Guy licking the anus of a young bitch, which had l

Guy licking the anus of a young bitch, which had long fantasized during masturbation and fuck her in the ass

My neighbor in the apartment had many girlfriends. Almost all were so horny, that they wanted to fuck immediately. Neighbor - a girl, which is hard to surprise any sexual fantasies, so she quietly accepted the fuck is my wish Dasha, one of her friends. When the suitable moment and she planned to lodge out, called Dasha to us, telling her that I would be home alone. Dasha should play a role, as has come to her friend, and did not realize that I was waiting for her. The only indication that she gave me - Dasha loves when licking her anus. While waiting I'm so excited that it was necessary to masturbate, would end differently from one kind of naked Dasha. Well masturbate in the shower, only fantasizing about Dasha. Soon a she.
- Hello. And Julia home.
- No, she's gone. I do not know by how much. But you can wait.
- Excellent. And you can not find something to drink?
- There.
She was already intoxicated. I only had beer, opened her bottle and took up a second. It was so ridiculous, both pretended they did not know how to ease tensions.
- Sit on the couch, you're sitting on a chair?
- Yes, this is inconvenient.
- You see, a long time like that. What we're giving away the play, because we know why we are here.
Dasha clung to me and hugged. I felt an incredible relief from the fact that no longer have to pretend. I kissed her puffy lips and stroked his back, squeezed her ass. She clung to my chest and stroked his back, crawled under my sweater. Starting with the knees, stroking her leg, making his way up. Pantyhose shoot himself did not suddenly tear. Pulled the edge, and Dasha took herself to bare her lovely legs. And I completely undressed and stood before her with a protruding member. It all contractible tights. I helped her become bare, kissing her body. Bra left, very much I liked it, gave a certain piquancy. The same thing - with the panties. When you kiss around erogenous zones, but not herself, it is unrealistic to tune. Stroked her pussy through her panties. She took off her bra and I was a delightful sight - her huge breasts fourth size. And nipples have become prominent, and I am pleased and rolled tongue and sucked. Dasha caressed at this time my nipples, and was excited to the limit. Exposing her ass and pussy, finger I caressed her vagina and clitoris. She jumped off the couch and leaned over, holding his back:
- Fuck, finally!
In memory surfaced instructions Yli-Dasha likes petting anus. Under my tongue twitching her ass, and she Dasha crazy screaming and writhing, fingering her clit and rubbed her nipples. When she covered the first convulsions orgasm, she whispered, "Fuck." I managed to drop into her ass, finger masturbate cunt. Her frantic cries were just deafening. Having made a few moves in the ass, I'm finished. While Dasha went to the bathroom on the floor were droplets of semen flowing out of her ass.
- Sperm and stayed on it too. Pomoesh it?
- Absolutely!
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