Drinking and Dressing

They details are still fuzzy. One night I got pretty d***k and decided to dress up. My gf had left me, but also left some of her stuff at my apartment. So I shaved my whole body, put on makeup, bra, pink panties, a short skirt, low cut shirt and some sparkly flats. As I got more wasted, I also gained more courage. So I decided to go down to the local 24 hour convenience store, a couple of blocks away, and get some smokes and gas. I had not been in public like this before.

I figured it was very late, no one would be out, small town…try it. Well, I get there, and to my relief, the store is empty and I pulled up to the gas pump. I start up the pump and sat down in the car. Once I was finished, I was going to pull the car up to the front of the store. Instead, I just started walking up to the store and went in as if I had on jeans and a t-shirt. I did some unnecessary browsing and suddenly realized that I was not in jeans, etc.....d***k.

At that instant, a rise began in my skirt and I thought this is not good. I need smokes, the car is over by the pump and I’ve got this massive growth between my legs. What’s a girl to do? So I rush up to the counter, again forgetting my appearance/condition and ask for some ciggys. She puts them on the counter and I reached for my back pocket and realized that skirts do not hold wallets. It was in the car....go figure.

Then, car lights began to appear and panic set in. I froze. I looked so cute, but did not want a lot of drama. The parking lot began to populate and there I stood....d***k and pretty hard. I told the clerk that I would be right back. Yeah Right? As I walked out the front door, tunnel vision set in and my heart was pounding. All I could see was my car and I went straight for it. As I crossed the parking lot, I heard a loud car horn. I walked right out in front of a car. That woke me up a bit, and I actually started this slower, confident and prissy walk back to the car.

I drove home, masturbated, came all over myself, and fell asl**p in her clothes. Sometimes, I think I did that because I was hurting so much and that this was the only way I could be close to her. (Obsession) Other times, I think I was just d***k and exploring. Maybe it’s both.
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1 year ago
Wish I had gone to the store that night....would have bought your cigs for you and taken you home safely
2 years ago
never crossed my mind until later.
2 years ago
you were drunk and driving,did you think about if cops got you and arrested dressed up? jail cell gangbang lol
4 years ago
Love going to the gym and letting my cock rise as I look at the hot girls. Once they notice, enjoy their giggle or smile. Picked up a few this way.