Real story that happened in Russia.

Olga is a Russian woman who just found a new job in the hospital. She immediately notices that a colleague of her is more than interested in her, but what can she do? She is married but a good chance to spice up her sexual life and feel something new is just too hard to resist… Will she?

She got married when she was 18. It’s not that it was a passionate love, perhaps just a feeling of appeal, or may be it was because half of the males in the country were either hitting the bottle or started taking the d**gs which were gaining popularity at that time. She thought she had made the right choice. Her husband was 9 years older than she, quite a mature man with prospects for the future. Olga graduated from a medical academy, obtained a diploma and her husband’s last name and as it happened in Russia during high unemployment Olga became a house wife. Her husband earned a nice salary that was enough to support the f****y. They lived apart from their parents (her husband had his own apartment).

So, not the worst one but quite an ordinary prehistory, the story could be ended by the phrase ‘And they lived happily ever after…’. But as we know life is not always a bed of roses, the Soviet Union collapsed resulting in salary delays, closing down of companies, downsizing, price rise. The husband was in a total mess not knowing how to support the f****y and bring home the bacon so once at a f****y council it was decided that Olga should start working.

By that time Olga’s maternity leave was over and since she had a diploma in medicine she found a job in a local hospital, which wasn’t very big but close to her house. She was working shifts, the salary was paid to her, though not regularly and with delays as it was common in Russia at that time.

The first two months Olga was working as a nurse in a resurrection department, it was kind of a probation period. The shifts were as follows: day and night and then two days at home. The work wasn’t very hard, there were only tow beds in the cell which were not always engaged.

SO the first working day Olga pressed her coat which she had received the day before, oh, the body, women always find faults with their body, so did Olga, so while her husband was surfing though the papers looking for a new job Olga was doing aerobics. She was very particular about her body, but she tried to comfort herself by repeating that she wasn’t going to become a model after all. Finally she got dressed and went to work her first day telling her husband that they would surely celebrate her “career” when she gets home. It was the end of February, strong winds the ones that are not rare for Siberia. It’s good that the hospital was a stone’s throw from the house.

The first working day was surprisingly quiet. Olga was doing the job of a nurse getting to know other people working there better. The girls working there turned out to be rather talkative and open hearted, they asked Olga about her life, talked, laughed. As it turned out the shifts were always different so Olga would have to meet new nurses working with her every shift until she gets to know everyone. Finally the working day was over, it was time to go back home.

The next shift was at night. There were not patients at hospital so it was decided to have a small party, the nurses Natasha and Galina quickly made a list of what should be bought and Olga rushed to the nearest shop. Soon the table was ready, the doctor, Genady joined them. He was a medium height, wide shouldered man, rather cute and fun. Such people are often called ‘party groovers’. After several shots of vodka the jokes were more and more indecent, Gendady was making compliments to all of the ladies present, paying special attention to Olga, she was a new person after all. Soon the vodka was over, there was nothing more to talk about and it was decided to go to bed. Galina went to the nurse room to make a bed, Genady and Natasha went out for a smoke and Olga was cleaning off the table. After some time, the doctor, Genady returned to the room and passing by Olga whispered to her ‘You are nice and I like your body’. His hand slid down Olga’s butt and his lips touched her neck. Olga was both scared and confused, ‘What to do?’, but there was nothing to do as Gendady went to the doctor’s lounge and closed the door behind him. The thoughts were running through Olga’s head ‘hey, you’ve been noticed, it means you are a lady the men like, and he liked my body’. She came to the mirror, ‘and a butt, I thought it wasn’t very good’.

That moment Natasha entered the cell.

- Are you sl**ping? Stop cleaning it, go to bed, we’ll get to it first thing in the morning
- let’s go, Galina has made beds already.
- Ok, I’ll be right there

Olga entered the nurse room, Galina was sl**ping on the couch opposite the couch was a sofa for her and Natasha. Only now Olga felt that she was pretty d***k and it was time to take a rest. She fell asl**p quickly as, alcohol relaxed her though she wasn’t sl**ping long. She was waken up by a noise and she couldn’t understand where it was coming from.

What’s this? What time is it? Almost 5 a.m. what’s all this noise about?

There was no one in the cell, she could only hear and understand that it was the noise of the bed squeaking in the doctor’s lounge. Natasha is nowhere near, and the noise continues ‘Good, more, more’.

‘What a bitch, he said I was nice!’ Olga was afraid of her own thoughts.

