Caroline Agrees

This is a true story written by both of us.
The story describes events around our first 3some that took place 3 years ago when Caroline was 25 and just as gorgeous as she is today! It’s told from her point of view as her memory of events are much keener than mine.
Even though it’s quite long we hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing it.

When in bed together my husband David used to ask me about my previous sexual encounters with other guys. I’d have to go into detail about the size of their cock, how they fucked me, whether I sucked them off and so on. Whilst I divulged my secrets to him I would be stroking his very erect cock, my recollection of past events turning him on immensely. Sometimes we wouldn’t get to love making as he would cum in my hand from being too aroused and I’d have to make do with my pussy being licked to orgasm instead. I did find this quite strange at first, him wanting to know about my past love life as I have absolutely no interest what he used to get up to before me. I put it down to being a man thing and didn’t really give it much thought after that.
Then one night he asked me if I would ever consider having sex with another guy whilst he watched. I was shocked to say the least and my immediate reaction was to say no! The subject wasn’t raised again for about a month when again he asked me. This time I was a little more prepared and asked why he would want such a thing to happen. He just said that it was a deep seated fantasy of his to see me taken by another guy. I said nothing for a while not being very sure how to answer but then said that I would think about it as it seemed to be something of importance to him.

The next night I was asked if I had come to a decision about his proposal. I’d have to admit that I had thought of little else that day and would be lying if I said that the thought of what David suggested didn’t turn me on a little.

I have I said in a very matter of fact way. Okay, I’ll do it for you if it’s what you really want.

Really!! he said, his eyes lighting up.

There are some ground rules though I said in a slightly more stern voice.
Number one, I can back out at any point.
Number two, I have final say on what guy.
Number three, you direct proceedings, that way you get what you want out of it and I’ll know what’s expected of me.
Number four, no ass play from either of you, that’s stays as a very private thing just between us.

Sounds fair he said quick as lightening, following up with – Do you have anybody in mind?

One guy did spring to mind Adam, a friend of David’s who I’d caught several times giving me admiring glances and someone whose company I was very comfortable in.
How about Adam I said in quiet tone.

Yeah, good choice honey came the reply. He’s said to me on a few occasions that I was a lucky bugger to have such a hot wife so he might be up for it.

I’ll leave everything to you from now on then I said. Just let me know if and when.

Sure sure, not a problem David replied enthusiastically.

Nothing more was said for over two weeks and I presumed that there had been a change of heart on David’s part until one Thursday evening.

I thought I’d invite Adam back tomorrow night, I’m meeting him from work for a few beers beforehand if that’s ok with you he said.

My stomach leapt a little on hearing this news but I remained calm and said, sure not a problem.

That morning when I woke I felt a little ill worrying about the forth coming event that evening. David was his usual self, kissing me goodbye and saying see you later honey – about 9’ish I would guess. Calmly I just said okay, bid him goodbye and shut the front door.

The rest of my morning was spent cleaning the downstairs of the house knowing we had a visitor coming. Like he’d care what the house looked like but I had to do something to keep my mind occupied. I made myself some lunch even though I wasn’t hungry and ended up throwing most of it away. I started to feel more and more anxious about the whole affair as I started up the stairs to our bedroom where I thought the deed would be taking place. On opening the door there on the bed were clothes all laid out. A skirt and blouse, next to them were black stockings and suspenders, a black quarter cup bra and even some bright red lipstick. On the floor were my highest high heeled shoes with a note pegged to them. Reading the note it said – Just thought you might consider this little lot. bl**dy cheek I thought along with the realisation that there were no knickers on display either!! David must have snuck back upstairs without my noticing to do all of this the crafty little sod!
I was not sure what I felt as I stood staring at the assembled collection of clothing on the bed. I soon came to the conclusion though that it stopped me having to worrying about what I should wear. If this is what he wanted me in then so be it.

The afternoon came and went and before long my thoughts turned to getting myself ready for the evening. I took a bath, washed my hair, painted my nails and also gave myself a pedicure. All this being done with a tight knot in my stomach. I applied my makeup and used the suggested bright red lipstick, dressed myself in the clothes that were on the bed and then stood in front of the full length mirror to see what I looked like. I quickly came to one conclusion – a tart! I was expecting it though as I quite often dressed in a similar way if David and I were going to have a sex driven evening in together.

