Unforgettable adventure on the sea

Anna was a young virgin special 20-year-old, who went on a trip on the boat. She always liked the sea elements. She inhaled all his bosomy smell of the sea and enjoy the breeze in a hurry, putting his wind is not very tanned body. In this journey of her father sent, knowing about her troubles on the personal front, he decided that it is the journey into a far country and motion sickness can be very useful will fall to heal emotional wounds. Keep an eye on a young lady's father asked his friend, the captain of the ship, an experienced sailor, who was, as expected, any sea-wolf, hardened and tempered in the wine-drinking and debauchery with women dork. He gave his word of honor that clearly check that his little girl no one reached. However, it turned out that he could not resist the charms of a young nymphet ...

In fact, Anna was acting on the deck very soberly, read poems from his little book, looking wistfully over the side and enjoyed the changes in life that are so suddenly it occurred. The captain walked to his ship and gave the orders, observing negligible error in the staff. Anna immediately said to myself that this 40-year-old hand very imperious and impulsive, it certainly attracted. In this case, she knew he was older than her twice and she felt at the hands of mindless kitten see service the old lion who instructed her guard.

It was evening and the captain invited his guest to dinner, as it was supposed to, along with all his friends. He planted it like the Queen, at the head table, he was a field from her hand. It looked like they were the bride and groom, which is very discouraging and made unopened blushing young girl. The captain had a lot of friends, and the evening dinner was held in an atmosphere of jokes, fun and even dancing to a live orchestra. All the fuss caused Anna to forget who she is, now it's more like a fairy tale or a dream from which did not want to wake up.

The captain asked her to dance and not to spoil the party refused, the young play the virgin agreed povalsirovat under slow music. During the dance, she suddenly found two amusing things from the captain carried rum, although the table was a light sparkling wine, and the other fact that she felt his tools, ready for action. While they were dancing, not too tightly pressed, but the size shamelessly betrayed himself.

Intact chick was hard to keep the flood of feelings, it is noticeably agitated, not knowing how to react, but the smell of tobacco and rum from a d***ken captain strongly it simultaneously repelled and attracted, leading to a specific excitation.

- How can this be? - Resented it inside. - As an uncouth lout can be so attractive to me? He certainly is not bad, and his 40 years look like 30, in spite of his active life in the sea. Although it has had time to harden the skin on the face and on the hands, but I like his hard touch ... - says Anna himself.

At this time the captain have taken the liberty, his hand slipped below the shoulders and began to teeter on the dangerous border between the waist and delicious ass in tight red skirt pullets.

- So, Mr. .. I would ask you ... - said pointedly Anna and removed his hand, even though she was immensely pleased that she desired. The captain just smiled and winked at her, heading for the next portion of "guilt."

When the guests began to disperse to their cabins, the captain brought the young guests politely to her room, and the saying that it is waiting for sickly night card game, went back to the rest of the guests. Now these were mostly men of venerable age, a little d***k and ready protranzhirit capital.

Anna was ready for bed and talk about what this captain behaves extremely presumptuous. Not only is he d***k at work, so also allows paw daughters of his friends, whom he had promised to keep an eye on.

- Good nurse - she said aloud, and she immediately burst out laughing, combing her long, thick blond hair. Suddenly she wanted to take a bath.

She scored a warm water bath with foam and start namyvali their tits and kisochku. However, when she poldesti jet shower to her clit, as she immediately imagined image of the captain. Chick felt like her body surging hot wave that stifles and fascinates her nature, and then suddenly let go, but it's worth it to bring back the jet shower ...

Anna about an hour frying myself in the shower, thinking about the captain, representing his rough hands that otsarapyvali her snow-white skin, tore her place, and then, finally, his great end, which is heavily abruptly enters into it, breaking all barriers as an icebreaker on the way, they find themselves in the holy of holies.

Juice out of her pussy is poured over the edge, a female only manage ourselves namyvali, and finally, she even has started to buzz the head of such a prolonged masturbation. Anna clocked a towel on his head and went to sl**p in a short pink silk nightie. Cost her head was on the pillow as she fell into a deep sl**p and did not notice how in the lock snapped locking ...

Yes, it was the captain, in a visible with the naked eye already d***k. He was fucking d***k and lost money three sheets. Somehow to please yourself and suffering over the lost money, he decided to take a look at the sl**ping nymph, which he was charged to protect. He carefully approached her, sniffing and smelling strongly of rum, leaned over and saw a lunar path reveals and illuminates her delicious breasts, one of which was almost dumped out. He carefully decided paternal improve not only a blanket, but her boobs, so that she finally fell out.

At the touch of a gentle hand rough chest Anna immediately woke up and it seemed that everything was a dream. As evening was like a fairy tale, and that it is currently nafantazirovala in the shower, it was a continuation of some fabulous, and suddenly it's a bright, clear touch ...

If it stung when she suddenly realized that all this is happening in reality, and she was scared. She wanted to scream, but the other hand is suddenly cut off much of her mouth, and they both ended up in a rather ridiculous situation, from which could be only one logical way - a deep kiss.