‘Natasha is single, lives with her parents, she needs it’. ‘And I am married with a good husband’. Ohhh, Ahhhh, the moans were coming from behind the wall. ‘It’s good that I am not in her place, I could have made a mistake’. The thoughts in Olga’s head were confused, Ahh, Ahh, she heard again. ‘When would they stop?’ The bed behind the wall was squeaking hard and Olga felt a sweet desire running over her body, her nipples got hard, panties were wet. Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh, more, more was coming from behind the wall. Olga’s hand slid down her body and her fingers found the magic spot and in a few seconds orgasm covered Olga. The morning was as usual. Cleaning, changing shifts and stuff like that. On her way home Olga was thinking ‘He did notice me, he paid me a compliment, what’s so good about me? May be we won’t see each other again, may be our shifts won’t match’.

Several weeks passed, Olga kept working in the resurrection department. During this time she got to know all the people working there, she got used to them and they considered her as an insider. Since youth, Olga has always been diligent and hard working and that trait helped her gain good relations with the hospital management. Everything was going on as usual, she made friends with Galina. From her Olga learned much about the hidden life of the hospital. Galina was not a gossiper she just told Olga what she knew. Olga saw Genady several time during the shift change, he was serious but always paid a compliment to her. It should be noted that Olga did like it and it always brought her the memories of her first night shift.

It was march, the snow was slowly melting, the roads were wet. Olga was on the job looking through the window thinking about the warm spring weather that was about to come.

- Hi, Olga, Galina entered the nurse room. How are you doing?
- I am fine, is anyone else working today?
- I am alone here today, Natasha is sick at home. Is there anyone in the cell?
- One old man in the surgical unit but he causes no problems.
- Any doctors?
- Yes, Gendady is coming soon.
- Olga could feel her pulse beating faster. She was afraid of the shift with Genady, how is he going to behave?
- Oh, may be he won’t come, Galina added. Although it’s spring, the time of love, Genady comes to work and enjoys his time without his wife. His wife also works in the hospital but the shifts are usually different.
- How do you know all that?
- We often have night shifts and he likes to talk so I know everything about him.
- So, he is going to come and Natasha is not here, who is he going to have fun with? And the girls laughed.
- Did you have anything with him? Olga asked out of curiosity.
- Galina smiled cunningly instead of answering. Well, we once got d***k and he laid me off, but it’s been a year ago or so.
- Didn’t you like it?
- He is a nice guy, but at that time I was having a relation with a man and I didn’t want to screw them up, so we broke it off with Genady. Galina went on and told that she was having an affair with a surgeon and even wanted to get married but for some reason or other this never happened.
- What are you up to, Olga? Why are you so interested? Galina asked smiling.
- No, I am just being curious
- Look, you have to be careful, we live in a small town, everyone knows each other and it’s dangerous to have an affair here, you can come back home in the evening and your husband is going to throw you out.

A joke that meant no offence brought Olga back to reality. She lived in a small city, she had many friends and a good f****y, she saw eye to eye with her husband, his friends always respected her, so, it’s not worth risking it all.

- After these thoughts ran though Olga’s head she said: Why, Galina, no, I am not going to have anything with Genady, he is too old for me and my husband fucks me wonderfully!
- Ok, let’s drop the subject, Genady is here.

The front door was opened and Genady entered.

