Mark the plumber

PING! goes my computer
I have a look it turns out its sarah messaging me, an old time school friend i havent seen in ages
A short catch up and shes now married with 2 c***dren
Just thinking good for her

She askes me what am I up to these days?
Just at work mainly, working as a secretary for a solicitor firm up town
Doing house work whilst the husband is out at work

Talking of which my pipes am bloked at the moment and cant seem to do the washing

Serah suggested her friend who has started out his own business as a plumber
She sent me his number and I gave him a ring

I couldnt be doing with mopping the floor after every washing machiene load

The next day I was on my way back from a stressful day at work, I just wanted to get home and unwind
A bit of fun for once and break out from the norm a little bit of me time

After 10 minutes of being at home, i go into the bedroom
Slide off my panties and lie down on my bed

My hands slowly slide down my body and start to caress and rub my clit
Mmmmm that feels better sooo nice

As i start to get into it, the door bell rings

SHIT, its the plumber

I pull my office skirt down to my knees and head off to the door and open it

Mark right?
Yes he replies

OMG what a young stud looking bloke
He sits down in the front room to give me an pre-assesment of the job costs, I sit down oposite him
He seems to be a little distracted
Stuttering on his words and his eye contact keeps dropping

OMG he can see up my skirt
I havent got my knickers on lol, dirty boy

You keep looking

He goes off to start his job

When all of a sudden water is spirting into his face, and soaks him
Turns out the blockage was released and the pressure caused water to blast over him

I laughed and asked him if he was ok, lol serves him right for perving on me hehe

I then take his top to place into the dryer for him
mmmm now this is something

His there in his jeans and 6 pack muscular figure, slightly toned
jet black hair
as i whipe the dropplets off his sexy muscular figure and I look into his eyes

He suddenly raises me up off my feet onto the breakfast bar
my legs open and around him

his hands slide around me feeling his gentle warm carress
he kisses me

Ohhh my could this really be happening
Am I cheating on my husband
Is this hot stud really taken an interest in me?

He slides his hand down under my skirt and rubs my pussy
quickly my body starts to catch up with were i left off
getting nicely moist and the feeling of his fingers rubbing around my clit and down the sides of my pussy opening

he undoes the top of my blowse
exposing my bra

he kisses down my neck to between my tits
Undoing my blowse some more

I take off my blowse as im sitting there with him tightly wrapped between my legs
I lean my head back as he continues to kiss my neck and chest

He goes down some more

Kissing around my belly button and further on down
he licks my clit and the walls of my pussy
mmmm warm...
sooo nice

He slides a finger inside of me gently pushing on my pelvic region i feel every movement inside of me
ahh his got it
stay there
my g spot is sending signals out like never before

Where has this guy been all my life, he hasnt even pulled out his cock and his got me loving it
I feel my self tensing
he slows down

What you doing you tease Im wondering
he pulls his finger out and then slides hit back in

OMG yesss
I feel it push past the walls of my pussy and inside it feels sooo nice
as he continues to lick my clit he looks up at me
I wrap my legs over his shoulders and around his neck

Pulling him closer
I want him so close that he is inside me
Just with that thought

He stands up and undoes his jeans
Pulls out his cock

WOW well packed
No too big not too little
but a big girth on him

He slides the tip in
Then a bit more

Ohhhh yess

Then a bit more
Starts to slowly move his waist

Getting me really wet now
He starts to fuck me faster n faster

I put my arms around his neck and he lifts me off the surface
His hands tightly grip my firm ass

He puts me down and turns me over
I place my hands on the surface of the breakfast bar
My legs spread appart with my skirt raised up over my ass
He pushes my ass checks appart and slides his cock back into my pussy

Fucking me doggie style and pulling on my hair
whispering into my ear
Harder... Harder

He gets rough
like an a****l

And here I am married to mr sensible
This boy is wild!!

What an adventure

Faster and harder he fucks me as I feel my pussy tightning
Me legs go to jelly
I scream out

And collase my hands as i lay my head on the surfaces
He continues fucking me
Pushing down gently on my face but still fucking me roughly

I want more and more
I feel it happening again
Im tightning, that tingling sensation is running thru my veins, my legs beggin to wobble and go weak

I turn over to kiss im, I want him!!!!
He has got me under a orgasmic spell

With that he go down on him and start sucking his cock aiming to give him the same pleassure
He moans and groans

Start rubbing his cock fast and hard looking up at him with my long hair over my shoulders and to the side smiling up at him
I lick the top of his bell end, licking n licking some more
sucking until he moans

Just as I moved off his cock he cums
I aim it on my tits

Creamy cum...

All over me

I then rub it in and with whats on my finger taste it

After the sex he gets his top out of the dryer
Its getting late and heads off

Leaving me his assement

Husband came home and asked me if the washer got fixed
I said he didnt have time (lol ;-) )
but he left an estimate for us

Job never got done after all
But now i got the perfect excuse to call him back

82% (9/2)
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3 years ago
very hot & good