Serenas camping trip

I got some holidays arranged off work last month as me and my mates who regularly hang out down the pub decided to go for a camping trip
up wales, its going to be me, adam, john, alex, pete and sarah and stacey.

Alex is a guy who works in scafolding, Adam in IT, alex is job less bless pete and sarah are a couple and stacey is the singleton
Though im sure adam has a bit of a crush on me, He wont admit it tho and i soo wanna catch him out

We got to our camp site and was arranging the sl**ping arrangments

Stacey will be paired up with Alex
Sarah abd Pete together
John will be by him self
Me and Adam will be coupled up

We had some fun hiking thru the woodland and the weather was lovely, quite unusual for wales
After a long day of absailing and hiking we headed back for a lovely camp side meal

I headed off for the onsite showers to get ready for bed
lol I could so hear the guys talking about me stairing at my firm bottom as i was absailing
Pervs but such a turn on

I felt like calling it our loud so that they could hear me
but instead i decided to let my hands slide down and wonder

I started to rub my clit
rubbing in circles as the hot water trickled down my soft warm n wet skin
sliding my hands around my tits as i imagine fucking my best mates bf

sooo naughty
sooo wrong

but hey its a fantasy not like im doing anything

I head on off back to the tent
Adam comes back in

Bless his shattered
We hit the sack for the night...

I heard a noise in the middle of the night
woke me up...

Its adam...
His moaning my name


Is he having a fantasy over me?

Dirty boy!
I reached out for his hand and slid it over my breasts

He starts rubbing them and moves closer
I feel his hard cock rub up against my back

Ohhh my that is harrrddd!
I reach back to feel it
start storking it

His hands slide on down to my pussy and starts to rub my clit

Oh my god am i really doing this?
am I taking advantage of him sl**ping?

He wakes up all horny
Pins me down

I start to kiss his lips sliding my hands down his back
He raises my legs up above his shoulders

Im now laying on my back, legs split up and over his shoulders
His masculine body staring right at me

Sliding his cock into me

We start to fuck but in a worry of waking the others up we deside to take a walk down into the woods
There he pushes me up against a tree
and starts to kiss all the way down my body to my knees
Slowly going back up, licking and kissing and looking into my face as he does it with such as devious look

Smiling as he goes up every inch and teasing me

I hear a ruffling noise
I look on over as adam is busy licking my pussy
I see john in the back ground

I think his come out to have a piss, either that or his seen us and is wanking over us
And alex is there, there both at it

Probably going for a piss
I moan to try discretly get their attention

It suddenly becomes obvious they have spotted me and they are wanking over me

Ohhh yes, here i am having adam lick my pussy and now I know I got Alex wanking over me
Could this day get any better?

But whats this?
Adam raises his hand and signals to them to come on over

The guys am walking over with their cocks in their hand playing over me
Ohhhhhhh it sends shivers to my knees the thought of the excitement has getting all nervious

Adam turns me over to expose my ass cheecks
Licking all the way from my clit to the bottom of my pussy

My hands reach out for Alexs and Johns cocks
I start rubbing them

Adam slides the tip of his cock into me
Slowly deeper each time
n then starts fucking me fast n hard pulling on my jet black hair
his cock firmly inside passing thru my blue thongs

I pull out my tits to let both John and alex feel my nipples
I feel my self tensing up
Mmmmm im loving this

I am then lied down on to the grass

Alex shoves his thick large cock into my pussy
Adam shoves his cock up my ass and now i am being double penetrated
I suck Johns cock

All hands and eyes are on me
What a buzz

John is at the verge of comming
And shoots all over my tits

Thick warm wet juicy come all over my tits
Making my skin go all soft from his cum

Adam pulls out and cums over my back
and Alex shoots on up inside of me

Thick, Creamy and warm cum shooting up inside my wet pussy
I feel it
Tingling up inside of me

MMmmmmmmmm Alex!!
He pulls out and makes me suck his cock
I slide my hands around to his arse as both Adam and John are watching me give head

I then suck the remining bit of cum out from alexs cock

and we all head of back to camp

What a night
What a fantasy
Fucking alex, my best friends bf

Oh well me and sarah have shared a lot in the past ;-) but she will never know about this one.
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