The White Place, Chapter 5

That night my father fucked my brains out. He fucked me harder, and longer, and in more ways than anyone ever had before. You want to know the crazy part? It was the best night of my life. I woke up alone in my bed, and completely satisfied, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I got horny again. Today was Wednesday, and I hadn't been to school yet this week, and so I figured I better go. I jumped out of bed naked, and covered in cum, and dried sweat. Last night I came 6 times, and my father came twice. Once on me, and once in me. It was fantastic. The little annoying thought that I could be pregnant kept popping into my head, so I turned the stereo on too loud for me to think. I hopped in the shower, and got an idea.
I took the shower head off the handle, and let the water spray my pussy. I instantly felt a surge of pleasure, and closed my eyes. I leaned against the wall of the shower, one hand holding the shower head, and one hand holding my pussy open for maximum pleasure. I changed the setting on the water stream, and felt the water pounding my clit, and I felt my orgasm build, and explode within about 2 minutes. I sighed so enthralled, and feeling so good.
I quickly got ready, and headed off to school. Margo was waiting for me at the doors. She was hugely pregnant, and bouncing around impatiently for me to get to her. When I reached her she exploded "Where the fuck have you been?! What happened at the white place?!" I realized I hadn't seen or spoken to Margo since the weekend right before I left for the white place to be impregnated. I told Margo about Will, the guy at the gas station, and my mother's friends. I decided to leave my father out of it. She was in shock the entire time I retold the stories of being fucked by so many hungry cocks. "Oh my god Beth. What if you're pregnant right now? It obviously won't be Will's k**." She had just told me something that I had been thinking about for days. If I were to have a k**, I would want it to be Will's. "I wish he had cum in me..."
We both headed to class, and I went through another boring day of school, and thinking of sex the entire time. It felt like forever since I had been in school. I was finally in my last class of the day, it was math with Mr. Richardson. He was one of the more sexy teachers in the school, early thirties, brown "Mcdreamy" hair, fit, and seductive. I sat down, and felt my bare ass hit the cold metal of the chair. I was wearing a mini red plaid skirt, and it didn't cover my ass when I sat down. I had a white blouse with a black tie on to finish the ensemble. The class droned on as Mr. Richardson and his hot ass worked through problems on the white board. The bell finally rang to my relief, and just as I was about to exit the classroom, Mr. Richardson said "Oh Beth, Can you stay behind for a moment? I need to speak with you about your grade." I sighed, and sat in the chair in front of his desk, and placed my backpack on the floor. "Beth I have noticed a steady decline in your grade for this class, and I'm afraid right now it's an F." I can't say that I was at all surprised, but I pretended that I was. "What?! But I have been trying so hard Mr. Richardson! Please! Isn't there something you can do?" I looked at him with pleading eyes. "No, I'm afraid at this point it's too late to pass the class." I stood up, and slowly walked to the other side of his desk, and sat down on his papers. "Beth, could you please go back to your seat?" He looked a little uncomfortable, but I saw the look in his eye that I needed; Desire.
I seductively slipped off the desk, and the papers went all of the floor. I bent down with my ass right in front of his face, and he could clearly see that I wasn't wearing panties. I took my time picking up the papers, and he made no objection. I placed the papers on his lap, and made a point to lightly touch his cock. I went and sat back down, and noticed his eyes were wide, and he was starting to sweat. "Um..." He was at a loss for words, and started aimlessly rummaging around his desk. "Mr. Richardson, is there something we out? I really can't fail, my mother will kill me." I batted my eyes, and squished my tits together. "Well uh, I'm not sure..." He mumbled. I got up again, and sat on his desk in front of him. I opened my legs a little, and rubbed my nipple. "I'm sure there is something you could do for me." He stared at my pussy, and his hand slowly reached out to touch it. At the last moment, he pulled his hand away and stood up. "Beth, I think you should leave. I will see you tomorrow." I stood up, and instead of leaving I knelt in front of him. "Oops, I think I dropped some more papers." I knelt down, and put my head against his cock, and rubbed as I picked the papers up in between his legs. I felt the small bulge in his pants get bigger, and bigger. I then quickly stood up, walked around the desk, picked up my backpack, and stood looking at him. "Are you sure there isn't anything I can do before I leave Mr. Richardson?" I brushed my tit with my hand again. He just stared at me, his cock sticking straight up. "Um...Maybe we can work something out. Why don't you come over here and sit down, and we can discuss it." I smiled in victory as I walked over, and once again sat on his desk. I opened my legs, and leaned back on my elbows. He sat down as well, and stared at my pussy. "So what are you thinking?" I said.
