The hot milf of my friend!

A guy falls in love with his friend’s hot mom, he often visits his friend and stays over at his place, during one of such nights, he decides to push his luck…

It all started when I met my friend Robert in the college. We became good friends, going to football champs and Wings’ plays off. Once we decided to do something on the weekend. We went out to see a movie, when it finished it was very late, so I decided to spend the night at his house. His mom came to pick us up and when I saw her I realized that she was the sexiest milf that I had ever seen. Sheila Marie was gorgeous. Her tits were plump and round, she had really good balls! He-he! Her nipples were so perky and perfect that I thought they were silicon. Her ass was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. I think to her age she kept very-very fit and gorgeous, mostly because of good sex and fitness courses. It was big and round and her skirt sit very well on her arse. Very perfectly.

Sheila gave us a ride home, on arrival we decided to smoke and go swimming then. She came out a few minutes later to tell us that she was going to bed. I looked up and realized that she was wearing a short bath robe. We were sitting down there, on the bottom side of the grass plot, she was standing above us on a small eminence. She was standing right above me, so when I turned my head to her I could see her crotch. I could see that se was wearing skimpy black panties. I had an immediate hard-on! I had to turn with my back to her so that they wouldn’t see. My cock ached to get in those beautiful panties making its way further.

A few days later I was at my house which is across the street, opposing their house. It was a very sunny sultry day, streets were empty, even stray dogs and cats ached to find some shelter escaping from hot sun beams. Working in my yard I saw her go out to the pool to get a sun tan. I crept over to the fence, and concealed behind to see her rubbing sunscreen all over her body. Her beautiful tits were glistening in the sun and Sheila’s ass was just tempting me. I think it was a play of my imagination, but her ass seemed to be asking for me, yearning to ride on my cock. Noticing that nobody was around she decided to take off her top. That was all I needed, I took my cock out and started to stroke it. Before long I had smudged a big stain all over the fence.

The next day I spent the night at his house again. We decided to have drink and got loaded up. We watched some late boxing event. We decided to go to bed pretty late and Robert was out as some friends of his came to see him. I decided to use this time to snoop around the house looking for some sexy things that his mom room. I was sure such a hot milf like his mom had something to hide! I knew she was a widow, and I think she needed someone to fuck with, otherwise how she managed to look so great! I crept out of his room making my way to his mom’s room. Sheila was lying there sl**ping. I wished she was wearing those skimpy panties that I had seen a week before. I made up my mind to go to the laundry room and look for some bras and panties.

I got into the laundry room and found white lace panties in the dirty wash. Immediately, I licked the juices her underwear had. There was a stain smelling very good on her thongs! I knew what it definitely was. Her juices tasted amazing. I could taste her pussy and ached for the real approach! Afraid of being caught in such a stupid situation, I made me way back, just in time; coz Robert had already stepping towards the house. But my nose still had her good smell.

Weeks later after many visits to their house I resolved to take matters in my hands. I spent the night at their house again. She had had some trouble sl**ping lately and I saw her taking a few sl**ping pills. I decided to get my friend d***k so that he would sl**p soundly without waking up early. We took shots of vodka, but he didn’t even know that I was taking simple water in my glass. Soon enough he was out nodding off on the couch. I decided that this was my chance to go and pay a visit to his mom.
I crept into her room and saw her sl**ping on the bed. I decided that I would try to wake her up to see what happens next. I went and tried to wake her up but she was out sl**ping soundly. I shook her hard by shoulders, but she did not move. I then decided to take her night robe off to see at her in her underwear. I unbuttoned carefully her robe and revealed her breast underneath. Sheila was wearing a dark lacy bra, I couldn’t see its color coz it was very dark in the room. Her beautiful tits looked so exciting on material. I then slipped her bra off releasing her gorgeous tits. Slowly I began to rub them and her nipples. I could tell that her nipples were starting to get hard from my endeavors. By this time my cock was so huge that it needed some meat. I took it out and it saluted me with a huge size! I had never seen it get so huge! I began to stroke it and then an idea came to my mind. I grabbed some lotion on her nightstand and rubbed it on her tits. I squeezed her tits together and stuck my dick in between them. She was still sl**ping. I went crazy tit fucking her harder and harder! I saw it on porn movies, so I fucked her tits like an a****l! I soon could feel my orgasm coming and kept jerking off. I soon erupted and spurted hot cum all over her tits and onto her face.