- Good morning, ladies, how are you doing today?
- As usual, one patient only, Natasha is on a medical leave. –Galina briefly described the situation in the hospital. So, there’s not much work to do unless we get someone from the ambulance, Galina finished.
- I wish there would be no ambulances today, it’s harmful to overwork you know. Genady said.
- But if we don’t work it’s boring and the shift is long.
- This is easily fixed, the doctor assured the ladies. Who is going to the store today? (across from the hospital there was a small store which sold many things including alcohol)
- Genady, could you go to the store, we are wearing doctor’s coats and you haven’t changed your clothes yet.
- You should have thought about the party earlier, it’s not a good thing to exploit the men who are in deficit, with these words, the doctor took a packet and off he went.
- Look, the party again, Olga looked at Galina suspiciously, my hubby is sure going to tell me off, it’s the fourth time this month I come back home d***k.
- Don’t worry, there will be not a slightest sign of alcohol by the morning, moreover your husband is going to work in the morning, so when he comes back in the evening, you will be fresh and well rested, what else can we do? Read the old newspapers to kill the time?
- Ok, Olga gave in, let’s lay the table before our seducer gets back
- The table was ready in a minute, may be it wasn’t a royal feast but there were some snacks for vodka. Genady returned, he carried a big packet in two hands.
- Come on girls, take it, Olga grabbed the packet.
- Genady, Are you out of our mind, Olga said, feeling the weight of the packet, it’s for ten people.
- Well, there is never enough to drink, is there? The doctor hung the coat and started putting the contents of the packet on the table. The packet contained: two bottles of vodka, a bottle of champagne, a big bottle of beer, some cans and other snacks. ‘That is going to be a real feast!’ He said. (for those who are not aware, the mixture of vodka, beer and champagne has an overwhelming power)
- Ok girls, get ready for the party and I will go to a surgical room
- Don’t leave us, Galina said playfully and looked at the doctor.
- I’ll be back in a minute, Genady said and went out of the cell
- He wants to make his bed now, so that he won’t waste his time later, Galina said.
- It’s so easy for men, Olga said thoughtfully
- Genady is the God here, no one ever refuses him.
- Well, he’ll get d***k soon and go to bed and we will continue the party together

In about half an hour the doctor came back.

- So, everything is ready, huh?
- So, what is the occasion today? Galina gave Genady a questioning look, drinking for no occasion as doctors say is the first step to alcoholism.
- We are going to celebrate the day I first met you, He answered
- But we celebrated it last time, Olga said and felt she was blushing.
- The last time was different, I don’t remember what it was, and what’s the difference? It’s spring, beautiful girls outside.
- All women are beautiful, Galina interrupted him.

The party was going on as usual as they drank there were getting more and more relaxed the talks were getting more and more informal. Gendady was telling anecdotes from his experience, some of them were very funny. He had been working for a long time and had much to tell about.

The ladies were laughing and having fun alcohol was doing a really good job. The feeling of tension that Olga was feeling disappeared, they were talking and laughing as if they had known each other for many years. The evening slowly carried over into the night. Galina was already d***k, soon she wasn’t reacting to the jokes and fell asl**p right at the table.

- Genady, we should put Galina to bed, she is sl**ping.

The doctor seemed to be happy when he heard that.

- Ok, get the pillow and the blanket out

Olga got the pillow and the blanket and Genady took off Galina’s shoes and placed her on the sofa. Olga put the pillow under Galina’s head and covered her with the blanket, suddenly she felt dizzy and leaned on the doctor’s shoulder.

- So, [2:34 Pwe are d***k, huh? The doctor said. I will have to work all by myself.
- And I see you are as sober as a judge
- I never get d***k, Genady said, let’s have some champagne, we’ve been hitting vodka and left this noble drink unnoticed, Genady tried to look as if he was a character of some novel.
- If I drank as much as Galina did I would sure be u*********s now, ‘let him drink the champagne and go back to the surgical room, Olga thought, it’s easy to sin when you are d***k.
Genady poured the champagne into the glasses.
- Let’s have a seat, we don’t have to stand all the way

Olga sat on the couch.

- Have a seat too, why are you standing?
- Just a minute. Genady took a lighter and cigarettes out of his pocket and sat near. He sat close to her so that his hand was slightly touching her knee.
- What to do? Olga noticed his touch but there was no space to move away.
- What are we drinking to?
- Just to nothing, we’ve had many toasts. Olga’s heart started beating faster she thought ‘one more drink and I will go to sl**p’.
‘No reaction, the doctor thought, is still a kind of reaction. ‘You will not get away from me girl.

Olga was sipping the champagne.

- How do you get along with your husband?
- My husband? Olga paused, he is a terrific man, I can say I am happy in a marriage
- I didn’t mean that
- What did you mean?
- I meant your, mm, intimacy

Olga was shocked with the question.

- Why are you asking that?
- Just out of curiosity, how long have you been married?
- For six years

‘It’s time to add more colors to sexual life’, the experienced lover perfectly knew that after the fifth or sixth year of married life sexual life turns into somewhat boring, routine and many women try to find a way out for their volcano of passion.
‘I am not going to lose my chance today, I can feel her heart beating and her breasts shaking’ the doctor thought and placed his hand on her shoulder.

