I fck my friend`s hot mom.

Good afternoon. Now I'll tell you a story that happened to me last night. This is a story about how I fucked my mother one of his longtime friend. I did a few shocked and initially did not expect such a turn of events. And it means that it was so.
I returned home and ran right past the entrance, where a friend of mine used to live (now moved to another city and this apartment was left alone by his mother). Came in peace, thinking about something else, when suddenly I heard, I honk. Honking aggressively and I turned around and immediately recognized the car. It was the mother of my friend's car. She opened the window and waved to me and I decided to come say hello. This woman years somewhere forty-five, but looks much younger, thirty years, a bit thin, but in pretty good shape. I walked over, she asked me how am I doing, I said that all is well, asked how there getting on my friend, we talked a bit about this and that, and then she asked me to help her up to place bags of groceries. She lives alone with the father of my friend she had long divorced. Of course, I could not refuse, and readily offered his help. I took in both hands two large bags and we went upstairs to the sixth floor. We went into the apartment and she asked to place bags in the kitchen. I am in no way denied and razuvshis, went there. Putting the bag, I was going to go around and put on one's shoes, when I see that it comes to me and puts his hands on my shoulders. I was just taken aback, this assessment I was not expecting. She passionately overcame me and asked me if I wanted to go to the gym, on cheshechku tea. All anything, seems to be quite a normal sentence, but her actions, I was shocked and did not know what to say. I just nodded uncertainly, and she took my arm and then inviting motioned me to sit down on the sofa. I sat down and she asked him to wait a minute. I sat and tried to comprehend what was happening. What does all this mean? And then she goes, almost naked, in only one bra and thong. I noticed that despite her age, she has a very slim and beautiful body. If I did not know her, you would have given it up for thirty years. I could not take my eyes off her, and she sits down next to me and hugged my neck starts to say that I am very much like me. This finally knocked me out of the ground from under their feet. She began to rub against me and put one foot on my lap. At the sight of her shapely legs, I noticed that my cock starts to harden. And then I decided popytatsya somehow fix the situation before it is too late. I tried to convince her that she was a grown woman, she already has a son, in his mind, whether it is at all? She almost did not react to it and started to tell me that her life was so little pleasure and she loves boys. Then I began to realize that the situation is too late to change. I myself began to notice that I was starting to like it too. Of course, it was pretty wild for me. Even so, some new feelings coming over me suddenly.
She crawled under my hand sweater, and I hugged her around the waist, has settled comfortably. She began to unbutton my jeans and I decided to help her with that, he unbuttoned and removed them, and then took off his sweater and shirt. I noticed that my penis is literally worth a stake. I could smell her perfume, the smell of a woman's hair is only strengthened my excitement. And she said to me - "You know what to do.'re Doing." I began to take off her bra. Her breasts were quite elastic, I leaned over them and began to inhale the aroma of her body. With the other hand, I climbed under her thong. Her pussy lips were very wet. Pubis was clean-shaven. She momogla me to pull off her thong, and then I pulled out my cock and sit back, get a job was to the entrance of her vagina. My cock was already hard and I entered it. Log was pretty easy, I felt an incredible pleasure from it. I move freely in it, while trying to restrain myself not to cum too fast. By the realization that this is a grown woman, my pleasure was growing stronger. She took me by the shoulders and gently pulling her to him, told me to relax and I was not so constrained. I obeyed and started to act more confident. Hands I grabbed her buttocks and began to squeeze them. Her nipples were hard, I began to bite them. I knew I could hardly hold back, and that was about I can finish, so you may temporarily stopped and I managed to hold out for some time yet. Her crotch was wet and warm. She was kicking my body to twist. And now I am no longer able to endure. I can only say that for so long and in so many I have not finished yet never before. I finished first at her, then finished on her crotch and belly. I continued for as long as he was sure that he released himself from all that is possible. Then I relaxed. Hands I still massaged her buttocks. I could smell her body, her hair. Then I got off her and pulling pants, lay on his back next to her.
She put her head on my shoulder and we lay there somewhere for two minutes. Then she suddenly got up and sat on top of me and styanuv off my pants and began stroking my cock. I was not prepared for this, but we had no choice. Her body and hands were warm, causing my cock stood up almost immediately. She told me to just get up, and then sat down at my legs and bent over my cock, suck it began. I loved it. Her blonde hair fell on my stomach. And she continued to gently suck my cock. Once again, I felt narostaet me excited. I do not know how but I felt like me again accumulates a powerful charge of sperm. Pleasure intensified, I cupped her head in her hands and began to move faster. She did not resist it. I felt her wet crotch rubbing against my legs. Finally, all that has accumulated in me, I let go of myself. Powerful clot sperm left in her mouth and she swallowed it. She continued to suck and swallow all that I gave off to her. I released all, to the last, and sighed with relief. She got off me and lay down beside. We just lay there in silence, I relaxed, eyes closed. She again put her head on my shoulder. We lay there for a while, then she said that she would go to the bathroom. I also said that I would meet. She nodded, got up and left. I began to dress.
It was necessary to weight gain myself up. After dressing, I went to the mirror. Everything was normal. I sat on the couch and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. I waited around for about five minutes, at last, she came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. I got up and went into the hallway, shoes, she walked behind me. When I put on his boots, she again approached me and said she was very happy that I spent so time with me, with an apology for being so detained me. I felt a little awkward, I said goodbye to her and left.
When I got home, I immediately undressed and went into the bathroom. While the wash, I replayed from the beginning to the end of all that poizoshlo this evening and noticed that I got up again, masturbate. Then I went to bed. Today, I did not see the woman.
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