At work in the ass

Irene was a pretty, dark-haired and petite. I remember how she called to show off her new job, I remember her pretty face shone and glowed dark green eyes. She was very tall and looked almost weightless. Irene said that she is now a separate room, and offered to search it, and I promised to call in the afternoon.

When I came in, she asked me to lock the door: "The trouble is that my colleagues often come here without knocking, and I would prefer that we do not interfere."

I sat in the chair next to her desk, she pushed diary.

- I have one secret - she said. - I have long been attracted to you.

I was surprised, but admitted that our desire is mutual.

She slowly pushed his chair away from the table and placed his hands on his knees, and then held them up your legs, lifting the hem of her dress to correct belt stockings. All the while, she looked me in the eye, not looking up. Her skin over the top of the stocking seemed particularly white and smooth.

- I do not wear panties, - she lifted her dress and higher, while slightly pushing the legs.

I saw a dark mound of wet, swollen vulva.

- I would like to feel your tongue in my cunt. Can not you get on your knees in front of me?

She walked around the table and stood in front of me, and I knelt with his back to the table. Irina put your right foot on the table and picked up the dress. Right hand she pulled me to her. I felt a light, slightly tart smell, and licked her wet lips of the vulva. Head bowed, I strongly typed languages ​​in a dark vagina, and Irina sank into a chair. Caressing tongue vagina lips, I could feel it raises hips towards my face, and continued to suck and pull at her labia and clitoris piercing tongue deep into her pussy until she began to move at an accelerated pace, finished right in my mind.

- But that's not all - she smiled slyly. - Now try something else - she got up and pulled out a tube of a drawer, and then knelt down and slow, seductive movement got on all fours ass to me. - Massage her, and then I want you to lick my anus ... Do not worry, here you will leave completely satisfied - and she lay down on the carpet, lifting dress and exposing little elastic buttocks. View girdle and hands on stockings made my penis harden as flint. I pulled the pants to his ankles, legs straddled her and began to massage her ass. I bent down to kiss the buttocks, gently held his tongue over the deep valley between them, examined her tongue and thumb, and finally they paused near her anus. Apart buttocks, I saw a tiny black hole. Irina relaxed slightly strain, and a hole opened, and my eye it appeared pink inner surface.

Head bowed, I tasted her sweet and spicy ass. At first dive Irina stiffened and then began rhythmically, but gently lift the buttocks. I second the rhythm of her movements, rubbing her feet penis charming feet. I did not have to caress her ass more than five minutes Irina again changed position and got on all fours. By the time I jerked hard, enjoying the pleasure of Irina. Kneeling, she freed one arm, and I saw that from the table she took out a tube of gel. Unscrewing the lid, it slowly and carefully rubbed some gel in my rebellious throbbing cock.

- You do not need to engage in self-care - she said. - I want you to take me back. Smazhem gel my anus inside and out and bring in first finger, - she said. - And then - a penis, just be careful, I can not stand the pain.

I smeared the gel on the spot where he had just slipped my tongue pushed slightly viscous material into the opening index finger and gently rubbed the wall.

- Enough! - Said Irina. - Are starting to enter into me, only slowly and carefully.

I put a head of his throbbing cock to her hole and pressed down on it, and saw a pinkish ring stretching, getting used to the diameter of my guns. Glans slowly crept inside, I paused, feeling that what is happening to both of us delight, and then gradually sank the entire trunk of the anus Irene. Her hole swallowed my cock whole, we started slowly and rhythmically swaying. Turning around, she moaned, and I knew that she felt the approach of a powerful orgasm. Her body shook, anus tightening around my ring. For a few minutes we relaxed, can not be separated, and, finally Irina turned to me and asked:

- Come to me - and as if on cue, I began to pour out, feeling the sperm flows along the walls of the tight anus.

A few minutes later we were resting, without changing his position, and soon satisfied my penis went limp. Irina leaned forward phallus slipped out of it, with a glass semen mixed with the gel.

- Can you next week again look for me? - She asked, rubbing her buttocks on my elastic sagging member. - In my second hole still has not penetrated so tenderly. I would not mind repeating.

- I will try to make time, I promised.
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