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Welcome to the Palace of Pr0n
Jan 15, 2015


Chapter 3 of my story with a friends wife!

30+ Vids added to the Double Cocks Blog post! Frotastic! http://xhamster.com/user/Pr0n_Glutton/posts/360324.html

Finally got some sexy heels to "play with" ;)

First and foremost, I'm a huge gamer. Gaming is nearly the only important thing to me. However, I don't bring this up often simply because I keep my gamer and "Glutton" life separate.

There's not too much to say about me. I love porn of all kinds and if you look at my favorites, my fetishes are all over the place. If you like it, I probably like it too. I unnecessarily collect tons of pictures to feed my gluttony. I used to be a regular uploader on torrent sites, but it is too time consuming these days (especially on this site). Most of what I post now ends up on Imagefap or Tumblr.

What I do
I like to repost galleries on Imagefap and sometimes here (If I don't leave the name of the person in the gallery, then I don't know unless I left a hint in the title or description). I almost never post myself (outside a couple SoF/tributes). If you are a girl or quasi-passable transexual or crossdresser, and want your content reposted on my Imagefap page where I get tons of views, let me know. I don't post galleries of single guys or men in partial womens's clothing - I love that stuff, but it's not what I repost.

I'm also big into hentai. So much so that I'm a moderator at Futanari Palace forums and I'm currently the #109th uploader at http://g.e-hentai.org which is pretty significant considering the amount of files and uploader. I was #107 not too long ago and I bet I could increase if I got back to uploading hentai like used.

While I'm not online as often as I used to be, I recently started getting into smut chat and mild roleplay. I prefer Yahoo IM since it's great to share pics, but I'm still looking for the ultimate Porn chat program/website. I'm interested in trading pics or doing a screenshare. Sometimes I will do mic and I like to watch people on cam, BUT I DON'T CAM! Message me if you smut chat and need another contact (never can have too many JO Buds!)

Friend Requests:
Friend requests are annoying to manage, so if you haven't read at least the important part of this blog then I will ignore your request: http://xhamster.com/user/Pr0n_Glutton/posts/353468.html

Instant Add if:
Hentai Content profile
SoF/SoP/Tribute profile
Crossdresser/Trans with content I like
Genuine Girls
Heel/Shoe Fucker with content (Shoesession.com Members)
H.A.L.F. content Profile (Hips.Ass.Legs.Feet http://hipsasslegsfeet.tumblr.com )

My profile here kind of sucks, but I post tons of stuff as seen below

Galleries: http://imagefap.com/profile.php?user=Pr0n%20Glutton
My Hentai: http://g.e-hentai.org/uploader/Pr0n+Glutton
Main Tumblr: http://pr0nglutton.tumblr.com
I get TONS of views, comments, downloads, and fans, so check them out.

IF you like Feet and/or hot girls:
http://justthepose.tumblr.com (RIP)

Smut that I love (WIP)
Nearly comprehensive list of Fetishes (F-List) : https://www.f-list.net/c/pr0n_glutton
Not in order. Biggest faves are bolded
Turned me bisexual and skyrocketed my upload popularity
Poison and Peach by Yuna/Junqspaced Again
[MY GALLERY]> http://g.e-hentai.org/g/543986/1d1f02b64b/

Mizuho Kazami by BehindMoon
[MY GALLERY]> http://g.e-hentai.org/g/85144/332dbdf7dd/

Aeris (Big Tits Shemale version) by Chinkora Futa Mods

Brunette Vamp Futa precumming on floor by Yozora
[A GALLERY}> http://g.e-hentai.org/g/309324/3551c0dfa8/

Spawned the birth of "Pr0n_Glutton" as I shared zipped gallery collections
Yoko Littner
[A GALLERY] > http://g.e-hentai.org/g/592958/1d679ef81d/

Mai Shiranui



Morgiana (Magi)
Juri Han
Elena - Street Fighter (I also like the one from Grandia II)
{MY GALLERY]> http://exhentai.org/g/293186/2e0155dacf/

Menace (Queens Blade)

Motoko Kusanagi
Mizuho Kazami
Samus Aran


Poison [MY GALLERY]> http://exhentai.org/g/295864/a4f675cb66/

Amy Amour

Khloe Hart

Hung Latina Shemale

XxDeathmetalxX: http://www.imagefap.com/organizer/13601/XxDeathMetalxX-%28aka-Moo%29

More XXDeathmetalXX/Dominic/Moo/FatCDCumSquirter:

Mischief Maker http://www.imagefap.com/organizer/111384/Mischief-Maker

Elizabeth Rollings (Retired)

Hayama Miyabi

Mandy Blake

Sloppy Seconds
Creampie Eating
Rough Porn/Filthy Porn
Cocks and Balls
Deepthroat/Extreme Oral
Double Penetration (Double Anal, Vag, Oral, Titfuck, BJ, HJ)

Artsy Porn
Sexy Outfits: Maids, Catgirls, Body Paint, Body Writing, Hooker, Swimwear, Leotards, Dresses, Kimono's, etc
Erotic Nudes
Softcore Model pics (Sunny Leone, Kyla Cole, etc)
Races/Moderate Raceplay (Asians, White, Mixed, Ebony, Latina)

Dawn Allison
Pefect Body, Gorgeous face/Hair, Sexy Voice, Enthusiastic Performance

Wifey (Wifey's World)
She set the standard of what I want from Amateur, Handjob, and Wife Porn

Oral Amber

Lady Sonia

trinityvixxxen http://xhamster.com/user/photo/trinityvixxxen/new-1.html
Excellent MILF I just discovered

Slut Ann [funinsun] http://xhamster.com/user/funinsun2
Her legs are more often spread than not.

