Sunday morning

Lena gently stroking his cock, he pulled her to him, stared into wet kiss lips. He turned her on her back, ready to satisfy the desire to bursting, and ... woke up. Yes, it was just a dream. Sweet and pleasant.

The bright side of the Sunday sun peeped through the window. Was heard a dull noise of the street.

Anton luxuriously stretched, did not want to get up. So it was pleasant to lie down under a soft blanket. However, interrupted sl**p was left: member was tense not only in dreams, but in reality.

He waved his hand - he wanted to bring his wife to immediately implement a fantasy. Lena was not there, the place was barely warm. "I recently got" - thought Anton.

Listening, he heard a faint gurgling water and the rhythmic sound of the knife: the wife cooked him breakfast.

Anton reluctantly got up and, as he was not dressed, and went to the kitchen. After a warm bed, he did not feel the cold.

- And, awake, sl**pyhead - Lena greeted him, still chop cucumber: - and I, here, salad doing. Hungry?

Anton is not thinking about it and saw Lena turned finally square up his gun. She smiled. But she said nothing.

He came and embraced his wife, pressing hard dick to her terry robe: - Come on, Lena, pokuvyrkalis.

His hands were infiltrated by the collar of her robe and covered full breasts. His lips pressed against the velvet neck. He started caressing, arousing his wife, urging her to immediately coitus

- Wait, insatiable, - objected, though not opposing caresses her husband, Len: - I have the dough is almost ready, I will make a cherry pie - miss what you will eat. A few minutes and I'm yours. I come quickly.

She gently pulled away, pushed to become firm breasts of his hand. Anton was not going to give up. His cock demanded immediate attention. He approached from behind and gripped his wife's waist, intending to make another attempt to persuade her. Jutting forward, as hard as a member of the bayonet fell neatly between her buttocks and pressed his crotch. Involuntarily she made a movement towards, potershis crotch of the exposed head at once. Lena sighed. Made a feeble attempt at resistance. Anton again, especially now, poked her. Again received a response approximation. Lena was clearly not against, resisting for show. Another move and short robe rode up. Anton felt hypersensitive head buried in a hot ass wife. Member stiffened both realized - too late to retreat.

Lena leaned forward slightly, without interrupting the work: after the turn of cucumbers tomatoes go under the knife. Anton, raising her robe poslyuniv finger caressed the red circle anus. He made a move forward, purple strong as stone head sunk into vestibule, plunged into the lake of female juice. Lena moaned and sank, trying to keep immerse the head, press it against the clitoris. Anton slowly, by half, dipped his finger in my wife's hole, felt like she embraced him as keeps holding it. Moving her hips up and down Lena helped him, at the same time a growing feeling pleasure: hot head perfectly massaged pea clitoris. He slowly, slowly twirled his finger, feeling the tremors of her body, plunging him deeper. Lena constricted moaned. She had long forgotten about the salad and wholly given pleasure.

Finally he took his finger and liberally soaked vaginal

Naked juice head easily became closely gripped her hole. Lena bit her lip to keep from moaning. Anton was holding her by the hips and slowly made a circular motion, more and more immersed inside. Whitened appearance of the thickness of the received member anus excited him enormously. He did not even have to move - Ripple member in close quarters brought great pleasure. Lena moaned gratefully, hand she clutched her husband's term at the base, by adjusting its supply inside. Soon he came all the way, all 18 centimeters. Anton embraced his wife: one hand caressed protruding nipple, the other stroking the labia, then dipped them into the moisture vagina, clitoris massaged button. Lena then slowly moved her hips to meet him, they would. He was already almost at the peak of pleasure, when the alarm beeped - the dough, about which they have already forgotten, was ready.

- Let me go, let me - asked Lena - I need to roll out the dough.

Anton started reluctantly removed by extracting member; watching with some displeasure, let him go his wife's body. Anus as tightly gripped his gun, which was drawn after emerging body.

Leaping to his guns Lena quickly took the dough and roll out to cook it. Again put the ass: - In anal sex I like the feeling of fullness, in the ordinary such pleasure can not - the vagina is too wide for it. Anton did not have to beg. An open, relaxed anus, this time did not stop and he immediately plunged more than half of the member before slowed down to avoid causing pain spouse. Once he felt a wave of pleasure, so tightly embraced his body Lena sex tool inside.

They are not in a hurry: rocking back and forth Lena rolling out the dough, nasazhivayas simultaneously on his throbbing in anticipation of a final incredible cock. He squeezed his wife's chest. Spouses rhythmic moaning loudly. Anton felt: Now! Stiffened. Finished. He began to move, at the height of pleasure, catching drifting feeling. How nice to keep the body of his wife was shot after failing member, squeezing the last drops of semen.

Lena felt him relax.

- Do not go, wait! - Choking, she said, knowing that otherwise would break the weak thread of pleasure. Anton finished too soon she was on the brink. Still a little bit ...

Skillful movement is not letting go of the other hand rolling pin start rubbing, squeezing, clit. Behind, though it has weakened, but still has not lost a member of hardness, lighter slide back and forth. Lena squeezed the buttocks, so that even Anton groaned and strained legs. A wave of pleasure rose from the bottom, screw on the stomach and the weakness has spread rapidly throughout the body: it is finished. Stood for some time resting, holding a cock and his sense of satisfaction, then relaxed.

Anton looked at her in bewilderment. If she asked for oral sex, he would gladly brought her to orgasm. She smiled sweetly: - It is necessary, darling. All right. "What I want" will be in the evening, right?

She pulled herself together: I wanted to go lie down in a warm bath, relax, get some sl**p, but I had to work. Lena knew so unlike his wife with his mistress. In commitment to the spouse.

Corrected Zadran robe. Legs are not kept, she sat down. And so, sitting, her husband continued to prepare a cake with cherry jam.
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