The teacher is also a woman under her panties

And can we have and the soul is between your legs?

The fact that my brains are under the panties, I found last summer in a train.

I want to tell you about a funny story or adventure that happened to me last summer to train.

But first talk a little about yourself.

I am a teacher of Russian literature at school and I am the director of studies and work on educational work. My whole life goes on in school. I am now 62 years old, but I'm full of energy and continue to work. Maybe I would have gone, but the son is already very long ago became a dad, and two grandc***dren is of marriageable age. The eldest is twenty-one years, and the youngest s*******n.

They live separately, so just imagine yourself sad jobless. I live with my husband Murmansk. My husband is old and the sex life we ​​have long departed. And with the youth we are not particularly fond of her. In the Soviet Union there was no sex. So we lived. Once or twice a week I moved apart in the bed legs, and her husband quickly have intercourse, which is not often brought me to orgasm. Last summer, I was sent to a symposium on new forms of educational work in the context of a democratic system of government. Where I had a great five days and a good mood took a train to get back home. For convenience took compartment car. I love a bit of comfort.

The trip was almost three days, and with me in the compartment were three soldiers. They were going to leave for good service and good behavior.

I do not remember how one named. But we learned. I even said that I work in a school assistant principal, and I have two grandc***dren of their age. They made me a compliment, said that I look very young. I really look after themselves. I was pleased that even such a polite young people we met, educated and discreet.

The train started, we chatted, and they politely gave me the opportunity to change into a terry bathrobe.

We all lay a bed and became full companions for two nights. The train was coming home in the evening on the third day. And now it was the beginning of the eighth.

They got food, a bottle of vodka and sat down to supper. At the table, they had fun, I listened with interest to their rude jokes. Then they invited me to join their company and a glass of vodka. I've been refused, but they enthusiastically and sincerely offered, I gave in and drank. After the glass was fun, and I somehow came into their company and drank a second glass mechanically. After a few minutes I realized that pretty well d***k and said that I was d***k and I will not drink any more. They laughed and began to joke that made d***k teacher. And now I can seduce. I also laughed and said that I was not to pervert, especially with young people, and even group sex gets. Then the train goes off the overhead light, and jokes continued in the shadows. I was even wondering joke like that. Yes, I still got a little tongue totter.

They poured me a glass floor for the courage and almost f***ed to drink. I asked, and what it means for courage? They laughed and said they go long and boring, you will have fun, and when one of them patted me ponoge above the knee, is much higher. And I completely d***k, but my head was working.

- Guys, so I'm quite old, I had forgotten what it was. - And for some reason I laughed.

- Nothing mother, remember. We will help to remember. We are soldiers. Girls almost do not see why not look at age. The main thing is that the hole in place and alive. Fuck everything that moves. I giggled again, thinking that they're just joking.

We sat on the bed and two on the guy who was sitting at the window next to me, took my hand under the table and pulled to his feet. I tried to pull out, but he held her tightly. So be it, I thought. Nobody can see where my hand. But then I realized that my hand on his penis, which he had previously pulled out. He flexed his hand around my cock and began stroking my arm themselves. I was confused. And, when he removed his

hand, I, too, had he continued to jerk awkwardly. I have lost the power of speech and the ability to think, even head went round. And then the second gets right in front of me and unzips his pants, pulled out his cock and puts it in my other hand. I never held a foreign member in his hands, and now I have almost voluntarily appeared just two and both of them I started to masturbate, but that was not all. Immediately got the third, pulled out his penis, and before I could say that I have all hands busy as his dick rested against my lips.

- Come on, mother, work, when you're still such a ball perepadet.

And I, opening his mouth took Hugo dick in your mouth tightly around his lips. The first time I held a man's penis in his mouth. Yes, it was a member of a young boy. And I just held it, and began to suck it hard. My efforts clearly relished. The boy began to stick my dick.