- It’s alright, my husband is fine as a man. ‘what should I do next?’ Olga was thinking, ‘just getting up and leaving is not a good idea, he won’t let me go, making noise is not a good idea either, let’s hope he will get bored and leave me.
- I had no doubts about your sexual life, you are such a beautiful woman and you must be fine, Genady’s voice was getting softer and more tender. His hand was now fondling her hair and neck.
She was sitting still, not moving, not able to resist, her body was now living a life of its own, not listening to the mind and accepting no arguments. The doctor tenderly embraced Olga.
- Don’t be afraid, just relax
- I can’t, I am married, what if someone enters and sees us, please don’t.
- Come on, we work together, he placed his right hand on Olga’s thigh.
- I am just too embarrassed, you are…Olga stammered, you are kind of too old for me…
- Don’t worry, let it be as you want it, the doctor’s hand was slightly nursing Olga’s thighs and his touches were becoming more and more pleasant. Olga’s heart was about to jump out of her chest, the fire was burning inside her, the fire impossible to quench. SHE WANTED this man now.
- Don’t Genady, please, Olga said slightly resisting and breathing heavily. I can’t.

With his fingers Genady unbuttoned Olga’s robe and his hand slid to her thighs.
- Oh, God, what am I doing, Gennady, please! Olga arched back and was now half lying on the doctor’s hand.
- Relax, it’s fine, now, hush, hush, good girl
House, f****y, husband, such thoughts were running through Olga’s head, but Olga’s body wasn’t obeying her, mother nature was dictating its rules and no morale, no obligations nothing could prevent Olga’s body from a lusty desire. This was the instinct.
The doctor easily made Olga lay on the couch, she was lying near the wall. The unbuttoned robe exposed wet panties and alluring thighs.
- Gennady, stop it, Olga tried to use the last of her mind
- Not here, Galina is sl**ping
- Do you think I can stop, the doctor was breathing heavily, you are a wonderful woman
- Well, but the we could be seen through the windows, let’s go the doctor’s lounge.
This made Gennady happy, he was thinking ‘She is ready, I wonder if she gives head? I will find out soon’.
- Let’s go, Olga, let’s move. He helped her get us and they went to the next room which served as the doctor’s lounge.

As they were entering the room, Olga stopped suddenly. A thought was gnawing her, ‘May be I shouldn’t’ But strong doctor’s hands pushed her in. ‘Ok, come what may, Olga thought’.

The doctor’s lounge was not a big room, a writing table with a lamp, a chair, a bookcase and the familiar squeaking bed.
As a matter of fact it didn’t at all matter for Olga, strong doctor’s hands were caressing her, he embraced her from behind, unbuttoned her robe, took the bra off and started fondling her breasts. His fingers were quickly and gently nursing her nipples, his lips were kissing her, he was standing behind her and she felt something hard pressed against her butt. ‘Oh, that is something’, Olga thought. Even through the robe and through doctor’s pants she could clearly feel the mighty b**st she was about to meet soon. This was a DICK with capital letters.

Olga inadvertently pressed herself to the embodiment of the male might, she moved her body to rub herself against it.

- Ohhhh
- Good girl, now this way, and the doctor pressed Olga’s soft butt to his penis, here we go.
- Oh, Ahh,

The robed was taken off, the bra was on the floor near it. She felt that Gennady took off his clothes too. Her excitement was growing, she felt herself leaking. Slowly and gently the doctor pulled off Olga’s panties down to her knees and his dick slid between her legs and touched her wet pussy.

- Mmmm, Gennady, ahhh. At some moment Gennady let Olga go she immediately turned to him and they were lost in a ling and passionate kiss.
- Come here, the doctor pulled Olga to the bed, I want you
- I want you too, The entire body was desiring it, every spot, every cell of Olga’s body was responding to her lover’s caresses, she could feel the sweet pleasure spreading all over her body. She stepped towards the bed, her legs were not listening to her, ‘Something is wrong, oh, I should take my panties off’.
- Let me do it, the doctor seemed to be reading her mind, Let me do it my girl.

Olga sat in bed, Gennady took the last clothing item off her, he was in front of Olga on the floor and he immediately started kissing Olga’s thighs, higher and higher ‘What nice legs, they are so soft and warm’
Olga, obeying her desire, spread her legs.

- Oh, Ahhhh, She was enjoying it. All thoughts of the f****y seemed to fly away. Her body was demanding more and more.

The doctor touched the magic spot with his tongue.

