A night to remember

Me and the girls were getting ready for a night at usual, you know how it goes.
Friday night time to go clubbing

It was a fancy dress as school girls, and I was dressed the part...
White blowse with my top buttons open
Black Miniskirt
Fishnet tights
and loosely worn tie

We arived at the club and had a brilliant time, wild challenges to win free champagne, wet t-shirt competitions.

In the mist of all this excitement and getting a little d***k i lost my friends, I wasnt perticularly bothered since I normally bump back into them, and its a brilliant night to be wasting time searching for them when im likely to bump into them.

Time was getting on, I had spent all my money and desided to walk home.
Never did reunite with the girls, Dare not say the pulled a hunk or two the dirty sods.

Whilst outside the club I recognised my bfs best friend approching me.
He asked if I was walking home, I said yes and laughed, Im all out of money.

We both headed off home, it was nice to have some company from a guy I already knew, made me feel safer to walk home late at night.

About ten minutes after setting off the worst starts to happen, it begins to rain. But hey dont matter I was tipsey and had some one to walk me home.

As we walk down an alley way, he suddenly pushed me up against this wooden fance and looks directly into my eyes with his nose touching mine.

Shocked and stunned but enjoying it I allow him to move in and kiss me

What a buzz, my bfs best friend is hitting on me.
He slides his hands down and raises my leg up to his waste line, I wrap my leg around his.

The water from the rain pouring from his jet black hair down his face, His eyes I was just taken in by it.

He starts to rub in circles with 4 fingers on my pussy, my knickers are getting wetter by the second, I feel my legs going weak, My heart starting to race with nerves and excitement

He then slides both hands up to my ass and raises me off the ground to kiss me as i wrap both my arms around his neck.

Kissing my neck and ear, from my ear across to my lips
He lowers me back down and spreads my arms out against the wodden panels of the fence, slides his hands across to my chest and unbuttons my half undone blowse.

He loosens my bra

Im now leaning up against this fence in an alley way knowing any one could walk by, soaking wet, with my tits hanging out of my blowse.

He feels and carrers them, kisses them n licks my nipples
He kisses further on down to my belly button
Looking back up into my eyes as he slowly moves down
He slides his hands up my legs
Raising my already short skirt up and over his head
He starts to lick my pussy there and then
I feel his head and pull it closer to my pussy
God that tongue
I want more

I said Tom...

He looks up at me

I said.. come here
He comes up level to my face

I said... do me a favour
He replies.. What?

I lean over to his ear and whispered "Fuck me!"

With that said he pushed me against the fence, pulled out his cock and moved my thong to the side, he then rubbed his cock up against my pussy.

Already wet and horny I was already dialated and his cock just slid inside me
Mmmmmm the feeling of it rubbing agains the walls of my pussy

To hold him
To look at him
To think how risky and dangerous this is should my bf ever find out.

He slides it in and out
I wrap my legs around his waste with my arms up and over his neck

His banging me harder n harder
The fence panels are making a noise
There is a chance we will wake up the people who live in the house
But fuck it I dont care, this feels soo good and yet soo wrong

Im panting, I need to catch breath
My moaning is broken the jolted movements from us fucking

I call out his name

He then pulls ut turns me to face the fence panels and bends me over
He raises my skirt to expose my ass
Pulls down my thong down to my ankles
Slides his cock back inside

Gripping my ass and waist as he fucks me faster n harder
the rain is still pouring down
I cant stop enjoying the moment of being fucked outdoors

Why was John not this exciting?

Wayne starts to rub my pussy as he fucks me, I lean up and my face is pressed against the fence

He tugs on my hair
I feel my pussy tightening up
Ahhhhhh yesss
My body starts to spasm
My hand slaps flat against the fence and then clench it
My legs go weak
I then feel him shoot inside me

That warm thick and creamy cum shooting inside of me.
Ohhh what a fuck, what an adventure

As he tucks his nice package away inside his boxer shorts, He says your home, sweet dreams and kisses me on the cheek and walks off into the night.

I then realised he had just fucked me outside my bfs house.
90% (10/1)
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loved it
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even so very good
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