Tha Pinup

Hello everyone hope you enjoy this story. Well I was out with tha fellas one night. You know just chillin thowing back some shots
and bowling at the same damn time. Lol, for the ones that get it, but anyways as I was getting
up for my turn. I seen one of the baddest chicks in there we made eye contact so I waved, she
waved back. So I was like "ah shoot" but I kept it cool she was with her girls a couple lanes down.
I didn't go over there right away bc I didnt want to come on to hard even though I wanted to
"tear dat ass up" as curtis payne would say ;-). As we continued to bowl we would still keep in
contact with each other. After a few rounds she headed to the restroom alone imagine that I said
now here is my chance but of course I would let her use the restroom. So I waited at the bar until she came out not far from the restroom in spot where she could see me. Once she came out I motioned for her to come have a seat with me at. She hesitated for a second but I had to give her a little more incentive or charm as she smiled on the
way over. And what a lovely smile she had indeed and was way more "beautifull" up close than I saw from a far while
bowling. As I stood up and reached for her hand to introduce myself and to help her up as well. She smelled good as a mothertrucker
had the smoothest, softest skin and I had her in front of me. I
guess them other dudes didn't pass inspection to her or they knew something that I didn't know.
Alright back to the subject, fellas she was fine as hell I tell you would've been like "damn she bad" and ladies you would've been hatin' just sayin. She had long, silky, dark hair that fell to her shoulders. Nice jewelry around her neck that lead down gently in between her breast. I couldn't take my eyes off of her gazing up and down this beautiful silhouette in front of me and.......

Tell me what you think so far in the comment box so that I can tell you more.

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1 year ago
Never said I was a grade A writer just writing them for entertainment.
1 year ago
I hate to burst you bubble bro, but so far you suck at