Then he took my head and took a step back, pulled me along. I got up from the bed and put her hand on the table, as was f***ed to stand with cancer by a dick in your mouth. He would not let my head. The only thing he did - it took me two hands over his ears. Once I got out of bed and took the position of cancer as one of the boys pulled my robe on his back and pulled off her panties. They worked very smoothly. As if they did not in the first aunts old fuck. I spontaneously stepped over her panties and stood bare-ass and by a pussy out.

I had absolutely no thoughts, I was completely inhibited and without coercion did everything myself, did not even balk or no attempt to resist. Even legs spread herself when her panties removed, as if she knew that I was now someone will have to fuck and that it is comfortable. Do not even remember which one of them first took my hips and threw his dick in my hole. It was like a dream. One held me by the ears and pulled my mouth on his penis in front, the other was holding me by the hips and pulling on dick with the other hand. They pulled so evenly that I thought they were sawing me. The third coat unbuttoned and twisted my nipples, and I jerked off his penis with her free hand. They exchanged pleasantries, which is good to fuck a teacher, she smart, knows everything.

- And see my aunt missed? Probably a long time nobody pyalil? Stagnant. Look how trying the knot. It needs to be well maintained.

I was silent, his mouth, I was busy. And then began the carousel. I felt like the first one, quickly jerked in my vagina and started to cum in me, abundantly filling vagina sperm. I somehow wiped out the pussy, and the second burst into dick soaked vagina. Meanwhile twitching dick in his mouth, and sharp hot jet of sperm hit my mouth. I never took a dick in her mouth, and even less to taste cum. Now had to drink, not to choke. She was very tart. Probably not very nice, but the hot and exciting. My mouth was free, but not for long. Soon again, someone's not very hard cock was in my mouth. And he heard the words, suck nipple, suck, It's not a grand on a pot plant, I continued to work diligently mouth.

The second term in the pussy tried. I began imperceptibly excited. I felt that the boy belly pressed against my bare ass a heat wave on the ass goes up to the head. The feeling that I am continually coming. Heat waves came one after another. But when the second jet watered my vagina, this wave of orgasm came over me. It was amazing and wonderfully memorable. I almost fainted. Especially when one of them during an orgasm, stuck his finger in the ass and I started them dryuchit. Fading orgasm resumed with renewed vigor. Nothing like I have my husband and I have not experienced. I do not imagine that is still able to have an orgasm. But see the unusual situation that greatly excited my senses, I was rejuvenated.

I'm coming as a young girl on the screen porn film. I even felt a gratitude ...
the boys. After orgasm, I lost count. I do not remember who, and what, and where to insert or flooded. I remember that I pose, some even on the top shelf and pulled me fuck, I remember someone was sitting on the top shelf, and I sucked his dick. But did all this at a time and intermittently, but frequently. And when they got tired, they began to shove in her pussy to me some things I do not even remember what.

Late at night, they told me podterli towel and put to bed. I myself did not have the strength to get to bed.

Surprisingly, this morning I woke up refreshed and without any remorse. I reached out and felt something weird with her pussy. Something about her was oppressive. I started to open and close his legs and soon the wave is not very strong orgasm shook me. Then I checked the fingers pussy and pulled out her small bottle of his heart drops. They forgot it there. You would never find in her pussy forgotten things? So I began to giggle. But such forgetfulness utrechkom let me finish.

I went to the toilet for a long time and brush up. And just a happy return to the compartment. The boys slept for a long time. I after being given hot tea, lay down and start over in memory the events of yesterday.

I am happy to remember my feelings as soon served three terms. And then I remembered that these boys under my grandson, and then a warm wave passed through the body and made my pussy provide moisture from the excitement. I had no idea at this ability to initiate. Would that be. I decided for myself. For once in my life in my old age I fucked into all holes. Why worry now. Maybe even perepadet today. I'll have to buy them brandy in gratitude. Maybe it will inspire them. I ran to the dining car and bought a bottle of brandy and a liter bottle of vodka for the evening. By the way, I had to wash Timmy, he is soaked with sperm. How much do I have poured it in?

And how much more I swallowed. Very energetic boys. If they are with such energy and protect the homeland, the enemy will not pass. I laughed at the thought.

