Together with my boyfriend for a long time we meet, and that's like what happened to me a story. No, perhaps I'll start on another. I'm quite pretty, slender girl of 18. I just love sex, in all its manifestations. We put in the bed mass of experiments, but here's my guy once said that I was stare at girls. No, I'm not a lesbian, Slavik me completely satisfied, but madly wanted to try sex with a girl. I wanted to play the role of a guy wanted to fuck her, to hear her moans, feel what a man feels when bring a woman to orgasm, she wanted to caress her tongue, playing with the nipples, biting them .. mm ..

And when we discussed it, he suggested a threesome, I have it and my friend. Inna and I were friends for a long time, and when, you can say so in the "c***dhood" We resolutely try lesbian sex, that's why she was chosen.

We have agreed that I will come to the university for her, and then drive up to us Slavik. And so it was, with as yet unsuspecting Inca we had fun chatting on the porch of the building of the Academy. Thank arrived here, and we got into his car. I have seen how his eyes were burning and what was lustful glance, he looked forward to sex, long passionate sex with two beautiful girls. To me was wearing a plaid skirt and a white blouse with a plaid tie, and the Inca was brief little black dress, in general, the two of us looked very sexy in the back.

Slavik invited to ride on the country line. I winked at him in the mirror, as if accidentally dropped the phone on the floor. Naturally she fumbled to get his palm and touched Inkenogo hip, I noticed her clothes, or rather its absence. "It's great! So much the better. " I got up from his knees and kissed the Innu sharply on the lips, at first there was no answer, she was shocked, and then I felt her tongue began timidly to answer me. It has brought me to the limit, and I was sharp movements to massage her breasts and pulling off his clothes.

Slavik little wheel swallowed because he liked the picture, he even tried not to look back, because then it would be an accident can not be avoided, I looked out the window and realized that he was going to his dacha. But I decided not to waste time, I pulled off my girl dress and biting her breasts, she moaned quietly, just enjoying the moment ... I love this game, it turns me on, and I continued to play with her nipples fingers touched her smooth shaved pussy It flowed so that the seat has already formed a small puddle, her fingers began to massage her clit, she moaned ... I just itself is not finished, the idea that I'm going to fuck it makes me wild. End emboldened, introduced her finger into the vagina and began to fuck her gently, slowly at first, as if teasing, and then faster and faster.

Looking up from his chest, I moved to the clitoris, I did it the first time, but like to see this slut moaning under my tongue. I began to passionately caress the clitoris, fingering

his tongue, bite and suck. The taste of her lubrication d**gged me up, I just wanted one, so she came in my mouth .... I took in her mouth klitorok and started playing with him lying, and in the meantime, have my two fingers digging pussy Inca. The response was incredible, she writhed and screamed, clawing hands seat, "Yes! Still, I want "phrases flew from her lips, she was distraught approaching orgasm juice flowed into my mouth ... sweet moan she came, but so abundantly that the grease running down my mouth ..

"Well?" - I asked her ... "Oh God, Nick, what was that?" - With a sweet smile on her face she asked. "Hmm .. and this is just the beginning "- I glanced at sweltering desire Slavik. He gripped the steering wheel, but sometimes frantically change gears.

Well, we arrived at the cottage, I got out of the car and went straight to the bathroom, I had a bit of their cool tricks, and then you can continue.

When I returned, I almost dumbfounded, my Slavik standing outside completely naked and fucked in a wild pace, leaning on the hood of the Innu.

Member, he is not small, 18 centimeters and is completely immersed in the pussy girlfriend .. push .. and another jet of sperm spurted Inna on the ass and lower back. . I watched this picture and not a bit jealous she did not call me, only desire. I came up behind him and began to lick the cum .. umm me crazy the taste, the taste of men ... The good fence in the country was under two meters.

Then we gradually moved up to the bedroom, there is already Inna took for me, tongue she licked my pussy, timidly, but so eagerly and so hard that I felt that I was about to orgasm will be covered, and then she pulled away from me, and I have not had time to look around, I have slipped into huge rubber cock, it brought it Slavik, excitement has covered me completely and I was beside myself, but moved towards him. But here is the strong hands caught me and Slava put cancer. Something cold, he smeared my ass and almost no training drove me back his hot, standing member of the stake .. I only had time to gasp as the second rubber, already with Innenoy hands slid into me .. and they both began to move, I'm mad with the strongest orgasm in her life, as voluptuous whore stick to these two clubs, has no strength, and orgasms one after another, covered me, I do not know how long it lasted, may 10-15 minutes, but the brightest of the entire series of orgasms I remember the last, we came together with Slavik, my pussy and ass beat in orgasm and then hot jet of sperm gushed into my ass, and I cried for a moment lost consciousness.

When I came to, Glory fell on me, and distraught wild desire Inca sit down on the other end of the rubber member. I spread her legs wide, and now we both were strung on this thing, we were moving in rhythm with each other, bringing fun. When both in plenty to satisfy his lust, fell asl**p on each other, the f***es of lift is not there ....
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Great story, thanks. Nice, healthy sexual encounter. ...ohh yes more more !Thanks for sharing