Wife Switch

On that fateful evening at our married couple - Dmitry and Svetlana gathered about forty people for dinner, which was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of our marriage. Getting married at age 20, now we position adults 30-year-olds, looking at what is happening as a self-evident phenomenon. We still had warm feelings for each other, although even without that fateful all-consuming passion that drove us crazy in the beginning of the novel. Now everything went on as usual. At our dinner party gathered usual bunch of mutual friends, among whom were to be found many such couples ...

As usual, it was crowded and terribly noisy. To be heard, had huddle together and cry with all his might. Guests lot of smoke and smoke cigarettes and then flashed and clinked glasses with wine, champagne and whiskey.

I remember how at one point went for a walk and was separated from his company went to a small bar in the back corner. Sitting on a high chair, I turned the face, to be a good look at who came to women. Of course, the two-time, and even more so on the day of our anniversary, I'm not going to, but a true man will never lose sight of his accurate eye big juicy breasts with protruding tits and delicious ass with sk** in half a meter. I always dreamed that I had some sort zhopastaya wife, but it happened that my Svetlana does not differ a great ass, and the anus does not give much pleaded not ...

And then, my eyes appeared a nice ass, covered in fine red cloth dress. I'm staring and did not even notice me as was the taunt my best friend. He stood close and fraternal patted me on the back and went nuts with me his whiskey and, pointing to the object of my attention, proudly said, "Great ass, damn it, and because my ...?" - He was proud that had in my 40 years, 18-year-old little woman with elegant figure. His calf, as if sensing that we are discussing it, turned around, looked at us coyly, winked her husband and returned to the noisy smoke conversations at the table with snacks.

- Do you want it? - Coyly continued my friend, and then laughed. He never very great intellect and the vulgar was known, it was surprising that all this beauty found in it ... But then, seeing my frustration on his face, he quickly decided to get better.

- In general, your Sandy, of course, out of competition, especially today - he said ingratiatingly, about my wife, but I did not take his word for truth. This sudden profligacy for compliments even more angered my male ego. They say, and your hack is not bad, if it really look, with one eye closed. But I was wrong, even after drinking, my friend suddenly started up in memories of c***dhood and adolescence. He told me that life was in love with my Svetlana, but could not find the right key to it. But fool me incredibly lucky, but I do not know how to appreciate this to me, and at the end he said, finishing his bit with the threat to its shore, I like the pupil of an eye, and that it would lead her away from me. Having said this, he suddenly turned red, and then he laughed, patting me on the shoulder. Well, I did not take his eyes off the impossibly sexy appetizing ass of his wife, who is now my assistant, "Ryzhik," Svetlana deliver new portions of snacks to alcoholic beverages. Both chicks smiling, rubbing against guests who came from a great distress to our cottage. Home even though he was a big, living stubbornly refused to cover all the 40 people. Therefore, some of our guests have already moved into an office, or even up to the second floor, where, as you know, sl**ping rooms.

Finally, 18-year-old and zhopastaya Titted Blonde Anna came up to us and now I could see the big red mouth wife's friend, it just did not jump out of the form-fitting red dress buffer between them irrevocably failed cross on a gold chain. When she gets angry, then sucks and bites her lower lip, and now that's what she was doing, watching her stupid husband did not discuss her charms, and my wife. Of course, she could not hear the conversation, but if all understood and frowned, putting his hands on her hips. I immediately imagined this devil can lick her lip vozhdeleya and touched the tip of the tongue of his lower lip, not taking his eyes off her ...

- That's really really a real nymphomaniac - said to myself, but it's amazing how much it monogamous, that is true to u*********sness his 40-year-vulgarian husband.

This honest married chick never left his nest and was not no way "okuchit" it. And then not from drinking alcohol, not from smoked tobacco, but I was suddenly visited by a stray thought, which I carefully turned to his friend, when his wife left us and went back to wag in the office.

