My First White Chick 4


Damn she was sucking and stroking my dick so good trying to take every inch her mouth. After she had her fill with my dick she said Im ready for you to put it inside me. So I go to lay her fine ass down to give her what she asked for. As I begin to insert it inside her I could feel that she so wet I mean wet the wettest pussy I've been in. The deeper that I thrusted the tighter she held on to me "she whispered not so deep go slow". But she couldn't take it all either so I had to slower and only put the head in. Once I did she began to get louder it seems but then I could see she was creaming on my dick. Then she said I want it all now so I gave it all to her. Man she was taking it at first but it became to much for her so we to stop bc I stretched it out a lil much. So we began to get dress and she said cant wait til next time bc thats mine now. We laughed but she was serious so we made it official and began dating but it didn't last long bc her f****y didn't agree with us being together. But it's all good we still remained friends no hard feelings though I understood why. She was one of the wettest that I've been with it was great even though it my of been short but a wonderful experience she was my first but not my last.;-)
75% (5/1)
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