboard, to let her know that it's all part of a game. This doesn't mean she's really my sex slave. She's still an independent woman. There's nothing wrong with getting off on serving her man.

She smiles a little and opens her mouth. She licks the mixtures of juices and cum off of my cock from the base to the tip. I throw my head back. My cock is still so sensitive, it's almost too much stimulation. Still, I consider this to be the duty of a bitch who's grateful for having her pussy fucked. She opens wide to take my softening cock into her mouth and this time I do pull her head forward, letting her deep throat me a bit. She squeals in surprise, even though she gets this treatment every time. I gently pump her throat the release her. She gasps for air and then dutifully returns to lapping at my cock until it's clean. She does a good job, I think.

When I'm satisfied that Becs has sufficiently cleaned my prick, I order her without explanation, "Good job bitch, get on your hands and knees." Being a good girl, and, by now, feeling totally subservient to me, she does this. I poke a finger into her exposed, wet pussy and then, taking the finger out, trail my wet finger up to her asshole.

"Hey," she says giggling. The first time we fucked, Becs told me that she had a "no buttsex" policy.

"Just checking something," I say, removing my finger and giving her ass a hard slap as I think about what I'll do to that ass next time.
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1 year ago
Hot story. Love it!
2 years ago
Nicely done!! Cheers!
2 years ago
Mmm, good times at college...