Boys stood up for dinner. And very happy to see the brandy. And again started to joke that knowingly tried yesterday mother fuck. We immediately see that our members like the mummy, the soul came from, or pussy.

They drank cognac and ate. Until the evening I have not been touched. But in the evening, when they saw a liter bottle of vodka, were delighted. And before you have a drink, they decided to serve me in a circle. Now I was a sober and enjoy to the full. For the evening, I had finished three times. And they have invented a new game, and made me lick his ass. And require that the tongue went deeper.

Overall the trip I will remember for a lifetime.

At the end of the road, when we were packed up and ready to be released, about half an hour before the city was a small village, there lived my parents-in-law. We often went to visit them. And even in the evening back to the train.

I said that this is the last stop, and after half an hour to our city.

Then one of the boys said that he wanted me to suck him goodbye for the last time. I could not refuse him. The rest laughed and went out into the corridor. And no one had thought to put the door on the latch. And they went out to smoke in the lobby.

Then it happened. I enthusiastically, because the last time the boy sucking dick, and at the time when the first jet splashed into his mouth, and a trickle of sperm began to flow down his chin, opened the compartment door and stopped at the threshold of my daughter. She knew

I'm going back this train, and even knew the number of the wagon and coupe. Coming back from the in-law, went through the cars and found the mother.

What about Mom?

An old mother was sitting on the couch with a young soldier by a dick in your mouth, which at this moment has erupted. In my chin dripping streams of sperm flowing out of his mouth and on my face was a stupid smile. Try it sometime before the mirror with a smile by a dick in your mouth. If you succeed, you can understand that I saw my daughter.

So I stopped by a dick with it and do not even figured it out. A boy at the time went down hard old babe in her mouth and moaned with pleasure. I looked at my daughter and went automatically suck, waiting for him to stop to lower his sperm. He was dressed severely in form, and only his cock sticking out of my mouth, not to suggest that it performs duties.

Just like Gogol in the final scene.

When he finished and pulled his penis out of his mouth, then I was taken aback at the sight of his daughter, swallow cum and licked her lips. I already like the taste of young sperm.

But that was then. I had to repeatedly tell her daughter in detail about his adventure with the boys. She demanded that I told all my feelings. And when I told her the details, she broke down and began to masturbate in front of me. When finished, she said:

- To be honest, my mother, then I envy you. I most wanted to try and just three dick. I never had two at once. Other than her husband had but one and more than one stick nobody put.

And more about this case, no one knew. My daughter kept secret. True since it is sometimes, in my presence? masturbates. She said that her very exciting alien presence. And when I offered to help her masturbate, she readily agreed.

Several times I masturbated her, and then she asked me, and I started her tongue dryuchit. As she moans and limber podmahivaet when I lick her pizdyulku? This is a must see. And it is, thus, very emotional finish. Therefore became more visit me. And I like to watch her orgasm. I then she masturbates and cums.

A few days ago we had bought a vibrator and bilateral ass to sit down on his ass at the same time, when our men are not home. Daughter finishes first, and I feel the legs and ass as she with trembling, writhing and podmahivaet. I was beginning to overflow the feeling of tenderness for his daughter. This feeling starts to overflow me and followed me fondly waves roll begins the strongest orgasm. Now my daughter fuck each other simultaneously. Why we used to rob depriving yourself of pleasure? Pussy, in fact, been established for. It's such a pleasure. So, we have a daughter, now a lot of secrets. And by chance on a train.

Now, I strongly believe that life is not only a head to think, but also by a pussy. Then it is more pleasant to live. In the coming pussy nice and clear thinking. And in 62 years a woman wants not only attention, but just feel throbbing dick in her hole.

Boys, well, somebody shove old teacher, at least in the mouth.

Boys, cute, and I'll lick, and she'll get shrimp, and pussy spread your hands, just shove your dick hot old woman. I even ass you vylezhu language.

Right now, I'm writing a story and masturbate her pussy, she was very wet and finger glides well. Has twice finished. Old bitch. In pi * De already itching.

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