First time Wank with another man

I’m not really gay but if something turns me on I’m not one to say no. I was 18, definitely not a virgin and had been wanking since I was a good 12 years old; I knew my way around my own cock. I remember discovering porn for the first time when I was about 14. My older b*****r left a C.D. hidden under the PC desk with the word porn written in small words on the top. Now by this time I’d been wanking but using my imagination and the shower to get my hard cock to bring me to orgasm.
I put this CD into the PC and a few files were on there. Jenna Jameson does DP, Cheerleader gets fucked; the list goes on. But my cock was absolutely rock hard just reading the names of these files and what they may contain. My heart was racing and every beat sent a shiver down my stiff shaft. Felt like my cock was going to rip right through my trousers. My shaky excited hand reached for the mouse and clicked. I pulled my trousers down and off staring wide eyed at the scene unfolding. A man’s big hard cock was pulled out by the woman and I was amazed just to see another cock in such close detail. I slowly touched my own solid cock and rubbed the foreskin slowly back and forth. I had to stop myself as I nearly came straight away and she hadn’t even got her pussy out by this time. Soon the scene turned to him licking her pussy and he fucked her on the bench. I used all of my will not to touch my cock til the end. The man was rubbing his cock and came all over the woman’s face. Seeing this for the first time I rubbed by own cock and a burst of my young hot cum fired out and up about a meter! This was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.

Following this experience I realised just how good sex and wanking can be. I wanted to capture that heart racing unbelievably cock hard feeling again. By the age of 18 girls and porn had sufficed to meet my sexual desires. Although I had a fantasy about wanking with another man. Every time I watched a porn film I felt drawn to the cock in the scene, wanting to grab it and rub it. But the opportunity only came up once, and it was one of the best sexual experiences of my life.
I went to University and got my first part time job. Just working in a warehouse packing boxes and sending them (I’m slim and strong so this was easy for me). Not interesting at all. Apart from one night. My boss and his wife seemed to take a liking to me, they both ran the place and let me go early and gave me lifts home every now and then. I never thought much of it. But one night they sent all the other lads home and asked if I could stay and pack a few things more. I agreed and filled a few more orders. I was concerned since all the doors were locked up by this time. When I was done I rubbed the sweat off my forehead and headed to the office to find my boss.

I opened the door to the office and both were smiling at me; they were in their 30s. There was a plant in the corner and a long black couch at the back of the office. I sat on a small chair opposite them. She was standing and he was sat. I sat here as they told me to “take a seat”. When I sat the door was locked by the wife using the deadlock key. I asked “whats up?”
My boss held his hands in front of his him and said “we’ve got a proposition for you”
She calmed me and said not to worry and touched by my shoulders when she did this.
My heart flickered quicker and I felt a strange sense of excitement; I had an odd feeling this wasn’t just a work meeting.
“Me and my wife like you, I mean we think you are young and gorgeous”
The word “We” stood out in my mind.
“ok”, I said slowly
And to my shock his hand slipped under the desk and began to move. I knew he’d started rubbing his cock and my eyes just stuck to his. The tension in the room was building each second and I felt a serious twitch in my cock.
He said then said bluntly “Have you ever touched a man before?”
“no” I said and added “I’ve seen plenty of cocks in porn films though”.
“How would it make you feel if I slipped my cock out now?”
I looked down a bit, glanced at his wife who looked very approving.
She added “Say what you think, nothing leaves this room, it just between us”
I then said “I’ve always liked the idea of touching another cock”
He smiled and my cock jumped, I felt it twitch like the first time I saw porn.
I let go and my cock was protruding from my trousers openly at this point.
“That looks nice” his wife said. I couldn’t believe what was happening my heart was racing and my hands were a bit shaky with this excitement.

“My wife wants to film us wank each other, how does that sound?”
“That sounds amazing”
“You have to do as you are told though, ok?”
“ok” I said, feeling the excitement bolt down my turgid cock.
I was instructed to sit on the couch. My boss sat next to me, one hand on my knee. His wife bent down and got the camera out of the low draw. I noticed her skirt ride up and she had no knickers on. My boss noticed I was looking and said “You like the look of that?”
“Definately” the words coming out quicker than i expected.
“MMMMM...” His wife said. She lent back on the desk in front of us with the camera and slid onto it. Spreading her legs wide then slipping her skirt up revealing her sopping wet pussy. She slipped her fingers in and out of herself, put the camera down for a second and took off her top; her tits looked delicious.

My cock was so hard and begging to be released by this point. I looked to my boss and saw his cock was at the same stage. And he was looking right at my crotch. He slowly slid his hand onto my jeans and rubbed my cock through them. It felt so good. He said. “Now unzip my trousers”
I did and I pulled them down, his cock burst out his underwear and looked so hard. There was some pre-cum on the tip of his cock and his foreskin was moist. I looked at him and he nodded a “go on”. I put my hand around his shaft and his cock was so warm and stiff; I’ll never forget that feeling.

He moaned, and started on my jeans. My cock was in his big hand in no time and I was thrusting into his hand as he moved up and down slowly. He definitely knew what he was doing as no girl has come close to giving a handjob to me nearly as good. Our arms crossed looking and eachothers cocks we continued to rub ourselves off. The feeling was so good, I felt my entire body shaking to the feeling in my cock as my heart pounded. The feeling of his cock just added to my nearly unbearable excitement.
His wife was wantching, filming and wanking vividly to us. She moved and pearched herself on the end of the couch legs spread wide right in front of me. I had the view of my boss’ wifes sopping wet pussy and his moist hard cock. The memory still gets me hard now.
“Take the rest of your clothes off” My boss said. I did as did he.
“My wife can be a bit messy” I, just grabbed back hold of his cock once we setteled back on the couch as we were getting closer to cumming now and I was desperate to cum now.
His cock was so hard at this point. His wife moaning too. He said then;
“You’d better cum for us now, I can’t hold off”
At those words his cock pulsed in my tight grip and my cock did the same, our cocks pointed in eachothers directions, we covered eachother and our cocks in our hot sticky cum. Three or four massive busrts came from my cock, the feeling was unbelievable. His cock did the same and I felt the cum bursting down the shaft. The by my second burst though his wife screamed loudly, she lent back and squirted all over us both. We were a smiling mess on the sofa she slid on top of us both and we half lay, half sat there in a filthy mess for a long while.

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10 months ago
Always wanted to be able to have fun with a man with his wife watching or even joining in. But that has not happened Yet! But its one of my most fervent fantasies