Mature woman sucks dick student in the park on a b

Mature woman sucks dick student in the park on a bench, and then he licks her pussy and fucks standing

On the day of the student all the clubs of the city were filled with young people. Lena loves young students, so I decided to definitely go hunting. To pick up her young student, a mature woman experienced in intimate matters, was not difficult. For his age, she looked so young, plus had a very sexy body and a cheerful disposition. Pretty quickly, she met a student named third-Alexander. The young man was a little d***k and effusive compliments on his new friend. Lena melted in his strong hands, he confidently led her to the dance. There was no hint of any sexual connotations, and it excited her even more. When Alexander, after several trips to the bar seemed to her quite d***k so that it can easily manage it, Lena asked him to go outside refreshment. Next to the club was a small park. At this time of day there is almost nobody there, and they can easily find a secluded bench. Wrapped around the neck guy Lena began aggressively push a tongue between his lips. Alexander involuntarily obeyed, but he did not show any initiative. It better - I thought Lena. So we will not lose time in vain and both get what we want. With d***ken young people talk short. Give them free, and they will lick all day long, and dick they did not get up. Suck it, and then let them lick - at least for something amiss. Put him on the bench, she pulled out of his pants jeans flaccid penis. It did not take much effort to pick it up, and the guy was in the moment of orgasm. But Lena's orgasm was not part of the plan. Otherwise they would rendezvous at this end of it. It would no longer be a member of the rose, but she still wanted him to fuck her well. Not stop kissing, Lena with one hand took off her panties, pulled up her mini-skirt and spread her legs wide. Rid of the annoying language Alexandra, she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed on them, making it clear that he should kneel down and lick pussy. The student was able to do cunnilingus. And where did he get such power? He surpassed her expectations, so very quickly shook her body spasm orgasm. Taking the boy by the hand, she lifted him from the ground and turned his back to him, sticking her ass and resting on the bench. The guy kept his head and abruptly entered her pussy. Making frequent rhythmic frictions, a student brought a partner and yourself to a stunning long orgasm. Alexander kissed on the cheek and thanked him for a lovely evening, Lena sat in one of the taxis, standing next to the club, and the guy came back to the club to his friends, to share the details of their sex with a passionate mature beauty.
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