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It was a hot evening as I drove towards home after a hard day at work, all I wanted to do was chill out at home with something to eat and a bit of porn .

About 20 miles from home I needed to stop as the urge to pee was becoming too much so stopped in the next layby. When I pulled in there were a couple of trucks and one van in there. I got out of my car and walked over to what I thought was a secluded spot and proceeded to pee All of a sudden I heard voices coming from beyond one of the trucks and also heard some moaning as well. My nosey nature took over and I walked slowly over making sure I was not seen. When I reached the front of the truck I was greeted with the sight of 5 semi naked guys, lets just say, having fun . I instantly felt my cock harden in my pants and could not resist watching as one guys kneeling down was sucking on four other cocks, greedily taking them in his mouth, as the four guys talked to each other clearly enjoying having their hard cocks sucked.

All of a sudden one of them shouted, clearly in my direction, hey mate don’t hide there come and join us or disappear now. I thought for a minute but just could not resist going to them. When I got to them, all they asked was whether I liked what I see to which I nodded, and I got on my knees and proceeded to suck greedily on the cocks on offer, I sucked and licked on all their hairy balls as much as I could with the other guy also doing the same. They all had great cocks and while I was sucking my mind wandered to hoping I would be fucked by them, then almost as I spoke me and the other sucker were taken to the van, which had a bed inside (clearly well prepared), we were both stripped and two of the guys came in, and started to fuck us both hard, I was in heaven as this hard piece of meat pounded my very willing arse, moaning as he filled me deep, I could hear the other guy moaning as well as the other two guys swapped with the other two, and they proceeded to fuck our already gaping holes deep and hard. I was loving this as all in turn these four guys fucked us both. After what seemed like ages of pure fucking we were both ushered outside where we kneeled in front of the four cocks, which after a quick suck, then exploded over both of our faces and dripping down our chins and bodies. Their hot cum was something to savour. Then as quickly as they cum, the four guys left leaving me and the other guy to clean ourselves up. As it turned out the other guy owned the van and we both went inside, kissed each other and cleaned each other up before exploring each others bodies and cumming all over each other. Needless to say we would become known as the very sub lovers and would meet others regularly in his van.

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2 years ago
nice! i wish i'd have that kinda luck. i've been sucked, but i can't wait to feel another guy's hot cock swell in my mouth and shoot his hot cum against my throat and into my ass.
2 years ago
2 years ago
FUCKING SWEET....any more stories???