- That feels so good, Olga moaned, Oh, mmm, Ahhh,
- He was licking her really skillfully, Olga’s husband also licked Olga but he didn’t do it as good as Gennady, Gennady was doing it so passionately, listening to her body. She could feel a sweet wave going down from her breasts to her pussy.
- Ahhh, Ahh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Olga started trembling, the orgasm was intense and lasting. When the wave was over, her body got soft and the thoughts of reality got back to her. ‘Why am I shouting so loud, Galina is just behind the wall, she could hear us and her s****r’s husband knows my husband, he can tell him, oh God, what am I doing?’. The lover didn’t let Olga fully recover, he skillfully placed Olga on the bed and got on top of her pressing his body to hers, He was covering her face, neck and breasts with hot and vehement kisses. His mighty phallus was touching Olga’s pussy, following the instinct, she took the doctor’s penis in her hands, Olga’s husband was a good lover but his dick was surely not as big and strong as Gennady’s. She suddenly got scared, he was the second man in her life and such a big dick. But her hand kept caressing his phallus with pleasure, Gennady moaned
- Good girl, come on, come on, your hand is so tender, mmm, that’s good. Let it in, let it in, don’t be afread.
- I am afraid, it’s so big
- Don’t worry, it will be fine, come on, do it.

Olga directed his dickhead to her hole.
Gennady was not quick to penetrate, he tickled her pussy with his dick as if delaying the pleasure, then he slowly started pushing it in deeper and deeper.

- Oh, Oh, .. oh, Olga was responding to this, Mmmmmm.

The doctor penetrated entirely and moaned with pleasure. He’d had many women in his life but Olga was something special, her vagina was wet and warm, her muscles inside were contracting giving him even more pleasure. He stopped, enjoying the moment.

- Good, Olga, good girl, for about thirty seconds the doctor was inside her not moving than he started swaying his body up and down, Olga felt sweet waves in her pussy it was like high tide and low tide, ‘Oh, that is so good’.
- Good, more, more, Oh Gennady, oh, ahh, aaa aaa, aaa,

Olga’s moans made Gennady more and more excited. His thrusts got faster and faster, he was penetrating her as deep as possible.

- Good, Olga, good!
- Ahhh, Ahhh…. She was responding to his movements. His dick was penetrating deep into her pussy reaching the most distant and pleasurable spots. Olga felt reality was again escaping her. She felt she wasn’t in a small doctor’s lounge which was lousy and needed renovating, now she was flying high and the starts and thousands of bright flashes were surrounding her.
- Oh, God, that feels so good! More, I want more!
Doctor started moving even faster, suddenly he pushed his dick all the way in
- Oh, Gennady!…

He screamed like a b**st, who caught its prey, that moment she felt a strong stream of sperm hitting the insides of her pussy. Gennady was coming for a long time, there was much sperm. The sperm was leaking into Olga’s pussy filling her up and running down her buttocks, leaving the spots on the bed, a poof of what had happened.

Gennady’s body was relaxed and soft now. It seemed that he was going to fall asl**p right on Olga’s body. His breath was calm and steady. Olga tried to release herself from him but she couldn’t. The doctor’s dick was inside, it was half erect and Gennady started swaying again, now he was slowly and gently penetrating her.

‘It seems he is going to fuck me to death today’ Olga thought. That moment Gennady placed Olga’s legs on his shoulders and penetrated her as deep as he could.

- Mmmmmm, oh, Olga’s body felt that wave again.
- Oh, ahh, oh, mmm, Olga was moaning with pleasure
- More, more, more

Her body felt the sweet shivering running over it. The doctor felt that she was on the verge of orgasm, he wanted it so much, he was penetrating her deep, quickly and slowly, changing pace and rhythm.

- Come on girl, come on… Good, Olga, good girl.
- Aaaa, Aaaa, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Olga screamed loudly, her pussy was covered with the waves of orgasm.
- Oh, darling, Oh, honey, Aaa…Aaaa…
- Good girl, that is good, Olga, come on, come on
- Ohhhh, Gennady!

The wave was retreating, Olga body became soft, Gennady let Olga’s legs down and lay near her.

- And you were afraid, Come on, sit on top, Olga could hardly get up but she sat on top and directed his penis inside.
It penetrated her easily with no resistance Olga’s vagina was readily receiving it, Gennady was fondling Olga’s breasts, holding them tight, Olga’s vagina was contracting, the doctor liked it, he was enjoying it. His dick was shaking inside brining Olga the next wave of excitement. Quickly Olga started moving her butt up and down, the doctor took her by her butt and started swaying her as if directing her movements.

