Mr Movie Guy

Your first story

I am walking down a street when I happen to see you walking on the other side of the street. There is something about you that catches my eye. I cross the street and start to follow you.

You enter a movie theater and purchase a ticket for the balcony section. I follow and do the same. After waiting for a few minutes for you to get settled, I follow you upstairs.

Y our seated in the first row at the railing, there is no one else in the balcony. I take a seat right behind you. After a few minutes, I reach forward and stroke the back of your neck with my fingers. Your body stiffens but you do not object. My hands now stroke the front of your neck and start moving downwards. You get a little more flustered and your body tenses more but still no objection from you. My hands slide down inside your blouse and reach your nipples. I pinch them between my finger tips and rotate. You start to tremble.

I lean forward and whisper to you “do not talk or look around at me, stand up at the railing”.

You slowly rise following my instruction. I climb over the back of your seat and sit while you are standing looking out over the theater.

Slowly my hands run over your body exploring and caressing. I undo the button of your blouse and pull it away from your body. After I unfasten your skirt, I let it fall to the floor. My hands again explore your body. Quickly, I strip off my clothing. I stand behind you and as our bare skin touches we feel an electric charge. I grasp you and pull you back towards me and sit back in the chair with you in my lap. My hands move like lightning, here there everywhere. They stroke your neck and breasts and finally fingers find your pussy.

Circle ling around your clit. Your wetness starts to flow and my fingers enter you.

My cock is getting so hard it hurts. I lift you upwards and then slowly lower again. As you come down, you feeling my cock pressing at your pussy. I continue to lower you and your body swallows my cock. I watch as slowly its head penetrates and disappears and the shaft follows quickly behind. By raising and lowering you, you slide up and down my shaft. I am kissing your neck and back, my hands are at your waist and breasts and I am driving my cock into you over and over. It can’t last for long at this rate and it doesn’t. I explode into you pouring my cum into your pussy.

We are both exhausted and stay quiet for a brief moment. I start to feel a nice warm wet mixture of our juices flowing down our thighs. This immediately makes me hard.

I tell you to stand again and you follow my directions. I then tell you to lean out over the railing.

You are in this position, leaning out over the audience if anyone looked up, they would see you.

I come behind you, kneel down and with my tongue clean the glistening juices from your thighs. As I am licking, I see your cute ass hole, so I encircle it with my tongue. Around and around and finally darting in. I stand behind you and bring my swollen cock to your ass hole. I push slowly and watch (I love to watch) my cock’s head presses against your ass. More pressure and it parts its way in. I wait like that enjoying the feeling as my hands grasp your breasts. I push harder and my shaft sinks into your ass. I pull you upright with my arms wrapped around your body and move your whole body up and down my cock sliding in and out until us both cum with a shudder.

I did not seem possible but the movie was starting to end and we were totally exposed. Again I tell you not to talk or look around and I climb back into my seat I tell you to get dressed and you hear me doing the same. Finally I tell you to get me your purse. You do so. I remove your driver’s license and return it to you. At last I whisper into your ear “I will see you again” and am gone.
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I loved it.