The White Place, Chapter 2

"Beth? How did it go? Are you okay? Was he mean to you?" My mother frantically fired questions at me. We were driving home now. I hadn't said a word since Will came all over my tits, and gave me a second chance. I was in a daze, a relieved, happy, and slightly horny daze. I kept replaying my memory of him fucking me over and over. Each time my pussy got a little wetter. We had been driving for about an hour, and my pussy couldn't wait any longer. "Mom, can we stop at that gas station? I REALLY need to pee." My mother nodded. She pulled over, and decided to fill her gas tank while we were there. I about ran inside to the bathroom. As soon as I closed the door my pants and panties were down by my ankles, I sat down on the toilet, leaned back, and my fingers began to caress my clit. "Mmm." I moaned quietly. It felt so good to touch myself after an hour of fantasizing. I licked my fingers, and started swirling them around my clit, my pussy got wetter, and wetter. I licked my fingers again, and slowly slipped two fingers in my dripping pussy. I moaned a little louder, not caring if someone heard. I finger fucked myself hard, and rubbed my clit with my thumb at the same time. I slipped two more fingers in my pussy, it was so tight! I moaned even louder. Suddenly, there was a hesitant knock on the door. "is anyone in there?" It was a man's voice. I was too wrapped up in my pussy to answer. He knocked again. "Hello?" A minute later he opened the door, I guess I forgot to lock it. There I was, 4 fingers deep in my pussy, completely exposed, my knees resting on the side of the stall, and my eyes were closed. I was quietly moaning to myself I didn't even notice him there. The door closed. He started rubbing his cock from outside his jeans.
I was completely oblivious to the man's presence. I then shoved all five fingers in my pussy. I screamed in pleasure. The man unzipped his jeans, and started stroking his hard fat cock. A small pool of my pussy juice was forming below me. I began trying to shove my whole fist in my pussy. It was too tight, but I kept pushing. "ohhh." The man groaned. I didn't hear anything. My other hand started rubbing my nipples. I licked my fingers, and my nipples got even harder. The man got closer, and leaned down. I took my hand out of my pussy for a moment to taste myself. The man took the opportunity. He started rubbing his huge cock on my clit and pussy. I was shocked at first to feel it, but it felt SO good. I moaned. He kept rubbing, and slapping his cock on my wet pussy. "put it in. Put that cock in my pussy." I demanded. He obeyed, and slid it in my wet pussy with ease. All the way in, balls deep, he went. " I screamed again. He started fucking me hard. The juice was flowing all over his cock, as he went in and out, in and out, harder and harder. His balls were slapping my ass, and the slapping sound got louder and louder, as he fucked me harder and harder. I was moaning so loud now I was sure the entire store was listening right outside. Suddenly he pulled out, and spun me around so my ass was facing him, and I was holding onto the toilet seat. He rammed his hard cock in me with as much f***e as he could muster. It felt so good. I was going to cum soon. He was ramming me so hard my head started bumping into the wall, and the slap slap slap coming from his balls to my clit got louder, and wetter. One of his hands was holding onto my hips as he pummeled my pussy, the other leaned down and started rubbing my clit. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" I screamed.
"Me too!" He yelled. He fucked me faster, and faster, and faster. My pleasure was going through the roof, and climbing. I was screaming so loud I was going to lose my voice. Faster, faster, and faster he fucked me. In and out, in and out of my dripping pussy. He started groaning, I was still screaming. He gave one last giant push all the way in my pussy. "I'm cumming!" He groaned. I was cumming too. "OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. I felt the hot juices flow into my pussy, as he started to pump his juices deeper inside. He groaned one last time as he finished his huge load in me. He slowly pulled out, and then slid down the wall, I quickly sat down, and we both were catching our breaths. "That...was....incredible." I panted. He nodded as he panted too. We were both all sweaty, and juicy. "I'm Shawn by the way."
"Nice to meet you Beth."
"You too." I smiled. He was cute. He had sandy hair, he was tall, and muscular.
"So how old are you?" He asked.
"26." He was completely at ease after he had just fucked a 17-year-old girl.
We both stood up, and started getting dressed. "So uh, you live around here?" He asked. "Not really. I live about another 2 hours away." He looked a little disappointed.
"Oh, well maybe we can get together sometime."
"Yeah, I'd like that. Here's my number." I pulled a pen out of my pants pocket, and grabbed his hand. It was all sweaty, so I wiped it on my shirt. "Great. I'll call you. Soon." I smiled at him. "Okay. See you soon then." He left the room, and I waited a few moments to make it seem like we were in there at separate times. When I exited the small bathroom, my mother was waiting for me. She wore a dazzling smile on her face. "Mom....what are you doing?"
"Oh honey I'm so proud of you." I was taken aback.
"I head everything in there! Sounds like it was fun huh? Oh sweetie." She hugged me, and rubbed my head. "I am so proud of you." She continued to praise me for being a whore as we drove the rest of the way home. She started giving me tips on blow jobs, and how to make him last longer. My head was spinning with cocks, and pussys, and cum by the time we got home. I headed upstairs to take a shower, and my mom called up to me. "I'm having some friends over tonight, you can join us if you want." The thought of getting to fuck more strangers excited me. "Will do!" I called down to her. I raced upstairs to make my pussy nice and fresh for the next couple guys to get inside me.