- Say what you like, and the most seductive woman was, what I had ever met in my life, it's your wife - we can give up on Nochka or two wives? - A fun and I said as loud as possible feigned laugh, but my joke was illusive hope that it does not seem such a friend of mine and a joke ... But my friend slyly smiled and shook his head, he says, well, what udumala weirdo ... and then became eyes look mushrooms, and finding something sadly sighed and took a sip from his glass. To somehow defuse emerged awkward pause, I was hoping to avoid, I decided to go for a glass of wine for a friend. But a friend stopped me and said that he is coming off. He determined gait toward my wife, who did flirt, portraying Soviet saleswoman beer bar. Red-haired, buxom and several in the body, the lady was that neither is in the juice. Taking the glass out of her hand, to discuss some poshlyatsky anecdote, a friend came to me and blurted out strongly.

- But the devil is a good idea came to your mind, but our wives would never agree to such an "exchange." At least your red devil certainly does not represent me in my bed.

Frankly I do not really even imagined how we talk to our wives and then I got an insidious idea: do not change our wives, and stealthily change by places to even native wives do not know about last replaced. However, my 40-year old friend felt fear, because the 30-year depict someone else's husband, but still grow for a three-day stubble similarities - it already smelled great risk.

- But if we all thought out, we use a perfume and ... equally caress our heifers, they are in deep sl**p and will not notice the change. You can certainly give them a sl**ping pill or drink wine, but it's somehow not a gentleman - I concluded. A friend agreed.

The following week, we met with him at the bar, but not to discuss the favorite football team and not for the fishing trip, the prospect of exchanging wives fully seize the imagination, and the risk of being caught and made much egg on our cheeks burn with fire. We were again 8-year-old tomboy who conceived slazit the garden to a neighbor for cherished apples ...

After many meetings and discussions, we agreed on the following points:

1. The operation begins on the night of Friday to Saturday, when many typically get used to drink on the sly, and can be turned our operation.

2. On the day of surgery, we need to be courteous with women, even zazvat them to a restaurant for dinner and a little d***k.

3. When his wife will sl**p, absent himself, exactly meet in the morning and switch places, wearing pajamas to each other. The blessing we have almost the same size, and at the bottom, too.

4. In the event of an emergency shall become effective backup plan - flight, with the excuse that we hear something on the street.

5. Being in a strange bed, all the questions someone else's wife, must be answered bellow, in which the lips are firmly pressed together.

So, the day of the X-Men, to which we have been preparing for two weeks. Discussed the details of caresses in bed, which is already used to our female, and what they like. I told him that my crazy biting ears and breasts, but the main thing is not to overdo it. I've never done Cooney his wife, because she was so educated spiritual person, that of no more so anal sex dream was not necessary. At the same time, 18-year-old wife of a friend is a real sukuba in bed, greedily sucking and giving in all the cracks. However, that evening we drink the ladies to their concentration and activity was significantly reduced.

Coming out of the restaurant's four of us, we, the men exchanged glances with each other, and started hugging everyone the beauty, home. The benefit of our homes have been on the same street and run into the night was not far, but it was still a danger to be seen harassing neighbors. Svetlana my house very quickly undressed and got into bed to watch a series of your favorite movie from the disc, after which she immediately fell asl**p. I, as arranged, went downstairs and poured myself a coffee, drank it, and felt a surge of strength, I went out into the street in her dressing gown. Around the appointed spot was waiting for me a friend, he was visibly nervous, and it was obvious that d***k coffee. We quickly exchanged keys and final instructions and posemenili each another man's wife.

Opening the door to the bedroom, where I spent the same excursion clear that I did not get lost at night, I felt for the bed, which is already hard to sl**p, snoring lightly young blonde wholesome glow. She was in one night pink silk nightie that barely covered her thighs. I quickly jumped into bed and began to touch her lightly with cold hands to a hot body of the sexiest women in the world, as I thought at the time. Stroke my cock up and become stronger, and the main thing was not to delay the prelude. I stared at her like lightning scarlet mouth, holding her head with one hand while her soft matsaya divine tits. A female is not happy that her awake at night, I wanted to shove her "husband," but I did not give disconnect our face, that she could not see who is in front of her. The smell of coffee that was in my mouth, and the fact that her husband went down just drink it merged in her mind, and a female who are not even suspected before it. Meanwhile, I started to go down below and, continuing to choke her a kiss and found her pussy and began to finger nadrachivat. This erotomanka love aggressive sex, but 40-year-old uhar not been so good in bed, so I had to try to be like this at night, but not beyond, otherwise there is a huge risk of being exposed. And then what? But I quickly dismissed the thought and they began again zatselovyvat blonde chick biting her neck and bringing to ecstasy at the bottom.

