Chic chick unfaithful to her husband with a marrie

She took off her apartment for them to be able to meet freely at the first opportunity. Both of them are not free, so the husband of every opportunity to meet. She had a key, so she preferred to open itself, and he was waiting for her, lying on a leather couch. Luxurious mink coat, elegant leather boots high heels, noble tweeds, tempting her slim-fitting, but sexy body, shiny black hair, sensual lips - it drove him crazy with their beauty and sexuality. With him she cheated on her husband, and could not but flatter. Under the jacket was only transparent lace corset. Besides him, panties and stockings on her, there was nothing as she jumped into his arms. His hot hand stroking her thigh, kisses warmed frozen lips. Out of his pants she rescued protruding member and gave him an excellent blowjob. Then slid his cock in my mouth, it turns out, giving it the only one head. His hand meanwhile aggressively stroked her crotch through her panties, and the second game with a strained from desire nipples. Chest burning from his touch, and the crotch was wet - he knew how to give her maximum pleasure, however, as she is. Cum in her mouth, he kissed her and they went to the kitchen to eat a freshly brewed coffee. In skill coffee she had no equal. So she hoped at least somewhat surpass his wife, because they have all the sex was great, as he told her, but changes it's easy to get away from the monotony.
Their acquaintance happened four months ago, on the road, where he had an accident and stood waiting for someone to stop. Once she stopped. Able to take it to his office, and the next day went to see him during the lunch break. Their first meeting was held in the cafe, the first sex - in the apartment of his friend, and now a month since they are found here.
After coffee, turn on the music, she began to perform a striptease, dropping her bra and panties and left in stockings and boots. Hand she caressed herself to the music. Her fingers inside the vagina made her body squirm under his gaze. Finally, he picked her up and carried her to the sofa. Posada and her legs spread wide, she stabbed her his hot cock. In time with the movements of her heels clattered on the floor. She begged him not to stop moaning and sobbing. Ready to finish, he took out her term and plunged into her mouth. Under the caresses of her tongue for a few seconds he came close to orgasm, but do not want to end so quickly, and then put his mistress on his back to his knees. Next to her swollen anus hole lye looked pristine. Its steel member has filled all of its space, making her squirm in pain and pleasure. Nails clutching a sofa covering, she cried and moaned. Portion of his semen spilled into it and she fell exhausted on the floor.
- And I'm a first time fucked in the ass. Even my husband did not give. On the dresser she left him the money he had brought from the imaginary trip wife, and to replenish the contents of the refrigerator, where it will be here again to change.

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