Foot Fetish started

Never ever thought I would be in to this but after my first experience cannot get enough of it.

I was 29 and me a and one of my friends (Sarah) were sitting in her lounge and putting the worlds to right. She had just finished with her boyfriend so we talked about a lot of things. After a couple of bottles of wine the talk got a bit sexier and talk of things in the bedroom started to come out and fantasies/likes started to flow. One thing Sarah mentioned was that she loved to have her feet massaged, so being the dutiful friend i offered to this for her, and she did not need asking twice as her feet were placed into my lap.

I started to slowly massage her feet telling her how soft they felt and was quite surprised to hear her moan and throw her head back. Massaging her feet and toes was giving me a rush i had not felt before, and she could clearly feel that, when she took her feet from my hands and started to rub my chin with them. I responded my opening my mouth and tongue darting out starting to lick the soles of her feet. She gasped as i did and looking up could see that she was playing with herself as my tongue explored the curves of her feet and sucking on her toes. Sarah smiled and asked if i liked her feet, all i could do was nod as i sucked on her big toe. She then pushing her toes into my mouth forcing me to suck them all as she continued to play with her now very wet pussy. From not having done it i was now a foot lover and sucked greedily on her toes as i heard her give herself a massive orgasm. Wow that was good was her words. We never became lovers but had loads of foot fun :)
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