- Come on girl, move your ass, good girl, good, faster, faster, deeper, don’t be afraid, good…
- Mmmm, mmmm, Aaaa, Aaaa… Good Gennady, good, that feels so good
- Olga was jumping on the doctor’s dick impaling herself on it, faster, deeper, oh, Ohhhh, Aaaaa, aaa, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

The second orgasm was shorter but not less intense. Olga, totally exhausted fell on the doctor’s breast and lost a sense of reality. They were lying like this for five or ten minutes, his dick was still inside her pussy, it was shaking, desiring to come.

But Olga was too tired, feeling this, the experienced lover lay near her, lit a cigarette and started smoking.

- Lye on my chest.
- Why? I am comfortable as it is…
- I just want it

Olga lay on the doctor’s chest and started fondling his dick with her finger.

- Kiss it
- ??????
- Please give me the pleasure
- I don’t know, I am tired
- That is not so hard, come on, Olga

Gennady took Olga by her head and pulled her to his dick.
Olga was good at blowjobs she just was too tired for today

- But don’t come in my mouth

Olga’s lips touched Gennady’s dickhead and his penis penetrated her mouth. She started fondling his dick head with her tongue, the doctor started moaning with pleasure, usually women just sucked his dick moving their heads up and down, Olga was working with her lips and tongue, taking it fully in, then letting it out and playing with the head, her warm breath was brining him even more pleasure. The doctor’s legs were shaking, he couldn’t control himself, he was moaning and groaning.

Feeling that the end was near, Olga stopped

- So?
- Olga, that feels so good, I’ve never felt such a pleasure before
- You bet!
- But I just need to come

Olga didn’t want to suck anymore but leaving her lover like this was not a good idea, he wouldn’t get off her. She lay on her flank side and let the doctor’s dick in her hole, in a few seconds the doctor’s dick was again working inside her.

She was moving her ass towards his dick, the bed was squeaking, it was sunrise already, Galina must have woken up, she was thinking this as Gennady screamed and filled her up with his sperm.

- Ok, let’s go, Olga got us and started getting dressed, her clothes was all over the floor. What time is it? Oh, it’s half past 6, I wish Galina was sl**ping now’.

Olga entered the nurse room. Galina wasn’t there.

- Galina, where are you?
- In the cell, Olga heard Galina’s voice, Galina entered the nurse room
- Wow, you were really having fun huh?
- Galina, I am such a fool!
- Where is Gennady, having a rest?
- Did you hear all that noise?
- You were screaming like crazy! The old man in the resurrection room still can’t get rid of the hard on.

Olga took Galina by the hand.

- Galina please, keep it secret. You know, I have a f****y and if my husband finds out he will leave me and I love him….

Olga started crying, Galina tried to comfort her and in 15 minutes Olga seemed calm again.

- Ok, go wash yourself, it’s time to change shifts.

Having arranged her hair Olga went home.

The morning was bright and sunny, the snow was melting, she was walking home and thinking:
‘Something must have changed, I have changed, the sperm was leaking out of Olga’s vagina. And if Roman learns about this, what is he going to tell me ‘that I am a slut, bitch a whore and he will be right and I will have to put up with it to keep the f****y’ I do Hope he is not going to find out, here I am, now to the bathroom and to bed, I am too tired’. Putting the door in the key hole Olga discovered with fear that the door was locked from behind.

- Who is here?
- I am home today, Olga, I needed to take my mother to hospital so I stayed home
- Ok, I am too tired, I want to sl**p.
- Too much work?
- We had two ambulances at night, they kept us busy

Olga took off her coat, put the bag down and went to the bathroom. Taking a shower after work was ordinary and it shouldn’t surprise her husband.

She was in the shower feeling the water running down her body recalling the night ‘Oh, God, why did I agree and now I will have to worry, but I hope it will be ok with me’

She applied shampoo on her head, the smell was nice and it took her thoughts away fro some time. When Olga washed off the foam and opened her eyes she saw Roman standing near with her panties in his hands, they had spots of fresh sperm on them.

- Just wanted to wash your back, by the way, do you want to tell me something?
- Roman, it’s not what you think! Olga’s hands started shaking and her body was petrified
- Look at yourself in the mirror!

Olga turned to the mirror and saw the spots left by fingers and love bites on down her belly and on her neck.
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