The main thing that it was all for love

This day is remembered as a day of Kate when she lost her virginity. Then she met a man who was much older than her. He was 37y.o., and she is only 18. They met in secret. Since Anzor had a wife, c***dren and reputation exemplary f****y man and Kate grew up in a f****y where the topic of sex was never discussed. To the familiar question: "Where do babies come from?" parents told her that she was too small. But at thirteen she still knew.

That no one would suspect nothing, Anzor took time off before the end of the day, said his friend was ill, the wife should leave, and to leave her husband alone with a temperature of forty afraid. Kate came home from school, changed clothes, and went to "walk."

She went to an agreed place, a car drove up shortly. Village. All the way to nothing. This is somewhat disturbed Anzor.

- Why are you silent? Did something happen?

- No. All right. Just ...

- Just what?

- Nothing.

Until the end of the road they were both silent. Here we are. Dacha Anzor. At this point, Kate was ready to give up and leave.

But it was too late to retreat. They chatted about this and that. Anzor warned her that the first sex can be quite painful, and for that would be to reduce pain and relax. Warned that she was not afraid: for what breaks virgin, there will be bl**d.

Kate did not have time to look around, was naked on the bed, with her legs spread, and the current sheath. Moaning softly, she gradually relaxed. For a time, she had lost all fear, and it awakened a desire.

Anzor did everything very slowly, because Kate was a virgin, and in the country where he was born, to the virginity very seriously. If you move away from the subject, and come back, he was not thrilled to learn that Kate is a virgin, and wishes that he was her first lover.

Anzor planning as they do in most cases, lie down on it, and abruptly enter, that she had not had time to stiffen. And then he changed his mind. She is so tense, if not the most opportune moment turf, or shrink, it will be very painful, and everything will be ruined.

Therefore, when a long prelude ended, he went and told her to be on it, with his hands put the head in her vagina, and gave slowed. Caressed the ball clitoris, it is still a little deeper into it. Kate was pleased. She relaxed a little. Feeling that the membrane is near, Anzor stopped, let go of her hips, and said, slowly sit down on the penis.

- I'm afraid. Kate complained.

- Do not be afraid. I'm not stopping you. Just sit down slowly. Do not rush.

Millimeter by millimeter, she sat down on the big cock until the head is not put her in the stubble. Hesitantly sat down a little, and felt the pain. Immediately wanted to get up, and only felt a strong man's hands holding her.

- Do not get up.

- It hurts. again complained to Kate.

- Do not get up. Hurts - stop. Since membrane taut, and breaks.

Already followed the advice of an experienced

in terms of sex, man, she slowly began to sit down on the penis. It hurt, but she did not get up. Stopping, and then sit down. She felt as if an eternity until the hymen is torn. In fact, no more than two minutes.

And now, hymen was torn, and a small amount of bl**d flowed from her vagina. Sit on the whole term it did not work. For her small holes such member was too large.

Move into a small hole was very nice. It is tightly clasped member, and did not want to release it. Kate slowly got used to his size, and when the pain is gone, began to moan a little louder. Certainly move until she herself was difficult, but she caught the rhythm.

Sensing that will end soon, Anzor came out of it, and poured out her stream of sperm. Catching his breath, and sent Kate to shower. He, too, has adopted. Only on the first floor. (A two-story country house) is back and waited for Kate. She washed herself with warm sperm, even a little try. The taste was unusual.

Coming out of the bathroom, she saw lying on the bed Anzor. Without knowing why, she or does not dare to approach him. And then she was in his arms, and then on the bed, squeezed in strong hands that caressed her skillfully. Her vagina was wet and hot. It's time.

The next position seemed Kate is very interesting. It was cancer, and had no idea what would happen next. Now her second hole to lose their virginity. Since Kate knew little about sex, it is not strained. Nobody told her not that it hurts. Maybe that's because it was easier.

When asked to relax, she relaxed as much as possible, and without much suffering has taken almost half of the members. But the other half took a more painful.

That would reduce pain, Anzor fingered her clit. It distracted, feeling the pleasant warmth between your legs, and the feeling that going to cry with joy, that I forgot about the pain. After a short while, that would be a small hole used to the size of the maple, Anzor started slowly at first, and then move faster.

Not able to stop it when Kate asked, he again began to pull at her clit, but more intense. Such she had ever felt. On the one hand there was a feeling that her torn in two, and on the other, that it is about to fall u*********s.

To his own surprise she received untold pleasure. Arched like guitar jet. It all started shaking like a fever, and she fell on the bed feeding.

What happened next is not well remembered. I opened my eyes, very sl**py, back aching and throbbing hole. And in the lower abdomen was feeling such ease and warmth that she walked away from it quickly.

In short, his first sexual experience, Kate was satisfied. Or just do not regret the fact that her partner was much older than her, and it all happened (as she thought Kate) compared to her friends much later. The main thing for love, with an experienced partner, and without too much pain.
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2 years ago
Great story, thanks. Nice, healthy sexual encounter.