When a female has already begun to flow in earnest, I pulled out his penis and softly and gently brought her cap. The narrow gap hot complacently accepted the one who had no idea. Chick moaned and plunged into the intoxicating ecstasy. I tried to make it out of it did not come out for a second to the best of their skills 10-year marriage to another woman. Order before he tired of the traditional poses, I would now like experimenting with the k**s, which gives a hollow.

Juicy fuck heifer in her pussy, I turned it over, put the cancer. So she just could not see my face. I again put his finger into her vagina, and he instantly became wet and very easily slide back and forth. She closed her eyes and opened his big red mouth, she began to caress her own pussy.

Me with all the burned uncontrollably burning desire to come to know something new, something unusual in the extreme. I began circling her fingers on her promednosti. Dd**g she took over the initiative itself, it is touching, by a damp sponge, then the clitoris, finally hand groped her breasts and began self matzo. I was surprised to see how she herself stimulating and playing with her breast and crotch, began to finish without any of my little participation. She felt like the bottom of her heart overflowing gently over the body and ran suffocating wave. She stopped a little and continued to fondle himself a few moments later. I was fascinated by the whole process.

Instant sensual enveloping feeling covered her from head to toe. She momentarily lost and forgotten, trembling all over, from the strongest orgasm in her life. I smiled, feeling in her vagina that ripple its walls continues. I quickly put his penis into an impossibly current mokroschelki relish and began to peck at it, this time holding a very young davalku roughly by the hair and digging her claws in his neck. Chick screamed and started pretending to escape, but she was so very impressed with what was happening, she was surprised how much her husband had suddenly changed. She wanted to cover his face with kisses, but I'm as fast as possible perezvatil her zeal one deep aspirated and quickly turned her back cancer. The long-awaited moment - anal. Plenty of anti-tank obstacles in the pussy, I slid casually past and began to ask her between her large buttocks. Obedient nymphet spread his buttocks in front of me, taking me to the gates of heaven ...

Not at the ceremony with her, I quickly sank into her ass. She screamed and started to cry just that you first nupugalo me, but it was, but the calf had requested to continue. Then I gained a rhythm and was so excited that he finished too fast. Vyprysnuv all their energy on the floor beside the bed, I continued to fuck her violently, realizing that the more a night I will not be repeated. Its fabulous snow-white chest heaving in the dark with my given ebley rhythm. Every time I tried to penetrate deeper and deeper. It was at that moment all my and she really liked it.

And then I made a dangerous trick, turning her back, I stared at her pussy tongue, decided to do something that I never let my wife. There's a female was completely wet until she was moaning and cum over and over again from the skillful actions of my tongue, my body got stronger again and again I began to sting his delicious ass blonde. We continued to fuck more than two hours. Until finally, completely tired, during one of the orgasms she confessed in a rush, it was the best sex of her life.

When chick leaned back and fell asl**p, I still breathed noisily and hurried run to the appointed place with a friend. He was waiting for me for an hour, because we are all agreed on the hour, but with this appetizing ass blonde I forgot all about time and space.

In the morning my wife breaks into a smile, preparing my breakfast, endlessly flirting with me, and inciting to have sex in the kitchen. She was surprised at how much I was "not similar to themselves," and then gave the senses inflamed with new f***e. As for my friend, he was my friend now, after hearing from the lips of his wife about "the best sex life." He nervously and quickly now greets me at the meeting, and keepeth his faithful monogamous little wife as the apple of an eye, no longer spreading the jokes and not concluding such deals.
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