Mature woman was luring young boys into the water

This piquant incident of my youth occurred in the summer, at the end of June. We are Zhenya, young twenty-year guys are not able to lose their virginity. We decided to go to the beach, take a look at young girls in bathing suits, leisure polugolyshom prirode.Sredi on a huge number of young beauties stood mature woman with bare breasts. They were her sagging, but that they were naked, aroused us in earnest. By mutual decision, we spread a blanket near her, to enjoy the spectacle as she lay with her eyes closed. Then she saw us. I went into the water. She turned around and saw that we are watching it. Then she started pomanivat us for a finger. Though we have not had any desire to wet heat in the water, we could not refuse. Was already a member of another. Woman offered to meet:
- I - Eugene Vitalievna. And you?
- Dennis and Eugene.
- Young people, you swim well?
- OK.
- I would like to swim farther than ever, but scary. Will be my rescue?
The three of us were sailing side by side and all the time I stared at the bare chest of our companion.
Ahead was a buoy, and he Eugene Vitalievna stopped. It was the final point race. She took off her panties and bathing reached Zhenya. Realizing that she now stands without panties, my brain gave a signal to the vertical member of the rack. Woman's hand down on my cock. She asked me to take off my pants. I had to give them to a friend. Turned his back and asked him to fuck her. I quickly found the entrance to her vagina and inserted cock. Quickly came to the right pace, I felt inside her womb quite confident. When we swam up to a stranger, had to suspend our fuck on the nature. Eugene Vitalievna was an experienced woman and knew immediately that I was about to finish. Then told to get out of it. All around us was in my semen. Zhenya envied, but he got no less fun. I still could not bring a woman to the finals, this task was assigned to him. She grabbed the buoy, and lay back on the water. Between her legs she could see a hairy pussy. In Eugene's penis was bigger than mine. Eugene Vitalievna even squealed. And the pace he was powerful. She came quickly and asked him to tone fiat fuck her in the ass. Now she was lying on his stomach on the water. Formed around them quite big waves. Not even a particularly quick-witted to understand that here, in depth, a young boy fucks MILF.
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