Last night I drank my own cum

Once upon a time...

There was a regular boy, who was always fascinated by women, but one day (casually) discovered the dirty and horny world of the "third way" of sex, the fantastic shemale-ladyboy-tranny universe, and it was like a shock for him, a very sweet shock, he never believed or thought in exciting himself by watching a girl with a cock, but instead that new world electrified him, and made himself very curious about these she-males, widening his love above women and becoming a real sex pig and an orgasm addict.

Well, that regular boy was me. I consider myself as an heterosexual with a great passion for (operated) feminine T-Girls and some hot cd also, loving the experiments, but I can say that I have never been attracted by men, so I'm not bisexual or into homosexual things, even if I have respect for all the sexual tastes, I don't have prejudices and I don't discriminate anybody, I live and let live, especially when we talk about sex, simply I don't like it.

Just a little bit curious about shemales, while continuing to adore pussy.

Ok, this was a little story about me, I hope you couldn't bore so much. Here's what happened last night:

I was very horny and, as usual, I watched many videos, uploading photos here and masturbating my fat cock, for hours. I was so excited that, at one point, a raw idea came to my mind: "Why don't you drink your cum?" I never did it in my life (I never drink a woman's fluid) so I was curious and I wanted to experiment it, I've watched this thing a million times in porn videos by men, women and shemales, so I thought, "If they do like that, anyone can do it". I had no problem to do it, after jerking off, I'm single and I can do what I want, so I've taken a paper glass and... mmmmmmmhhh... I cummed my jizz into the paper glass...

The cum was so white, so dense, so intense... The smell was horrible, but by now I was definite to taste my "nectar", and so I did it...

One big breath, a small taste, mmmmmhh, a little bit bitter...

But come on, let's go, it's time to drink!!!

I drank my cum, in an only sip, and I liked it, no remorse!

How was it? I felt good, my body was well, I remember having a strong taste down my throat for several hours, like a burning drink.

It was so strange, but so nice. I think I'll try it again, some day.
99% (46/1)
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1 month ago
I also love eating my cum after jerking off best way to complete the pleasure.
4 months ago
I love slurping a nice puddle of jizz from my palm after a nice jerkoff session. I try not to wash my mouth out for a while afterwards, loving the distant taste memories on my tongue, in my cheeks for hours afterwards. PROTIP: Another fun favorite is to unload inside your lovers mouth then share a nice deep tongue kiss afterwards, sharing the load and cleaning her lips for her... even better if you are both wearing lipstick! ;)
5 months ago
I remember the first time i swallowed my own cum. Loved it!!
9 months ago
Nothing tastes better than licking your cum out of a wet freshly fucked pussy I do it every chance that I get
11 months ago
Been sampling my seed since I was a teenager. Very sexy. The women I have been with
really got on my doing that. As an aside shemales fascinate me as well.
11 months ago
I've tried twice, mixing fruit juice with my cum, it was very good and tasty and I didn't have the strong taste down my throat for several hours, it's sweeter with other drinks :-)
1 year ago
i drink my own cum also
1 year ago
I tried myself, and found I like it
1 year ago
Now you should try anothers. Its much more yummy right from the source.
1 year ago
I just did this the other night while playing on cam with a girlfriend. mmmmmm
2 years ago
Cum delicious, cum/piss in wine glass even hotter such a nice texture mmmm try some
2 years ago
I love eating my own cum. especially off the tits of a girl or by kissing her after cumming on her face. But also when I'm on my own, I cum on my face from time to time.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Only have recently tried it and like it when I'm in the mood.
2 years ago
Try it on salty things like chips, it adds to the taste :)
2 years ago
I love the taste of cum :)

2 years ago
Thank you for sharing that with us. If possible, when jerking, throw your legs over your head when ready to cum and shoot straight into your mouth. You'll love it.
2 years ago
you have to keep trying it it grows on you and than you can't get enough