The day my b*****r popped my cherry

It was a hot June day and i was home alone. Being horny as hell, i quickly tossed my clothes and started watching some porn on the net. Pretty soon i was hard as a rock and jacking off furiously. Despite always watching str8 porn, i had recently been fascinated by some ass play vids and was always watching at vids of women playing with asses...
I had slightly bent over, jacking off like a madman and having inserted a pencil in my little, tight asshole, when i realized someone was behind me...I turned in a panic, and there was my older b*o, looking down at me with a weird, savage smile and a very obvious hardon in his pants.
As he was 27 and i was only 18, we were never really close. Actually, i was always quite intimidated by him. I knew i was in trouble and his first words proved me ominously right: "I think dad would love to know you are a little fag k**do" he said with a smile.
I started begging for his silence, swearing i was str8 and promising to never play with my ass again. Ofcourse he didn't care for anything like that. He said that if i wanted his silence, he would have to replace that little pencil with something a lot bigger and meatier. I knew i was about to get sodomized and i started panicking, but it was too late. He was already taking his clothes off, warning me i was in for a world of pain.
His 20cm fuck pole soon had invaded my poor, stretching mouth...I kept trying to pull a bit back but to no avail.He wanted to hear me choke, and that is what i did. Holding my head with both hands, he would push his cockhead to the back of my throat and fuck my skull. After a few scary minutes of face fucking, it was time for me to learn my place in life. I was made to get on all fours on the carpet and he shoved his cock up my little, tight, puckered asshole. Inch by inch, i stopped being the young man i was until then. When he was finally balls deep, i was impaled and shouting bl**dy murder.
The next couple of hours was a ride, both literally and metaphorically. I had to take cum in my ass and on my face, swallow loads and learn to be a slut. And that was just the beginning!

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1 year ago
mmm more please
3 years ago
I had rad sex with my bro too, Love it! It's a lot more common than people think. And get this, he's married.
3 years ago
fuck man great story
3 years ago
ur a good bitch for ur bro.....tell us more dude ;)
3 years ago
good job
3 years ago
you lucky boy !!!!!
3 years ago
Very hot!! more please
3 years ago
sexy! more please =]
3 years ago
This was hot!