"Oh I think there are some things we can work out for you." He leaned forward, and placed his tongue directly on my clit. I moaned. His tongue felt so hot, and wet on my love bud. I brushed everything on his desk behind me and onto the floor. I lied back, and spread my legs as far as they would go, and I watched as Mr. Richardson ate my sweet little pussy. His tongue swirled around my clit, and lapping up the juices from my pussy with incredible speed. He sucked on my clit as if he was drinking the best smoothie ever made from a straw. I came twice, before he stood up, and pulled me to a sitting position. He pulled my blouse off, and ran his hands over my tits. He reached a hand down and rubbed my clit while sucking on my nipples. My hand wandered and undid his belt. His pants fell to the floor, and he pulled his boxers down, revealing a huge fat cock that I couldn't wait to fuck. I jumped off the desk, and wrapped my hand around the giant pole. I slowly licked the tip, and watched him groan in pleasure. I rubbed his cock up and down, and sucked on the head. My other hand fondled his balls, and my tongue was licking all over his thick shaft, and it was growing larger and larger in front of me. "Come here you little whore." He picked me up and set me on the desk on my back. He opened my legs, and his finger found my clit again. "Oh, I have been wanting to fuck this pussy for a long time." He looked at my sweet little pussy like his dream come true. I smiled at him, and eagerly waited for his thick meaty cock to go in my pussy.
I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my wet little hole. "Fuck me Mr. Richardson."
"hmm, I like that. Say it again." The suspense was building as he held the tip of his cock at my hole, just teasing me. "Fuck me. Fuck me Mr. Richardson." He then thrust, and jammed his cock all the way in my cunt, balls-deep. I screamed in ecstasy. It felt so good to have a huge cock fill me up. He held his cock in my for a moment. I wrapped my legs around him, and pushed him even further into me. He suddenly began fucking me with a vigor. Harder, and harder, faster, and faster he plunged his cock deep into my cunt. He leaned down and kissed me, rubbed my nipples, and fucked me harder than ever. The sound of his cock pounding into me, and his balls hitting my ass, and his desk moving with every thrust just spurned me on. I moaned, and dug my nails into the desk. He pulled all the way out, then thrust it all the way back in. So hard, so fast, so delectable. I imagined students, and staff members gazing down the hall in wonder at the moaning, and the loud slapping noises that came from his cock slamming in and out of me. I couldn't believe it. My math teacher was fucking me! I looked at his hand massaging my tit, and saw a ring. I bet his wife would be jealous.
He then pulled out of me, and turned me so I was on my stomach on the desk. He rubbed his cock on my clit, and pussy a few times, then slowly pushed his cock to the hilt. He grabbed onto my ass and slammed that cock into me over, and over, and over again, each thrust harder than the last. I could barely contain myself. I felt another orgasm growing within my throbbing, hot little pussy. I pushed my ass into him, and his met mine with a hard plunge. He groaned as I felt myself cum for the third time. I screamed. I crossed my legs, making my pussy constrict around his cock even more. He pulled out again, and put me on my back. Fucking me relentlessly.
Suddenly I felt him cringe, and he was getting ready to cum. He leaned down and kissed me. Our tongues intertwined as he fucked me. I moved my hips with them making the thrusts even harder. With one final hard, and satisfying plunge our crotches were sealed, and he was as deep in my pussy as he could be. I moaned, and his cock and my orgasm exploded.
He started squirting his huge load deep inside me, I could feel it pulsing, and delivering more and more cum at my womb. I held onto him and didn't let one drop of his cum leave my little pussy. A powerful, huge load of hot cum spurted again and again into my womb, I felt the jizz flood my pussy, and I loved it. He started pushing the cum even further into me, little by little, he thrust into me a little faster. He thrust forward harder making sure he got every last drop into me. I was euphoric, and I could definitely get into this. My pussy guzzled at his cock, swallowing each squirt as if it had never been fed. I was still moaning as he thrust his cum deep inside me, and I was squeezing that cock dry for every little drop.
After a few more spurts he was spent, and collapsed on top of me, his cock still lodged deep inside me. He held me for a moment, and some of the cum started seeping out of my pussy, sliding down my butt crack, and onto the desk. He slowly pulled out of me, wiped his cock off with a tissue, and started putting on his pants. "Well Beth, I think we may have a deal." I sat up, and grabbed a tissue myself. "Really? What kind of deal?" He put his shirt on, and sat down in his chair. "If you let me fuck and cum in you every day after school, I'll give you an A." We sat there for a moment, and he said "Oh! And sometimes on the weekend when I call." He looked at me, waiting to agree. I leaped off the desk, hugged him, and planted a kiss on his lips. "Of course I agree. And I can't wait to fulfill this arrangement."

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3 years ago
Excellent stories
3 years ago
great story. wicked arousing! thanks!
4 years ago
Great story, got me all hard and horny. What a delight it would be to be Mr Richardson ;)
4 years ago
wonderful sexy series. part 6 where are you? how about some info on how much of the population died & from what??
4 years ago
very hot
4 years ago
so amazing love these stories their just so hot and naughty, such a turn on