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My first sex with my incredibly beautiful mature!
It happened in 2007!
When I was 18, I was fat and no luck with girls! Just loser!
I like beautiful women, but most of all I liked Marina [My neighbor]!

Marina 32 years old, she - mature, experienced woman.
For her age, Marina looked very sexy and loved to wear outrageous fashions.
Often stare at her men her age and older, and younger, and even very young boys.
She worked on a landscape designer in a large company, earn decently and had a lot of free time.
In general, Marina nothing needed, and it could be a happy woman
She was not married but with 4 years old daughter!

One day, a wonderful, warm autumn evening, I was sitting at home and watching porn, but then there was a knock at the door!
I turned off the porn and poshol to the door, opened the door I saw the Marinu!
She was all over the skin - tight, I could not say a word
But she starting talk first!

She said John can you sit with my young daughter while I go to a bachelorette party? I\'ll pay!

I said, Okay!

She gave me the keys and said, go in my house and look after my daughter!

She turned and walked like a goddess, I could not take my eyes off her sweet ass!

Having come to her, I saw her daughter, she was calm! I read a story and she went to bed!

I went to watch TV! I looked at the clock it was already 00: 00

And then Marina came!

Marina sat next to me!

I told her that everything went well and her daughter did not act up.

She put her hand on my knee and said thank you, John sat with my daughter!

My cock got up and I was at a loss! Then she saw my cock! She just opened her mouth.

She asked me I like her? I said yes and told her that she is very beautiful!

She put my hand on her chest and she told \"I\'ll fuck you so you will not forget\"

I slowly started to remove her clothes.

After I took off her clothes we went in her room

She lay down on a sofa and said wait it will not be hurries.

I ask The what we will do, she said, what are you going to look like it would warm up her pussy!

She warm up her pussy.

Her pussy was so sweet and wet!

She said me and I lay down next to her!

She took my cock and started to play with him, she sucked very well!

Then she said, now it\'s your turn, I spread her legs and started to lick her sweet wet pussy!

She said fuck me in anal h? I said Okey!

I put dick in her hole. She screamed from the buzz!

I fucked her ass and she moaned!

After hardcore anal fuck, high skilled blowjob! Oh God!

I already broke down and finished it in her mouth!

She said that this is not the end!

She pushed me and I fell on my back, she sat on my cock and started jumping on it so fast!

She jumped on my dick about 10 minutes. . !

Then she lay on her back I threw her legs on his shoulders and started quickly to fuck her in the pussy.

She screamed fuck my old pussy hard fuck fuck fuck hard hard!

Then I fucked her standing, she moaned and moaned.

Then she said it was not enough for her, she found dildo in her room!

She put her big dildo in her ass but I fucked her in wet pussy hardcore.

She screaming orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm!

She fell on her stomach and then turned around and said that I was the best of all partners!

It was her first orgasm! It was her first orgasm with my 14cm dick.

She looked happy.

Then i told her she was my first! She was surprised.

I started to get dressed and then she told me where you go?

We\'re just getting started. O_O WTF?

The rest of the night, morning and afternoon we had a hard sex!

We used all of kamasutra poses.

Fucked and fucked and fucked I her!

It was the best time of my life!

Every day I go to her for the SX.

I have a wife, but she is not as good!

The End.
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Real story ! No bullshit from head !

Forget it, man.
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