I then decided to reveal the sexy panties she had on. I soon saw that she was wearing strings that were matching her bra. I wanted to look at her as, so I rolled he rover. I saw her ass cheeks and smelled her but hole. I then moved in closer to her pussy. My nose was some inches from her cunt, a marvelous hole that I had been thinking of for long time! I moved her panties aside and revealed the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. I could not help myself and started to eat her pussy out. I got a taste of her wonderful pussy juices. It tasted like heaven and I could feel my cock starting to go hard on back again. I continued to eat her juices and licked her clit to get more of her fluids.

I just wished that I could fuck her but knew that I could not without a condom. I decided to search the bathroom to find any… it couldn’t be that such a stunning hot milf didn’t have any in her home! I looked around the room and then found something unexpected. I found a box of pills. Birth control devices! So this fucking bitch was taking contraceptive pills and she wouldn’t get pregnant! So I might fuck her without a condom! I rushed back into her room and turned her over. I grabbed her legs pulling her closer to me and pointing my cock to her juicy pussy. I moved on closer, my cock began to part her pussy lips. I slid in easily and slowly, feeling the warmth of her cunt around my hard cock. I pushed all the way in until the base of my shaft couldn’t go in further! I then began to slide in and out slowly. Soon I began to fuck her with all my might, my balls were slapping against her ass turning me on. I could feel her pussy juices flowing as she was getting turned on too. She must be having an erotic dream as she was moaning in sl**p.

Soon I could feel her pussy starting to tighten around my cock. I pinched her nipples and her pussy gave me final squeeze. I could tell she was coming and I felt I was about to cum too! Finally with one last powerful thrust a shot a huge load deep into her beautiful pussy. Her cunt seemed to be sucking all of my sperm! That was terrific shot! I couldn’t stop filling her cunt spurt after spurt! In the long run I pulled out taking my flabby penis out of Sheila’s dripping cunt. As I did it, I saw a trickle of my semen pouring out of her gaping hole! I put her bra back on her, adjusted her robe too but decided to keep the panties for my own pleasure. I returned to the couch and found my friend Robert still sl**ping. I helped him to bed and went to sl**p on the floor.

Later that night I found someone waking me up. It was his mom! She told me to follow her and I though I was revealed, so she wanted to tell me out. She led me into the living room and sat me down on the couch. This hot milf told me that she had woken up during my fuck and let me go on doing my job. Sheila also said that she had never been satisfied like this before. She then told me that we missed one important factor in our sex. My face turned startled, she came up to me and started pulling down my pants. She kneeled between my legs, took out my hard cock and started licking its head. She then suddenly took the whole of my cock in her mouth and started giving me great head. She gave me the best blow job in my life. I told her that I was about to cum but she kept sucking me off! Oh, God, it felt so good! It was great and wonderful! Her skillful warm tongue got me go on paradise! When I started to cum she took my entire shaft into her mouth, I could feel my cock slid down deep in her throat. Sheila kept on sucking me off while I filled her throat with my hot semen, until she drained my cock once again.

She then stood up and walked away. I took a moment to recover my breath and get over a first shock, then followed her into the bedroom. She was laying on the bed and motion for me to join her. She then got a bottle of lube out of the nightstand next to her bed and rubbed some onto her hands. She then started to rub it onto her breast and a stomach. After it got lubed enough she grabbed my cock and began to stroke it with the lube. Then she bent over and pulled me closer. I couldn’t believe that I was going to get to fuck the most beautiful ass that I had ever seen. I stuck my cock in slowly and gave a push! Then again. I showed her no mercy pumping her ass. I pounded my cock in and out of Sheila’s tight virgin ass. She was overcome with pleasure and pain; soon I could feel her juices dripping from her pussy. I shoved 2 fingers in Sheila’s pussy and started fingering her. She screamed wildly that she wanted me to cum on her tits! I pulled out and shoved it into her asking for more cunt! I could feel my orgasm coming up. At the same time I lay on my back and lifted her ass with my hands. She settled onto top of me and started impaling her arse back on my hard cock again. I was about to come! Soon I felt her as muscles tighten again and she came! She trembled like a leaf on the wind! I cried out I was gonna cum, she slipped off my cock, and lay on her back with face to my shaft. I came up to her and shot a huge load all over her boobs! I covered her all both tits with my white load! After draining my cock that night I collapsed onto her exhausted.

From then on I started to spend more nights at theirs, when my friend was asl**p. I had a great time hanging out with Robert, but more often enjoying nights of fucking his beautiful mom.
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