Helping me out!

The girl breaks up with her boyfriend and it seems like the end of the world has already come, her life seems to have ended, but the caring and loving neighbor Samantha comes along and comforts her….

My boyfriend and I had purchased a two bedroom house in the country neighborhood and had lived in it for about 8 months when I came home from work to find he had left me. There was just a short note on the bed saying that he wasn’t ready to settle down into f****y life, so he was sorry. Of course my life crashed down on me in a moment, I had no idea that he was feeling that way, he always seemed happy! Now I was totally devastated by this turn of events in my life. A couple of days later, I was sitting on my front step with the note in my hand, crying like never before, when my neighbor, Samantha, came over to see why I was in tears. We weren’t really friendly but always said hello and sometimes made small talk! And I had never considered her being a friend to me. But now it was like a shoulder to cry on, so I told her what happened. She let me open my heart to her for which I was very grateful and gave me the attention I needed most! At the same time, I found that there was somebody who cared about my life. She wrapped her arms around me and consoled me so that I began to feel better about myself and my situation. When I stopped crying she invited me over to her place for dinner, telling me that her husband traveled on business this week and she hated to eat alone. I was in no mood to cook but was certainly hungry, so I accepted without any hesitance and we went over to her house for dinner.

She was an excellent cook and I ate more than I normally do. However Samantha seemed to get into my situation with all kindness really wanted to help me somehow. We just talked like two teenagers, about everything. I helped Samantha clean up and when we had finished cleaning up, she pulled me to her, wrapped her arms around me, thanked me for helping her and kissed me. I don’t know what happened to me because I never had even thought about being with another woman but her kiss made my toes curl. Her kiss was the most passionate and sensual kiss I ever experienced, her lips were moist and so hot, they just drew me into a sin! When I looked back on her, I guess it was what I really needed to feel loved! On top of that, her lips were the most fucking incredible lips on the face of this earth. I wrapped my arms around her and was drowning in her lips, my mind and body were now both on fire, my thong was soaking wet and I wanted her to touch my pussy so bad! At this point of time, I was about to beg her to touch me and it was too much to resist!

Later Samantha told me that when I wrapped my arms around her, she knew I was going to be her private pussy and that from now I would let her have me any way she wanted. That was kind of truth, and I really would. She slipped her tongue in my mouth, grabbed my pussy and between the sensations of her tongue in my mouth and her hand on my pussy, I came like I was squirting, although I actually don’t! My pussy cum was pouring out of me like the water gushing out of the faucet which had just been turned on. She had lifted my skirt up so she had full access to my pussy and now I had 2 soft fingers in my blazing hot cunt, driving me to the edge! Now I wanted nothing but for Samantha to make love to me.

All the time she had all of her fingers in my pussy, finger fucking me and tongue fucking my mouth. Soon she started undressing me and before I even realized what was happening, she had me totally naked in her kitchen. She had taken her tongue out of my mouth, much to my disappointment, but she was telling me how beautiful my body was and how bad she wanted to taste me. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by tasting me, but I started to beg her to fuck me hard and fast. The next thing I knew I was in a chair with my legs spread and Samantha licking my burning hot cunt! I was out of my mind with lust and telling Samantha over and over how good what she was doing felt! I didn’t remember I had ever been in such a heavenly state before, I just totally surrendered myself to another person, man or woman, I didn’t care and it didn’t matter! Samantha could do whatever she wanted to me and I wouldn’t have stopped her. Her lips and tongue felt so amazing on my pussy and she was teasing my cunt unmercifully, making me beg her to make me cum! Then I finally felt her fingers slip into my raging pussy and then she put a finger in my asshole. I came so fucking hard, my ass just raised up of the chair I was sitting on, I never had a sensation like that in my whole life, and even with my boyfriend I couldn’t reach such a intense orgasm ever! I know I was screaming when the cum poured out of me. This young busty blonde with burning eyes had no mercy for me, she now had 3 of her fingers in my cunt whereas other two were buried in my asshole while sucking on my clit! I was like I was going to pass out and my heart was thumping fast and hard with excitement, as if going to jump out pf my chest! All I could do was make a****l grunts while she was making me cum so many times, in the long run, I just blacked out for a minute or so!

I had experienced such a wild and raw a****l passion for the first time in my life, it was the first time I ever had sex that nothing else existed but Samantha’s fingers and mouth! You could have thought I was a bisexual and that was the main reason why my ex left me, but I don’t care, because now I knew what sexual heaven was. When I recovered I was still stretched wide in the kitchen chair, legs spread wide open, totally naked! Samantha was smiling at me from between my legs and I had never felt so happy and satiated in my life. She picked me up, although she didn’t look like a strong woman, and easily carried me into her bedroom, putting me on the bed while she undressed. When she undressed she kept telling me how beautiful I am and how good my pussy is. When she told me that, now I was going to take care of my new mistress. She laid her now naked body on top of mine and I was a bit shocked at how good her body felt on mine! So soft and tender silky skin, absolutely flawless and perfect curves! She kissed me and my pussy was hot and wet once again. She asked if I had ever done a 69 before and of course I had with my ex boyfriend, so she turned me around, pulling me on top of her. The next thing I knew, I was just a few inches from her pussy, she had her tongue buried in my cunt and she was pushing my head into her wet pussy. My nose went into her sopping pussy first and, for some reason, the scent coming out of her steaming pussy made me wild.

I started kissing her pussy all over, loving the taste and started sucking on her whole cunt, trying to get her love juice into my mouth. Samantha was in fuck heaven now, she was moaning and thrashing like mad, but I held on her tight and when I stuck my tongue in her cunt hole, she screamed into my pussy and a gush of her hot cum poured into my mouth. I was now ecstatic, I couldn’t believe how much I loved tasting her cunt juice! Now I virtually attacked her pussy with a vengeance. We took turns making each other cum until we were both so fucked out that panted heavily! Then we went right to sl**p, drained and exhausted, covered in each others cum. Samantha woke me around 4 a, in the morning by sucking on my tits and rubbing my pussy and when she saw I was already awake, told me to spread my fucking legs like a good cunt because mistress wanted my pussy. I did as told and Samantha got between my legs and went at my pussy like it was the last thing on the earth she was going to have. She turned me into a fucking a****l verve again, making me beg and moan like the dirty whore! And sure, she was going to turn me into this type of slut! She had my pussy and asshole filled with her fingers again, but this time she wouldn’t let me cum, making me go fucking crazy. She kept it up until I was screaming at her to make me cum and when she made me orgasm, it was the most explosive climax I ever had. My ass just jumped out of the bed, my whole body was shaking like leaves in a wind storm and cum was pumping out of my pussy like an oil gusher! It all ended up with me losing my mind and passing out for a few minutes!

When I came back to my senses, Samantha had me in her arms and was telling how happy she was with me and my pussy. When she realized I was back, she asked if I liked what mistress did to me and of course my reply was positive. I loved what she did to me. This led to a big smile to Samantha’s face, she told me I was such a good hot pussy and that now I was going to be her good fuck pussy! I murmured yes and snuggled against her tits which felt so fucking good to me! She put her tit in my mouth and I suckled like an infant in his mom’s hands, while she was stroking my cunt very gently and telling me that I was her property now. I didn’t mind and totally agreed. That was the first step of my new life and I was ready to be Samantha’s good whore.
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nice story!
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Just love your stories.... a big thank you for this
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