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Worker Helen breathing heavily. She stood leaning his elbows on the cancer desktop Sergey and diligently podmahivala ass. Sergei stood behind and pulled her like a dog ssuchku. Sergei did not even took off Lenochiki panties. He just pushed them aside. Its strong, long skirt is fully secured. Gone are the days when Helen was a secretary and had a simple cause miniskirts. Now Helen was a serious girl and let myself skirt just above the knees. Strong and rough hands gripped her ass Sergei helping her deeper into his sazhivatsya petrified trunk. Helen was moaning with pleasure, her ass was moving rapidly towards this delicious and voracious trunk. Sergei raised his hand and slapped with a sling Lena ass. - Good for you, slut, well, me another kicked ass. Come on honey, quick-play. Murmured Sergei slapping Lena is one or the other hand. The first time Sergey put Lena when she just got a job secretary. Sergei praised her delicious plump legs, which were covered with brown stockings. When Helen was sitting at the computer so her skirt rode up, he saw that Sergei strip her bare feet between elastic stockings and the edge of her skirt. Then Sergei threw doubts and asked Lena to come to his office. He sternly ordered her to close the door tightly and when she went to his chair with a bundle of papers to sign, no circumstances he put his hand under her skirt. Grabbing Lena's ass, he told her that he is now her vyebet and now every morning Helen will have to come to his office and spolnyat duties. And Helen for 6 months worked diligently, he has under the table, on the table, sometimes on the floor or in a chair. Sergei was not filled. But quickly flew by, then. Lena said Pavel and Lena appointed team leader. His secretary Pavel Can not assign it. Since this place was occupied by a busty Natalia, who is not only fucked Pavel, but more high set face. And Lena Pavel decided to use for their own pleasures. But as instructor for the group, Lena, Pavel could call at any time and pulled up her skirt. Helen always readily moved apart legs to his superiors, and this has made a good position.
Today, Helen, attended the department Sergey and for old, visited his office. She knew that the fate of volatile thing, and always need to have a backup plan.
Helen put her reed pleasure. Her hoarse sobs accompanied every stroke of her delicious popochki. Helen could not hold back moans. And besides, she was not afraid that somebody catches. Sergey has always been professional in this business. Helen so relaxed and plunged into feelings. Helen even closed her eyes in bliss. Her strict jacket sold on the chest and her big breasts neochen from hectic as it tried to jump out of her black bra. Each new push by Sergei caused a new wave of passion. Lena suddenly felt that someone looks at her. She Stroud parted forever and saw with horror Slava. He stared insolently lenochkiny boobs who tried to break free. Helen screamed. Of Sergei also raised his head and saw Slava. Serge himself is rigged. He knew that Helen should come and pre-arranged with Slava. Serge has long tried to f***e Helen to group sex, but Helen has always adamantly refused. Now Sergei Lena wanted revenge for her care. He took the new secretary, but she was not as experienced in primudrostyah love. Therefore Sergey very sorry to have lost Lena and wanted to teach her. Sergei knew that Helen wants to escape. He squeezed her ass with his hands and began simply hammering term in lenchkinu hole. Sergei felt something that Helen is close to an orgasm and for a moment forgot
about Slava. He was mercilessly whipped Lenochkinu ass hands. Warbler eagerly watched proiszodyaschim and hand squeezed his cock through the fabric of his trousers. Serge holding Lena whispered hoarsely:
- Helen, my girl, my dear, let him look. Let him see what a whore you how I use your pussy.
Helen was on the edge and the words of Sergey and prurient and mocking look Slavka clouded her head wild with desire. Her cheeks burned and even more uvlazhnilos vagina. She eagerly licked her lips and still has sstaratelnee podmahivat meet member Sergei.
Warbler is unashamedly unbuttoned pants and squeezed his hand in his cock was hard to handle. He abruptly jerks jerks him looking straight at Lenchku presenting it he fucks her. Sergei stopped abruptly slid member Lena on the eggs. Helen screamed, she had quite a bit and she would have plunged into the abyss of pleasure. She tried to work her ass myself to be over soon. But Sergei was not pleading. He pressed his hips to her ass and began to repeat its motion. As a result, its members have not moved in Lenochkinoy hole. Helen wailed with desire and whispered hoarsely:
Please, Please.
Sergei grinned
- Oh, you're a slut, you're little. Do you still want to, promiscuous slut. Will you still even be better. Well ka whore open up wider mouth and suck Slava.
Warbler smile came to Lena, poddrachivaya on the move in his penis. He came very close to Lenochkinomu face and looking at her pleading eyes, he began to spank her with a member of sweat down her cheeks, her lips. His cock rubbed the remnants of lipstick with Lenochkinyh plump lips. He grabbed her by the hair and jerks his dick stuck in her entire mouth. Helen gasped and coughed. But not Slavka umolimo began to fuck her mouth. Serge grunted approvingly, Lena kicked back. Now they are in sync Lena thrust from both sides. Helen lost his head eagerly pounced on Slavkin member. She sucked him and podmahivala earrings. Guys digging her as if to pierce through on. Helen from such a furious pace and new sensations instantly peaked and her body shook from a strong orgasm. She could not stop and one orgasm followed another. Serge felt something that his penis with a squelch and champing immersed in hot liquid medium. His orgasm was not long in coming. Its powerful jet of sperm hit the Lena to the fold. It was already crowded. Mixed juices running down Lenochkinym thighs. Serge loud growl. Helen as a wild lioness attacked Slavkin member and a moment later was rewarded with a hot stream of semen spurting into her throat.
At this point came to the office of the secretary Sergei Aleksandrov. She had long wanted to surrender to Sergey and was always looking for a reason to look into his office. Today Pavel, instructed her to warn all the heads of departments of zavtryashnem meeting. Natalia instantly all phoned and she went to the office of Sergei. She wanted to knock, but the strange sounds stoked her curiosity. Helen cautiously opened the door and froze. Natalia was osholomlena. Lena fucked immediately vdve hole. Natalia watched spellbound as proiskhoodyaschim. It has got this incredibly strong scene. She wanted to be there. But it scared the steps in the hallway and she hurried escape, wagging his delicious ass.
At this point, Slava took from Lena his penis and began to smear her cum face. Serge looked at it with one hand masturbate cock.
He whispered hoarsely:
- That bitch had forgotten how much I trained. Do you remember how you were always getting on my knees in front of me. Now I see that you are waiting to serve a couple of guys. Now you expect me not going anywhere. This is because, in my office have multiple cameras. So that all your pictures will be tomorrow in the public domain. Or you have to promise me that you will again provedyvat me in the mornings or evenings.
Helen realized she did not get get away.
- Well, she dutifully bowed head.
- Well, my joy, waiting for you tomorrow. Warbler is also received.
Lena guys helped bring myself up as much as you can do. Helen, leaving with regret scanned the boys. She had never felt such pleasure.
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