A wild dream

Fierce blue eyes. She gets out of a car and comes to me, yells at me, provoke me.
– Hit me !
– No. I don't hit women.
– Hit me, you can't hurt me !
– No !
– Are you afraid ? Do you think I would break ?
– Yes! And that's why I won't do it! Are you mad ?

She spits on me, pushes me. Now I get mad. Maybe I hit her, or she runs into me but in any case she is tough and doesn't flinch. She is still looking me straight in the eyes, with a smile.

– See? I didn't cry!

There is that fierce tone in her voice. She comes closer to me.

– Now take me! Hard !

I am turned on. She seems to love being treated roughly. Now I am hard and I want her. I want her bad. She seems so open. In every way, sexually, emotionally. She likes being dirty and accepts that aspect of her personality. She is looking for some rough physical contact and strong enough to stand it.

I pull her shorts down, she doesn't wear any underwear. I lay her on the floor and raise her legs and hips, making her feet rest on each side of her head. She is looking at me from between her thighs. With her Doc Marten's-like shoes at each side of her head, the pose might have been funny, but with her shorts off, pussy and ass willingly offered and that wild look in her eyes, this is just pure naughtiness.

She is so wet that I can notice it without even having to touch her. I finger her pussy to increase her arousal some more. The touch of her large labia on my fingers is sweet yet the situation is anything but sweet. Something strong is probably going to happen.

She moves her hips in circles searching her pleasure. She bites her lips looking me straight in the eyes.

But it is not her pussy I want to fuck, I want her ass. I insert my wet index in her anus. She moans. Her big blue eyes command me to fuck her in the ass.

In order to have a better angle I change my position one leg behind her back the other one at her side above her waist. I bend my legs to lower my hips at almost the same level as hers. The feat require some non negligible strength in my legs.

While moving my dick next to her anus I finger her pussy slowly.
I have no problem penetrating her. Her anus is tight but wet enough to allow me in.

My first moves are slow, wide. I learn to appreciate that part of her body. Her muscles are strong and tight around my cock. I can feel an open area behind the barrier of her anus. My dick head is sensitive to the pressure of her anus and also to the warm wet welcoming space beyond.

I am looking for a maximal penetration. Once I found it I hold the position for a while barely moving. She is making small adjustments so that she feels me better. Incidentally I can feel her better too.

We smile at each other's. A wild smile. Mine says: "Your are mine." hers says: "I've got you now, I own you."

It seems that we have found the perfect position. She groans in satisfaction, so I fuck her. Fuck her in the ass, nice and tough. I rub her pussy and squeeze her small clitoris at the same time. She never closes her eyes I do not either.

We both move together at the unissons. I do up-and-down movements, she moves her hips back and forth. I can't help but sigh. She gasps faster and faster.

We both come together. She, in an impressive squirt of juices, me in a massive cumshot that fills her ass with my warm thick semen. We don't move for a while, looking at each others, both satisfied.
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