Night of a lifetime

My eyes are still dewey from the tears I shed, pouring my heart out to him.I'm still in shock from our conversation. we were in the dinner table taking shots and talkin about our friendship throughout the years. This night he's the first man I looked in the eyes and confessed my unconditional love for. He gets on his knees and takes my hand and tells me "ive always loved u and always will." With the most sincere voice on earth he whispers, "your everything that's beautiful in this world" I ask him with all the courage I have in me. "will u just hold me tonight?" he sighs and says "how can I say no to you!?" I get instantly excited and start shaking inside. "I'm going to take a bath real quick then" I say "I'll be in my room waiting" he whispers n my ear. Sending tingles thru me.. The man I've always craved and yearned to next to is waiting for me, finally. I can barely contain my heart beats. I bathe n dress n pjs quickly. Head to his room an tip toe in. I find the man I've secretly loved a good portion of my life. I find him naked on his bed with an enormous erection held in his grasp. I let out a loud breath and climb on his bed taking the sight of his perfect, olive colored skin. I crawl up to his face and he says gently "what took u so long, I've waited a long time" I think; he has no idea how many times I've fantasized this scene in my bed at night. I shly reply," sorry I'm nervous." puttin his hand on my face he gently kisses me, slow at first and gains power quickly. My hands run down his body to the amazing 9 in cock in his lap. I let my fingers softly rub the entire thing. While he caresses my body and kisses me needingly. I push my body to his and he whispers baby taje these pants off now. So I do. And continue caressing and kissing. I can't believe his hands are finally touching me everywhere. My body is on fire with lust and passion for him. I pull away from him take my talk top off and go straight for his rock hard dick. I slip it between my wet lips and suck it all in slow and let it hit back of my throat. I suck hard n rub his balls as I suck up n down the huge thing that for the moment is all mine. He's moaning saying how wonderful I'm doing. That encourages me to go harder n suck faster. I'm ready to have in me.. I get up and ask about condoms he pleads with me not ti use one. "I want to cum deep inside of u, I've wanted ti so long. You won't let me?" I consider, there's nothing I want more. But remembering his 2 babies are asl**p in the next room. I say "I just can't, im scared to get pregnant" at this point no man has ever cum or even been in me raw. He complies somewhat upset. I can see hurt in his eyes as he lays me down and rubs my clit with his dick head. He grabs my hand and puts it above my head. Looks in my eyes and ask "r u ready" I look back an breathe "yes love" he applies pressure and I gasp hard as he enters me slowly for the first time. Soon were grinding back n forth n rhythm and I'm moaning uncontrolably. I scream out "uhh I knew it would be so damn good" mmm he was stroking it so good I swear I felt him in my soul. The whole time his hand is locked in mine and his eyes looking into me. Seeing all the love and insane pleasure hes giving me. Soon I'm bucking yard and begging him to pound me hard. He pulls me up n tells me get on all fours he rubs my ass and all the way down my back. Pushes my head in the pillow and spreads my ass and gently enters me again. He grabs my hops and starts punching down hittin my gspot. This makes me fjord crazy and start throwing my ass against his outages to hit it harder. I can feel my juice running down him an my legs. I grab my clot and rub furiously and demand he bang that spot hard as he can I can't stand it I need him to be all the way in me. He responds my grabbing my hops tighter and going in hard and deep in no time I'm gushing cum all over us. I yell out I'm cumming papa. My pussy throbs insanely and tightens up and he moans I'm going ti come squeeze it tight baby. I do of course and feel him pulsate and fill the condom. I smile in satisfacton at his moans. He stays in me a moment rocking is back n forth. I just enjoy the feeling of our bodies completely connected. Soon I'm in his arms tears n my eyes AGAIn asking "if I could ever feel heat in my whole body like that again" and he replies "we will see next time. That was the most amazing I've ever felt" I sl**p with my hand on his heart and his on mine. Best night if sl**p in my life, never have I been made love to like that. And I can only dream that one day I will be.
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