Sex for married

A perverted mature couple wants sex so bad that they do it at work…

- Jennet!! – Moaned Robert, - you are such a lusty bitch! I love you so much! Suck it honey! Suck it I am coming soon!

Jennet was standing on her fours sucking her husband’s dick. It was the end of the working day and the married couple was making love right on the job. They had a f****y business dealing in real estate. The firm is doing quite well. The husband is a director of the firm, his wife, Jennet is an accountant. All the employees have left already and they were alone. Once left alone they got down to sex immediately. They were quite a happy couple and loved each other greatly. The thing that made them so close was there insatiable desire for sex! It was the priority of their f****y life. The desire to have sex was always mutual. They wanted to do it everywhere they could. There can hardly be found a place where Robert didn’t have sex with his wife! When they were at somebody’s house as guests, in a car, in the cinema, in an elevator. They were ready to make love any moment. They were as lusty as men could ever be. Their sexual desires were promiscuous and dirty. Their common slogan was: enjoy sex in every way possible and there is no room of shyness. However horny for sex they could be they had never cheated on each other.

Though let’s get back to our heroes.

The computer monitor displayed another porn story which Robert found in the net. He found new stories every day and enjoyed reading them with his wife. This time, Jennet was sitting on his lap, the story excited her a lot. While reading the story, Robert was fondling her breasts and she could feel his erected dick through his pants. The excitement was so intense that they couldn’t hold it any more.

Jennet was trying to swallow Robert’s dick as deep as possible, moving her lips and her tongue along it, sometimes smacking her lips.

- Come in my mouth, honey! She whispered.

Without saying a word Robert rose up and placed his wife on the armchair. He set her legs on the armsets, looked at her and said: “No honey! First I am going to lick your pussy and then I will see what to do. “Yes, lick me all, you see I am all leaking! Oh, God, Robert, this is so fucking great, yes, make it fast with your tongue! I feel so good!” Jennet was whispering in moans. Robert was licking her swollen, wet vulva lips, they were leaking with pleasure. He was fondling her clit with his lips, then tired to dive his tongue deeper into her vagina. When the tip of his tongue ran down his wife’s anus, she arched back moaning, as if trying to get more of his tongue in her anus. Unable to stand it anymore, Jennet turned around and stood on her fours on the armchair showing her nice butt.

- Now, fuck me! – She commanded.
- With pleasure, honey – her husband answered and drove his exploding dick into the hole in the vulva lips. When her husband’s dick was fully in, Jennet started pushing her ass towards Robert, his balls were beating against her groin. Robert grabbed his wife’s butt and started pulling it to himself thus increasing pace.

- Robert! – Jennet moaned, - honey, I am cummminnggg! Fuck me, fuck me hard! Deeper! Go deeper!

Robert licked his finger and drove it into her wife’s anus, thus intensifying the orgasm. Fucking her with his finger, he kept fucking her cunt, with his other hand he reached for his wife’s clit and started stroking it. Feeling the pleasure in all parts of her body, Jennet was covered with orgasm. She was screaming with pleasure. After that, she moved forward letting her husband’s dick and finger out, she said, “I love you, darling”.
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