Salted sea bass, a veteran in love, stared hungrily at full lips young virgin girl, as if she wanted to suck out his soul, or at least a sense of restraint or conscience. But the lady did not want to obey him, she continued to kick, and he had to lean his weight on it.

Yes, indeed, this man was not a prince, who appeared to sl**ping Beauty, and act accordingly, he will not. He was dressed all in that captain's suit, which so he walked, and whom she admired in the afternoon on the deck, this noble appearance filed Anne hope she desperately wanted to believe that nothing will happen ...

But then the captain began to undress so much so quickly that fast was in his shorts. Before it began to reach the heat of his bare back. She suddenly had a strong burning desire to hold her hand. She felt his broad chest Go to flat abs and muscular slim hips, but what about below? Chick suddenly scared ... but this time it was not the captain, but themselves and their feelings.

Females saw his bare shoulders, they were like rocks, and the feeling that she wants to master the real giants. It covered such feelings, which she imagined she was afraid it was a bit like the fact that she seemed to mind, but more acute and uncontrollable. If there she could invent herself situation and control it, here it was entirely the victim and the prospect of being ****d by a d***ken dork ... for some reason she suddenly liked.

But remained virgin fear of how dearly this d***ken dick can enter into it and do everything right. But d***k at dinner wine added her courage and so now she did not know what really wants: push this flaming pile of men's muscles heat or draw to yourself and do not let go until dawn.

She tried to pull the blanket, but the captain lay firmly on it. Then she began to quietly slide down. His silence acted on it depressing and fascinating. She no longer wanted to scream, but he still kept his hand in her mouth, and then she grabbed the weakened his grip lips and began to suck his finger. It is even discouraging d***ken captain, he looked at her fixed gaze, and ordered:

- Lay, Anna still and everything will be fine, I promise you.

"I promise you, everything will be fine," - these are the words he said to her father, taking her on board, well, of course, sea bass, I must say - one she thought and she again wanted to push him away and jump out of bed. But the man caught it and put it back as if it was weightless feather. Wide-eyed Anna watched as he began to lick her from the neck down and down and down.

She liked the feelings that gave her his tongue pierced between her open lips. His greedy kisses the body of her breasts and nipple were welcome. She suddenly wished that this man came to her. Anna is fully aware of the f***e with which they are attracted to each other, and decided not to oppose, but rather greedily absorb all there is a feeling that for the first time experienced a virgin.

When the hand of Captain slid down wherever she should not, she realized that one kiss thing just is not limited. Anna screamed when he put a strong hand her breasts, hidden only by a thin silk nightgown. But the captain did not pay attention to her protest, and only began to move more confidently with the other hand to her pussy, which was already being humid and hot.

- Please, no! - The only thing that I could say Anna before falling into another tale, a dream from which she now does not want to have to get out. Old sailor just boa hypnotized rabbit, was to bring her fingers up her pussy estaza and lady strained their slender legs in anticipation of orgasm.

When he finally got away from the one screaming orgasm produced what was required, he triumphantly pulled off her nightgown under which there was nothing, and abruptly entered her.

Anna cried out in pain and frustration, but the captain did not have the strength to stop. He closed his eyes and sank to the depth in her satin-soft bosom. In fact this man was already do not care who is under it, even if it was a sheep or an old woman. In his mind lived only desire to get through this wet hot holes temporary relief from the loss.

After some time, the torn virgin already forgot the pain and began to move with him to the same rhythm with each thrust sharply leaning toward him. And most of it did not need to. Experienced cable fully introduced without shame his dick in pussy just torn from which flowed bl**d, but even if he did not notice. The male asked the fast rhythm in undeveloped vagina and began to boldly move forward, expanding it each time more and more. He continued to fuck her in her narrow crevice until he felt that soon would end. Then he got out of pussy and lay down on his back. Then suddenly flushed nymphet for him and myself jumped on top of him and then planted on his big thick dick, starting to move her hips. Alcohol significantly ease the pain as feeling somewhat dulled, and most importantly, did erotomanku more liberated. Female to release all his demons and writhed in ecstasy, jumping like a witch or sukuba on dick captain. However, to get an orgasm does not work and the captain again laid the girl on the back and began to cook rapidly moving its supple hips. It seemed only provoke his rum valiant prowess and he felt again a 17-year-old young man, who came to the world of shipping. Anna now and then cried out, moaning and grabs her claws into his back, trying to show how it hurts or nice, but she could not understand what it felt, so the two are intertwined in one sense in the last hour, and, of course, it has moved curiosity, because she had never before had not been intimate with a man.

Her hot wet pussy flowed without end, forcing the captain to slip a member because of the large abundance of grease. This is a very exciting and led to resentment hardened cable, and it became hard to peck sharp crisp movements, like the military, marching on the parade ground. Such dynamics are very pleased chick and she felt as she visits her again wave that hit her in the shower recently, and as soon as she released her winning predorgazmennoe moan captain has suddenly peaked, finishing newly-made woman cum right on her magnificent breasts. Relaxation and temporary relief was achieved.

Anne's delicate hands slowly slid through his hair, and consciousness refused until grasp what had just happened to her. All thoughts she decided to leave until morning. The main thing is that the frenzied b**st, sl**ping, not only outside, but inside it, managed to drive to the cage ...
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