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I love my wife crazy. Others had sex, just sex on the side, I love to listen to her stories about how she fucked, but more fun to watch. My wife is pretty slim blonde with appetizing forms, the sight of which in normal men \ 'saliva flowing \ ".

Once begged my beauty with friends somewhere in Bartschik sit and relax after a week of work. Pomylas, make-up, put on her panties, which were eating cover her shaved pussy, and behind and did hide in her delicious ass, wore a short leather skirt that emphasized her shapely legs, put his third number in a bra, wearing a transparent blouse, kissed me and went to meet with friends.

For gatherings chosen Letnikov, dusk, the heat subsided, chose a table, ordered a beer. The street was dark, slightly tipsy girls having fun. At the next table rested a couple of guys. In the middle of the evening my beautiful noticed that one of the men stared at her eyes, and she also started to give him favors, a little later, and they met my missus screenings from her friends sat at a table to the c***dren, the one who was watching was called Arthur, and his friend Eddie. Showered compliments addressed to my beloved, alcohol and lust slowly began to take over.

Inna, was the name of my wife, well aware that it is treated for sex, and it gave an impressive mound in sweat pants Arthur, who she said, when Arthur was running it for the beer. Girlfriends little upset no attention to them, went home. Meanwhile, beer haunt Inuska and went into the bushes and asked her poohranyat Arthur. I had to go away with darker, my wife pulled up her skirt and panties lowered sat down to write as soon as she had finished before her eyes, Arthur pulled his pants to his knees and she saw a big cock, which immediately stuck in her mouth and she started podrachivaya it greedily suck Arthur then moaned, then took the Inca's head with both hands, stick it on his penis, saying suck BITCH suddenly behind a hand taking a pussy lifted and put my tender kitty cancer, fell to the ground on a condom package and in a moment came in wet pussy slow and sure a big penis, filling all the space in pisichke my beloved, it was Edward.

So guys Purley my wife for ten minutes calling them her a whore, freebie, blyadyu, and she liked it a humiliation. Edward confidently continued to stick Inka Member Arthur fucked her in her mouth, she liked that her fuck two dick and girlfriend left with nothing. Arthur stiffened member and sprouted in the mouth sprays sperm head and caressed Inna wanker, semen flowed from his mouth ran down Lietz and dripped to the ground, finishing Arthur took cock from her mouth down her cheeks had head and hid dick in his pants went to finish their beer.

Meanwhile Edward narascheval those in her pussy squelched grease Inca groaned under every swing, and suddenly Edward poked member removed his condom and thrust dick in her mouth began to fill him with sperm, when he had finished he wiped his fucking dick with the remnants of sperm on my jacket and left the little wife table to Arthur, taking her panties with my better half, he said - in memory. My beautiful obtershis Cum on her skirt and pulled down her blouse, adjusting izmazanuyu sperm Edik, bought some beer and went home. Staggering and drinking beer, she reached the door, got into the elevator. After rising to the floor, she met neighbors who were celebrating something and already d***k out on a smoke break. Three c***dren Jack, Eugene and Oleg smoking and discussing something and suddenly the elevator goes pnaya chick with weathered look, but overall efektnaya slender lady.

About the Inca hello, where are you from? asked Oleg C blyadok she answered, so maybe we dash? asked not bewildered neighbor Jeka-Can and will give if asked to say a favorite. Oleg hugging my wife took her ass, with ETM running his hand under her skirt that she found no panties and I told the boys. -Send a beauty to us, you'll like Oleg said, I need the bathroom said my d***ken slut and the whole company went to them. Having washed she wrapped herself in a towel and went out wide to the boys, they drank in the kitchen, she saw my fairy Zheka neighbor told the others that he was the first of what my queen said: "Enough with the three navseh I have not fucked \" in front of them and threw the towel exposing its charms. entire company moved to a big bed in the bedroom.

My blyadyuzhku put in the middle and began to please her, Jeka sosod and Oleg gently kissed nipples, and Zhenya got the second lick pussy and he tried all skladchki licking, caressing klitorok penetrating tongue in wet cunt with a wet finger caressed her ass periodically thrusting it into narrow hole anus Inuha sweetly moaning, three slaves which she graciously gave to caress your body to gratify her. Menyalil boys and eventually every lick her crack. Hui stood until the guys she caressed his queen wanker then each in turn then two at a time.

And here is the first member of voshol mouth, it was a neighbor Jeka, wearing prezik on dick Oleg entered the wet pussy, second Zheke Inuha pytylas masturbate. The guys swapped my slut turned into a queen fucking, sucking with proglotikom and prokrutochkoy fingering and crumpling balls, orgy did not last long, folks quickly obkonchalas, finished first zheka neighbor nahuyariv krasotulya my mouth full of sperm, seeing it Oleg dick poked out pussy, removed condom and splashed with sperm Inuskin tummy cum wiped blouse wife, second Eugene turned my huesosochku on its side and brushing his dick and ass of my wife's saliva potehonku penis shoved into that hole where Furniture and its just me, making a couple of moves in his tight ass cock deep inside and shot pulsed filling ass sperm.

Guys who smoke who went thump who wash, and my devchenochka wore a skirt, pulled the wet and sticky sperm from her blouse, grabbed her bra and slipped back, the door in front of us. The time was three in the morning, I could not sl**p, knowing that she was somewhere I was overexcited suck, dick was a stake through the night, I was waiting for discharge. Then the door opened, I went to a meeting, turned on the light, and put his arm around his beloved, she was d***k in a wet and sticky sperm from her blouse, no panties and bra in her hands. Hi dear she said and kissed me on the mouth in which the remains were still cheyto sperm.

I took off her skirt and pulled off her blouse sticky, strange smell from her body Cum excited, we firmly merged in a kiss, taking the ass yaprizhal her body to him, we went to the bed where his wife put cancer drove with all his own count in her wet razebanuyu pussy and tighter vytnulego, peredomnoy was ass wife from which flowed a foreign sperm, I again swung shoved in her pussy and konchl her back, smearing semen on her body laid her down on the pillow, and she fell asl**p.

In the morning my sl**p, I felt like I do ohuetitelny blowjob, opening his eyes, I saw my cutie who gets up with my member wonders-Good morning darling, I'm sorry about yesterday when he saw that I was awake she said. I laid her down on the bed, spread her legs and licked her pussy washed after yesterday until she writhed in agony sweet orgasm, after hearing the story of her adventures, I have done almost immediately after spending the head member on her clitoris, it was fucking.
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