My fantasy

I'm 23, my girlfriend Ana a little more: she had me over for 4 years. Looks amazing: high natural blonde with green eyes, hair dumb above the shoulders, with a small straight nose, with alluring and enticing, full lips drop ... add to this spectacular figure, long legs, delicious ass and tender flesh edinichku, which is so nice to take in hand ...

Think about the topic seksvayf I started a long time ... I love cracked his evening about his girlfriend chatting (there is such chatrum on - "my wife and I met", though the name may vary slightly from time to time) to provide all ...

All of what I now tell you - my fantasy ... but it is very welcome! So here's what I dream about ...

I find on the internet guy. Him - from 28 (subject to options), the lower limit is restricted by law, the upper limit is not limited at all ... I show him pictures of his cute, he likes them (how else?) And we will make an appointment with her in those details will not devote ;-) is the plan: we come to it on a hot resort, where sunny where near the sea, where there are discos and wine flows like water ... And now, for the second or third day after arrival, we are going to dance with her ... warm southern night stirs the bl**d, soul needs fun, recreation, and job! Anna dressed in legenky, thin and very short brief little yellowish platitse.Nastolko that Anya can not sit down so that the seat naprtotiv not see her panties - unless in the "foot to foot" - but to cross the legs, panties still have to show! We dance, merging into a single impulse of desire, sometimes cross the line of what is permitted ... and our new friend standing by! Wine pours and pours (begin dash something))), Anya all d***k ... and now invites her to slow dance ... the same one (called Dima)!

He carefully in dance lightly touches her breasts .... first she pushes him away, then stops and lets get his hands in the dark under a T-shirt .... hot weather, a T-shirt did not, and now the lovely nipple instantly harden and downright asks that his caress ... He whispers something in her ear, she laughs, apparently under the influence of alcohol is not very aware of what's going on ... he presses it to her, and she felt his hot, swollen member ... but the dance is over, and my Anya back to me. I gently pulled in to her under the table, and are pleased to note that her panties are already soaked through literally!

We chat on, and then to us at a table sits Dima and his friend (Mike) ... In fact, my girlfriend is very, very true, but I have always suspected that there are many unsolved sexual energy ... that's all this energy now embodied in her wish, she was insanely horny ... word for word, and here we come to the apartment to "new" friends, continue to drink wine, and we begin to play cards ... the desire ... and Anya loses first con. Misha's desire that she was sitting on his lap, Anna performs as if reluctantly, but I see a spark of lust in her green eyes, and she deliberately slowly climbs to his knees to the winner ... and my cock is bursting out of his pants. The second con finish we were not destined ... Misha and then strove to hold his hand over his seductive BREAST my favorite ... her hand holds his hand, but loosely ... and here it is already up on the tummy ... Anya looks at me questioningly, d***k ... and embarrassed look I do not react ... I was dumbfounded with excitement ... and she realized that I allow: to remove interfering Misha's hand and let him get to stand erect nipples ... it starts gently, with skill to drive around handles, closer to the center ... finally pulls itself these hillocks, Anna screams and starts to fidget ass and crotch to crotch Mishin, who had long been dormant ... Dima fit and helps Misha holding hands on belly, neck, chest, in my eyes ... my favorite yells at petting the two, in fact, total strangers

men, and her ... and me! - Like ... she spreads her legs wide, but Dima brings them again, and take my little girl's legs, and Misha for the trunk, and they have her on the bed ... here Dima abruptly pulls off her panties, she gladly puts legs, but it passively obeys the strong masculine hands, turn around and put on all fours ... and she sees face rather big - about 19 cm - Member Dima ... she immediately accepted him ... oh yeah, I'm mad on it!

