My sexual fantasies

Well, I've always had sexual fantasies, since I was very young, I discovered the joys of masturbation around the age of 8, I remember playing in my bedroom with my pillow, I imagined it as a woman, or something like that, and so I took the pillow and I put it between my legs, rubbing my little cock against the pillow in a sensual movement, thinking about dirty things, until I reached the orgasm and jizzed over the pillow, it was so exciting for me and I enjoyed very much those situations. I remember several afternoons playing with one friend of mine in the staircases of my condominium, we rubbed our cocks into each other, we joked and had fun, and also at school I simulated a sexual relation with some schoolmates, but we have never had homosexual relationships, it was only a game.

I've had almost an i-n-c-e-s-t-u-o-u-s relationship with one female cousin of mine, when we were young we kissed and we touched us, she touched my dick and I touched her tits, her ass and her pussy, we were almost arrived to have a sexual relation, but at that point we stopped that "game", wishing to not create problems in our families.

When I was around the age of 10-11, there was another friend of mine, older than me, who often invited me to his house, we watched porn movies and he also masturbated his huge cock in front of me, but it didn't make any effect to me, I was young and maybe I was a little a bit scared. Once he also told me that he wanted to fuck me in the ass, he was so horny and I was scared, so I said no, I couldn't do as I pleased, because I was not (and I'm not) homosexual, I always loved women, so that situation didn't excite me, so my ass is still virgin. Once he was masturbating in front of me, while we were watching some porn movies, he told me to put my hands on his cock and wanking it fast... I did it, there was no emotion in what I did, he came and I was not happy, I just satisfied his lovely requests.

Growing up with the adolescence and sexual puberty, I discovered the real porn, with a little help from my friends, I watched the first porn movies on old VHS (lately with the satellite pay-tv) and I read the first pornographic newspapers, with the illustrated images of people fucking and horny comments, I wore the underclothes of my mother and my s-i-s-t-e-r (stockings and panties) and masturbate my dick with my hand inside a stocking, reading and seeing the porno images, and watching myself in a mirror, until I came, cumming very hard. Sometimes I used to decorate my cock with chocolate or whipped cream while wanking. At high school I was jerking off many times thinking about porn stories about my slutty and hot female schoolmates, cumming on her faces (on photos) and making tributes on the group album of my school class.

And today? Today I use the phone, some years ago on internet I've known a slutty blonde friend (the same girl you see in the photo of my avatar) who is engaged with a jealous and possessive boyfriend, who even doesn't let her go out of home, and so, when she can, she calls me on my phone and we masturbate each other on phone sex, dirty talking (she has got great big boobs) until we come, it's a funny and exciting thing, we do it since years, but now the thing begins to be a little bit frustrating and boring to me, one day I would like to know her live and finally wish to fuck her in the reality.

My recurrent dreams are:

Jerking off with a post-op shemale/tranny/ladyboy and cumming together;

I would like to suck a post-op shemale/ladyboy/tranny cock, even doing a blowjob and prostate massage, and then fuck her very hard in the ass and cumming on her tits;

A forbidden fantasy: a threesome with two brazilian post-op shemales, a wild fuck, where I could become also passive, if they are sweet with me;

Another forbidden fantasy: I would like to be a slave, just for one day, for a woman or shemale mistress and let her do anything she wants with me and treat me like a whore;

A Threesome with one masked lady and a man disguised with woman's lingerie, so I would like to fuck both of them;

I would like to participate to a gangbang of young girls and/or mature women (nationality or skin colours don’t matter for me);

Finally, would like to satisfy the most perverse desires of bitches in heat, preggos and lesbians.

That's "all" folks!
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1 year ago
i wana get laid with a shemale too my big phantasy
1 year ago
Wow! Le tue fantasie sono molto intriganti!!! ;-)
1 year ago
So many things in common from those childhood days to now. I too love shemales and recommend you act out your fantasies as there are many great escorts out there.
2 years ago
And here I thought I was bad..Here's hoping you get all your wishes fulfilled in more ways than you can image.
2 years ago
Very cute story, I wold love to participate... :-)
2 years ago
Wow you are something