After my shower I went downstairs. My mother was socializing with a couple guys who had come over early. She was wearing black lingerie, and rubbing her nipples. The two guys were rubbing their cocks from outside their pants. "Hi honey. Guys this is my daughter Beth. Beth this is John, and Robert." She gestured to each of them, and me.
"Hi." I said shyly. I went and sat down next to my mother, I was in a blue tank top, and a matching mini skirt that barely covered my ass and pussy. "The others should be along soon." My mother said. "How many are coming?" I asked.
"Well, if Jude comes it'll be about 11." That meant 5-6 guys for each of us. My pussy was getting wet just thinking about it. I thought back to earlier today when I lost my virginity to Will, and how someday soon I would get to see him again. Then I thought about Shawn from the gas station, and the 11 guys who were on their way. My pussy was throbbing as the bl**d rushed there.
There was a knock at the door. 4 more guys came in and sat down. My mother passed out drinks to everyone. Another knock, and 2 more came in. The living room was getting full. Another knock a few minutes later, and rest of the 11 arrived. Everyone invited was there. My mother told me sometimes they have walk-ins, and sometimes her girlfriends like to join in. We all sat in a circle in the living room, sipping drinks, talking, and touching ourselves. I was kind of shy, and hesitantly started rubbing my nipples. My mother was already rubbing her clit, and a few of the guys has pulled their cocks out. I noticed my mother had invited 6 black guys, and 5 white guys. She told me black guys have bigger dicks, and I was looking forward to feeling them fill up all my holes. I wet my fingers and slipped them inside my top, caressing my nipples. Then another black man randomly opened the front door, waved at my mother, and sat next to me. "How you doin' baby?" He put his arm around me and started playing with my breasts. "You Marion's daughter?" He asked as he pulled my shirt off. I nodded. "How you doin', I'm Omar."
"I'm Beth."
"Beth. MMM, I like that. you got nice titties beth." He said as he was sucking them. My nipples got hard, and my pussy was electrified, and oh so hot. I looked over at my mother. She had 6 guys all around her, everyone was getting naked. The other 5 guys headed over to me. All my clothes were taken off me in a second it seemed, and the 5 guys surrounded me. One was on his back licking my asshole, one was sucking and licking my clit, two were rubbing, and licking my tits, and one had his cock in my mouth. I was moaning, but it was muffled from the cock in my mouth. I was sucking on the head of his cock, and my tongue was licking like crazy from the inside. My hand stroked the rest of his cock. All the guys were naked now too, I took a peek at all their dicks. My mother was right, the black ones were almost twice as big. My mouth watered just at the thought of sucking those cocks, and having them all the way in my 17-year-old pussy. One of the guys sucking my tits stood on the couch and f***ed his cock in my mouth along with the other one. It was a black cock, and boy was it long and fat. MMM I thought to myself. Suddenly the licking and sucking of my clit stopped, and I felt a rock hard black cock rubbing on my clit and pussy. I moaned. "You ever been fucked by a black cock Beth?" Omar said. I shook my head, for the two cocks in my mouth made it difficult to talk. "Well, this should be one hell of a fuck for you then." As he said this his pushed in the head of his enormous cock. I screamed in pleasure. "Damn, that's a tight pussy. " He groaned. He pushed in a little more. I felt every inch of that cock, and it felt good. "More, More!" I told him. He f***ed him a couple more inches. "All the way. I can take it." He thrust his cock deep in my pussy, all the way in. His balls hit my asshole, where the guy below was still licking it. I moaned so loud, I heard my mother moan too. She already had two cocks in her. I felt Omar's cock go all the way in my pussy, and pull all the way out. In and out. All the way in, and all the way out. He started thrusting harder. He then pulled out and rotated. The next cock was a bit smaller and white, but I still felt all of it in my sweet little pussy. One by one each of the guys took 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 turns fucking me. More and more. It had been an 2 hours already, and I was still hot. My mother said once the guys cum they leave, one by one. My mother was down to 3 guys, but I still had all 5. I said on Omar's cock, and felt all of it go deep inside me, even deeper than before. Up and down, up and down I went, while sucking 3 other cocks. I felt a cock rubbing my asshole. He spit, and rubbed it all over my little virgin asshole. "You ready for this?" It was another white guy, but his cock would be plenty big to fill me. I felt the head penetrate my ass. It felt good, I begged him to fuck my ass with all his might. "Ok, you asked for it." He rammed that cock all the way in my ass. The cock in my pussy felt even bigger with the extra pressure from my ass. " OH MY GOD! Right there!" I screamed. Two cocks in me, and two in my mouth. It felt like nothing else in the world. It was amazing. Suddenly Omar was speeding up. I felt the urgency in his cock as I rode him. He pumped his cock in me harder, and faster. Faster and faster. Faster. Harder. MMM. I moaned and moaned. He was going so fast now I thought I might cum, and then I heard him grunt, and I felt the hot juices splurge inside my pussy. He continued to fuck me as he finished his load in me. He then scooted out from under me, and another black guy took his place. He pushed Omar's load further up my pussy, and started fucking me. I watched as Omar dressed and waved good-bye. I waved too in-between screams.
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