Female Bodybuilders
the sounds, sight and smells of sex, among other things.
If I didn't list something you like and you want to know, just ask.

Dislikes: People that think all black men are hung and the "BBC Only" types. I'm black and don't care for this, that doesn't mean I don't like raceplay, like this hot video http://xhamster.com/movies/3804023/very_verbal_black_rims_very_verbal_white.html . (We can call each other Nigger and Cracker in sex, just don't make racial assumptions about me and I won't do the same to you) , Gore and extreme pain (I like rough porn, even some abusive porn or mild cock trampling [excluding balls], but I don't like to see inner flesh and blood. I'm fine with people like Guro hentai, but I don't like it myself), Child abuse/porn (Lolicon is fine). Xhamster Profiles with locked content. XHamster profiles with over 9000 rules. Xhamster profiles that hate cock avatars on a porn site. PEOPLE WHO REQUIRE YOU TO BE THEIR FRIEND JUST TO SEE THEIR PROFILE - THIS MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND YOUR CONTENT UNLESS YOU LABEL IT WELL.
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16 days ago
Aww... im sorry hun... but I don't keep my old stuff. nor anywhere else... I se to... but ive had problems with ppl doing stuff that wasn't very nice to my stuff... so I just try n keep it simple... im sorry, for I am sure that wasn't the response you were hoping to hear, but that's how it is around me... if you snooze, you lose.... sorry..:(.. and in all honesty, you weren't missing much anyways... believe me, lol!!! yes, I know you may disagree... but I wont... lol!!!! but the good news is, you got new stuff now... and more in the makings..... well, I gotta go...have a nice day hun..\m/..vosh..\m/
16 days ago
I appreciate the compliments! I’m glad you are enjoying all of my photos and videos....:) I post new things all the time on my profile page here, and weekly on my website MyHottieWife.com, so make sure you stop back often to see what's new!!
You can also follow me on Twitter @TracyLicks.
I also do weekly cam shows on Streamate. Its free and easy to sign up right on my profile page.
Here's the link: Tracy_Licks.cammodels.com. Let's play together one day!
23 days ago
Im sorry hun... I didn't kno they was important enough to keep.... I delete stuff all the time, after I feel its ran its coarse.. I try to keep things up to date..plus, I don't like to clutter my galleries up with stuff.. that's why I delete it.... and your idea for a vid??? ive been p[ondering doing just that!! I have many ideas, and yes, they will be loud!! lol!! im glad you like what I do, I greatly appreciate what you said..:)..Thank you very much..:).. have urself a great day hun...\m/..vosh..\m/
24 days ago
Thanks for the invite
25 days ago
Thanks for the comment on my story, glad you enjoyed it! Love your favs!
25 days ago
Great content. I love it all!
29 days ago
Hey, thanks a lot for the tip anyway ;)
I'll see if I get befriended )
Happy upcoming New Year!
1 month ago
Great profile
1 month ago
Very hot profile
1 month ago
Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such sweet comments on my page. ;) *smooches*
1 month ago
Thanks for posting! Glad you like our content!
1 month ago
Thanks honey, i'm glad to be of service. ^_^
Futa is awesome. You don't get bigger cocks and more cum than from futas. I couldn't imagine a better girlfriend... :p
1 month ago
Thanks for the add and favoriting my vids! Feel free to take screen shots of them and post them or make compilation vids later when I've posted tons more! Your page is fucking hot!
1 month ago
Great profile please add me
1 month ago
Thanks! I think so, too! =D
1 month ago
So glad u love my creamy fleshlight..mmmmmmmmmmm :)
Keep enjoying!
1 month ago
Heh I've also spent some time looking for xxdeathmetalxx, so hot and so sneaky
1 month ago
I don't know either XD maybe you like 'em, just sayin' :D
1 month ago
wonderfulo profile, thx for sharing!

Miss Bianca
1 month ago
thats because i am a porn artist as well, I so need to make a maid outfit for my bitch
1 month ago
wow! you´ve got a great collection!!!!
1 month ago
Nice profile very interesting!
1 month ago
Hot profile!
2 months ago
terrific profile :). taking me quite a while to go through it
2 months ago
hello, I mean add me here, on Xhamster as friend :-) love your profile, thanks
2 months ago
hmmm you have got a great set of favorites love every single one of them!
2 months ago
and what story would that be.....?
2 months ago
Awesome profile, we share several kinks. Love what you're doing here.
2 months ago
Hi!! Thanks for you tip! What a nice page!
2 months ago
Love them hot videos

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