My darling, my beauty in my eyes makes a blowjob to another guy, while the second of these strokes her ass ... then takes a position similar to her - and begins to fondle her crotch wet tongue ... leads vokru hole, lightly touching the inside, and Anna meanwhile makes happy Dima: blow in her performance - it is something - she caresses his tongue, then he holds the handles trunk, the testicles, then descends to the base member, Dima tickle there, takes it in her mouth nenadolo scrotum ... and then back up to the head of this beautiful, this time to swallow it completely ... "mmm ... Mmmm .... Mmmm .... "- heard of her - it caresses her crotch from behind one man, and she indulges another passion ... minute, two minutes, but Dima still holds and catches the buzz from the fact that he literally fucks my head my sweet girl ... is a few more minutes of this fascinating spectacle ... "Hmmm .... IMMA ... um ... "" Mischa rises sharply, lower a little pants and enters Anya as a member, which is even greater than that of Dima! Woman cries of surprise and loud moans, almost immediately feeling the approach of orgasm., it comes from the mouth member Dima and tilted her head back as throw up his brow people, as if admiring and proud of himself .... Dima was not going to stop until I heard: "AAAAHHH .... YES .... aaaaaaa" - and could not resist shooting the first portion of the sperm so this rather big "drop" Anya flew down and fell on her back, forming a stain on a dress. second part has got to face my daughter, a young man sent his throbbing penis with his hand, and coming out in a few pushes semen literally poured over the face girls ... part has got himself in the mouth: for Anya wide open to him, "AAAHHH ... AMM (swallowed semen) ... ahhh! yeah! ... OOODAAAA a little bit more!" - so wild she was not screaming Nikodym getting an orgasm with me - but I trudge on the fact that she is good! exhausted She falls on her stomach, Dima meanwhile sat down, watching me, and Mike was not satisfied!

"Fuck her in the ass?" - Relish slapping my girl in the ass, he asked me. I did not realize that appeal to me, and late answered, "No, we did not have anal sex." He parted the halves of her ass, and said cheerfully: "virgin! I love these. "Mike got up from the couch, walked over to the bedside table, took out a hand cream and began rubbing her hole, passing slightly moistened his unit. Then he lay down on her still beating in orgasmic convulsions of the body, and pressed his instrument to the ass ... no, he would not be given immediately, it kind of teasing, touching, hugging a little ... while Namine her buns lying on top, and saying "My good, now ... now ..." Then he turned to me and said, "Put her cancer" - and I lifted the body favorite so she got up on all fours ... and Mike pulled my hand to the member, and said: "Insert in her! "And I did it ... I took the right hand member of the giant Michael and held it to the ass Ani, which has never been the penis ... Misha pushed - I saw the head sinks.

Anya widened eyes (and your not widened in the ass if you stuck to the pin with a nice thick cucumber and a length greater than that of standard office line?) And she poluizumlennoe, polutomnoe "Ohhh!" I have finished. finish without touching the member never once removing clothes - made a couple of seconds your pants moist inside ....
.. From such a spectacle quickly went up member Dima ... he beckoned me to her, and put his hand on his dignity, that I masturbate to it - I have fulfilled his wish, his eyes on the scene Defloration anus my girls. "OOO! OOAAAA! OOO! "- She cried. She was, perhaps, it was painful, but she wanted to please the man, give her a buzz - and suffered: "... OOODAAA OHHHOOOO ... Ohhh ... ahhh ... ahhh ... OMMM ..." came Dima. Michael decided to delay the moment of enjoyment, pulled out a member - I saw that it had opened a hole! - My little girl in question, sighed wearily: "AXX?" - And it was lifted so that underneath lay Dima kotoroya immediately went into her vagina mokreeshee - "Yeah!" - Held it until I got another drink frictions ass - "OOO!" - was her reaction .. That's right, my Anya had in my f****y, just like a whore, a sandwich, two little-known guy, and she and I loved it! "OOO ... OOOAAA! DAAAAOOOOO ... Yeah! OOOO! Ooooh! OOHHH! Aaaaaaa! "- And she once again reached a stunning orgasm! At the same time decided to end Misha Dima: both conceived to pour inside my sweet - and all three of them together uttered loud groans and sighs of pleasure ...

A few minutes later Anna got up, finally, from the couch and went staggering to my feet, sat down on his knees, soiling my jeans sperm flowing out of both holes, and kissed me, smeared with semen left on the lips from Dima: "Thank you, dear ... I never had it so good! "
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Great story, thanks. Nice, healthy sexual encounter. ...Thanks for sharing