One evening as you were relaxing at home after work, you hear the doorbell.

I am at the door. I tell you that I am there on business having to do with the house. (I have found out that the house that you rent is going to be sold). I tell you that I have to do a quick inspection and then I will be able to refund your housekeeping deposit.

You ask for ID, which I supply and then ask me in. We sit down in the living room and I ask you about ten questions about the house.

I ask you if you could take me on a tour and answer any questions as they come up. You say yes and start to show me around. We start in the living room and I ask several question which you answer. We start down the hall to the bedroom. The first question I ask is, “do you enjoy movies?” You are taken unawares but figure that I am just being sociable. You give a general answer that the movies lately are not that good. I ask you if you have seen THE MOVIE and all of a sudden you start to realize who I am.

I smile and say that I have missed your body and had to come for an encore. I tell you to remove your clothes and lay down on the bed.

You are again at the same point you were at our first meeting. Wanting to follow my instructions and at the same time not wanting to.

I move closer to you and let my hands roam your body. Stroking your neck and breasts. I turn you around so that you are facing away from me. I slowly unbutton your blouse and pull it from your body. I again stroke your back and neck and remove your bra. You tease up immediately but never say a word. I bring one of my hands up your skirt touching your inner thighs until I reach your panties. These I pull down to your feet. At last I remove your skirt and you are standing facing away from me totally nude. I tell you to get onto the bed and close your eyes. You hesitate and I pick you up and place you onto the bed.

I take from my pocket the thinnest of ribbon. It is such that if you don’t want to go through with it, you could just snap it. I bind your wrists to the headboard and your feet to the footboard. You are stretched out on the bed. I remove my clothes. I join you on the bed and start caressing every inch of your body. I run my tongue around your earlobes down your neck and to your nipples. I climb onto you straddling your body, my tongue and fingers massage your nipples. Downward I move to your belly and then I place my head between your thighs and lick. My tongue encircles your pussy and enters it. I take your clit between my lips and suck it into my mouth. All this time, your body is trembling with indesion .

I lift my body above yours and bring my cock to your pussy. As I massage your breasts with my hands, my cock is pressing at your pussy. I lower my hips a little bit and my cock’s head pushes ever so slowly into your body. I push harder and the head disappears and soon the shaft follows. I grab you around the thighs squeezing inward and thrust myself into you over and over.

Your body is thrusting upward to meet my cock coming downward and we both explode.

We feel the warmth of our intermingled juices flowing down our thighs. I get off of you and untie just your legs I further instruct you to remain with your eyes closed. I spread your legs wide and slowly lick you totally clean of our juices. I come back to again straddle your body. I place my cock between your b**sts and slide back and forth.

After a little time, I get off and move you so that now you are facing downward on the bed. I pull you to the side of the bed so that your legs are hanging down.

I spread your cheeks and lick your ass. Start on the outside working inward to your anus. My tongue swirls around it intermittently diving in. I bring my cock which is still glistening with our juices up to your anus. I hold the head there for I want to watch it getting lost in you. A little pressure and the head vanishes slowly inch by inch I bury my cock into you until none of the shaft is visible. I pull back and start a slow, fast, firm and soft pattern of gaining access to your body. I reach around and several fingers make their way into your pussy. I am entering you from both sides and both of us can feel as the fingers come ever so close to touching the cock. Your body bucks and I explode into you.
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