The Party

My friend John's birthday party was insane. Of course since im single im was looking for girls. And there was mad ass d***k girls all over the place. The best thing was that there was NO PARENTS!! So im looking for a girl and this smoking hot wasted girl Nicole comes up to me and says "Wanna dance" so i said sure. So we danced our asses off and i squeeze her nice big ass. She was wearing black tights and a thong so it felt amazing. All of a sudden she starts to get horny on me and she bends over and turns around and dances on my dick. I started to have a boner with all of her booty rubbing. Then she whispers in my ear "Do you want to screw me?" and im shocked thinking in my head "This girls a whore" haha but whos gonna turn down a chance to fuck such a beautiful girl. So i said "yes". So we go inside the house and halfway up the stairs shes already rubbing my dick. We make it to the parents room and i set her on the bed gently rubbing her nice D cup sized boobs. I rub her ass nicely and she pulls down my pants with my big cock already having a boner. She kneels down and licks my dick gently with her soft tounge. Then she starts deep throating my dick. If felt so nice and she said "do you like it" and i said yes keep doing it. She strokes and sucks 2 times faster. You can hear the gulps of her sucking my dick. Within a matter of time a full load of cum burst in her mouth and some on her face. I take off her bra and feel her nice tits for a couple seconds. I pull off her tights and she takes off her thong which then shows her nice juicy pussy with a little bit of hair on it. "Just how i like my pussy's". She then rubs her pussy slowly as i insert my dick gently in her pussy. She moans a little and then i go faster. I then switch to my favorite position. She sits on top of my dick and she goes up and down. She goes faster as she moans more. She then says "Your the best fucker ever" and within time as my dick is throbbing her nice, wet, juicy pussy i cum right in her vagina. She stops moaning. We put all of our clothes back on. She says "that was nice" and we go back to the party and enjoy ourselves.

P.s I was wearing a condom during the sex
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3 years ago
good but short
3 years ago
ah teenage sex too fast as always
3 years ago
Comment, Rate and post on my page any ideas what my next story should be about...thanks:)