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I waited with anticipation, he would be home any minute. I had always dreamed of greeting my husband at the door in a skimpy outfit, at first. No guarantees I would wear anything next time...
I looked into full length mirror in our bedroom, my 52DD breasts barely contained in my leather bikini top, I run my hands down my hips, lifting the black fishnet miniskirt just a bit higher. My black thigh high stockings and high heels completed the look. Just a little longer...

The car!
I posed, sticking my breast out proudly in front of me.
With eyes as blue as a winter lake, hair almost jet black, all muscle and all mine, he walked through the door and stopped dead in his tracks.
"Well..." He said, clearing his throat, "honey, I'm uh home." A slow sensual smile blooming on his handsome face.
He absently kicked the door shut behind him before he walked over to me, our eyes locked on each other. He grabbed my round luscious tush, pressing me against his hardening crotch. He began kissing my neck while I unbuttoned his shirt, my hands roaming over his hard chest.
He lifted me up, my legs wrapping around his waist, digging his fingers into my butt while walking to the bedroom. We lay down together, moaning and trying to unclothe each other and fondle at the same time.
I pushed gently so he was laying down and I undone his pants, freeing his manhood, already rock hard. I took the shiny head to my lips, flicking my tongue around the mushroom-shaped head. Slowly I took all 9 inches into my mouth, his hands buried in my long red hair. I massage his balls and suck and can't help the moan escaping me, the vibrating making his hips jerk.
He pulled me up and switched out positions, him looming over me, his mouth kissing from my neck to my breasts. He quickly discards my top and takes one hard nipple into his mouth, gently scr****g his teeth over it before working his tongue around the pebbled and sensitive tip.
I cried out with pleasure and begged him, "please, I can't take it anymore," I said, slightly out of breath. "Fill me up, empty your balls in me before I go crazy."
He plunged into my dripping hole, pumping hard, pressing himself to get every inch in me. My bl**d red painted fingernails clawing at his back causes a moan that almost sounded like a growl, only making me hotter. He nips at my neck as release claims me, sudden waves of pleasure hit me making the breath catch, I feel him stiffen as I feel shot after shot of hot sperm filling my womb.
But that is never the end of it... After we come down from our euphoric high, he grabs my arm and turns me over on me knees, already ready for round 2.
he rubs his cock head around my butt hole to lube it, then slowly pushes it in, the slowness is killing me! Our juices dripping out of my pussy and down my thigh as I feel his swollen member filling me up is driving me wild, I push against him as the final inch is in me. He slaps my tush so hard I'm sure it'll leave a red mark, I can't contain a giggle as I wiggle my butt to egg him on.
He grabs my hip and starts pushing in and pulling out, leaning forward to cup my swinging breasts. I cam shortly after but he kept going, shooting another two loads up my rear.
I feel like I can barely keep myself up when his hand glides down to my center, he starts rubbing and pinching my clit and I scream out his name, with one final deep thrust he shoots a 3rd load into my bottom.
"Oh, baby..." I gasped as he both collapsed on the bed, " I love when you fill me up with your hot come."
"I know love," he whispers as he leans over to give me a long passionate kiss, his hand moving to my tush and pressing to keep the come in me.
His blue eyes sparkling with mischief, I smile when he winks at me.
I lower my hand to coat my finger with his come and bring it to my painted lips, licking his juice off my finger and then laying my hand on his bare chest.
"So, how was your day at work honey?"

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3 years ago
very nice!
4 years ago
great fantasy.
4 years ago
4 years ago
good story ... I especially like the part where he plowed your back 40 IYKWIM.
4 years ago
hot story
4 years ago
Lol what is that an attempt at disbelief or praise?
4 years ago
52DD breasts....pahleeeeeze!
4 years ago
nice & hot
4 years ago
Great wife. I wanna see you dressed up and horny when I get home.
4 years ago
damm girl u are a genius