As I looked myself over I was quite pleased with what I saw. My high heeled shoes giving my slender legs good shape, helped by the fact my legs were predominantly on view from the short skirt I was in. An almost sheer figure hugging blouse that made the most of my modest sized breasts coupled with the fact that my nipples could be easily seen due to the quarter cup bra I was wearing. I turned to look at my rear to make sure I didn’t have a VPL (visible panty line) and then smiled to myself forgetting I wasn’t wearing any panties.
I walked down the stairs wondering if I could actually go through with this as now I was more in a state of nervous anxiety. Once at the bottom of the stairs I glanced at the clock confirming to myself that it was close to 8 o’clock. bl**dy hell I thought, I have an hour to kill. I headed for the wine rack, grabbed the first bottle that came to hand and poured myself a big glass. Taking my glass and the bottle I went into the lounge and sat myself down on the sofa flicking on the TV in the process. I sat looking at the TV and drinking not really taking in what was on box, just listening for the sound of the front door seemed to keep me very much preoccupied. Before I knew it I had almost finished off the bottle of wine and was now feeling much more relaxed and a little lightheaded. I’d hardly eaten a thing all day and the wine was really taking its affect on me.
Then I heard the front door open and the sound of laughter as the two guys made their way in. The house was now in darkness the sun having gone down, the lounge only lit by the light coming from the TV.

David called out – are you in babe.

Yes I replied, I’m in the lounge and with that I stood up albeit carefully what with the amount of alcohol I had just consumed.

As David came into the lounge he hit the button turning on the five lamps dotted around the room.

How are you he said with a little concern in his voice.

Yeah I’m good I replied, just had a glass of wine whilst waiting for you.

David spied the bottle and with a raised eyebrow said just the one then was it.

I smiled and said well maybe two then.

Adam then appeared from behind David, hi Caroline he said in his usual relaxed way. Where do you hide your opener, we’ve brought back some take outs – want one?

Thanks but I won’t Adam I replied knowing that if I had any more to drink I was liable to pass out. You guys sit yourself down and I’ll sort out the drinks I said as I walked from the room towards the kitchen.

David called out saying that they would have them just as they were meaning not to bother with any glasses. I found the opener, popped the top of off two bottles and headed back to the lounge. All my worrying feelings had gone and I felt very relaxed all helped by the wine that I had d***k presumable. Adam was sitting in one of the armchairs and David was on the sofa. I put the drinks down in front of them and took my place on the sofa along by David. The three of us chatted away about everything and nothing laughing at what was being said and generally having a good time. I made three trips to the kitchen for more refreshments but on my forth trip back Adam had moved from the armchair to the sofa.
As I walked further into the lounge David patted the seat in between himself and Adam. I walked over, put down the drinks on the table and then took my place as directed. Crossing my legs I could feel the light-hearted atmosphere had now gone. It was then I realised that the main event of the evening was about to start.

David undid his trousers and pushed them down to expose his semi hard cock. He then placed a hand on my thigh and I obviously knew what I was expected to do. With my left hand I took hold of his cock and started to stroke it gently. We just sat there all three of us in silence for a minute or so then Adam did the same thing. Opening his trousers and then pushing them down to also reveal what was a sizable cock. I looked at David for reassurance and he just smiled at me. I slowly moved my right hand over to Adams hard on, lifting it up and wrapping my fingers around its firmness. I could tell straight away that Adam’s cock was much thicker than David’s as I didn’t really look at it when he first got it out. Now I did have a good look, seven or maybe eight inches worth and with a nice shiny head too. Again the three of us just sat there in silence as I worked there cocks up and down in my hands. David’s hand on my thigh started to work its way upwards taking my skirt with it as it went showing off the tops of my stockings. Then his left hand came around and took hold of my left breast, straight after Adam did the same thing, both guys holding one breast each. They had obviously discussed what was going to happen and how they would approach things.

David then suggested that I should remove my blouse, letting go of the two erections I had in my hands I unbuttoned my blouse and removed it, David taking it from me as I stayed seated. I leaned back into the sofa and resumed my cock play of the two guys, their hands also went back to their positions on my breasts. Both of them squeezing and fondling my tits, every now and again my exposed nipples being trapped between fingers thanks to my quarter cup bra.

David then spoke again directing his words at Adam, I told you she had lovely tits didn’t I.

Adam’s response was short – they’re gorgeous he said in deep tone.

Both men now had very hard cocks indeed and I could feel my pussy was starting to moisten considerably from the nipple play I was getting. David asked me if I would remove my skirt. I stood up from the sofa and started to undo the zip at the back. David then suggested I turn around facing them but to also take a step backwards as well. I turned and moved back as far as the coffee table would allow. Undoing my skirt I pulled it down over my hips letting it fall to the floor. Stepping out of it I bent down to pick it up and tossed it onto the armchair. I remained standing not knowing what was required next, both men sitting looking up at me with their legs out stretched, their stiff cocks waiting to be pleased by me in almost any way they wanted.

Adam started to stroke his own cock as he looked me up and down - standing before him in just high heels, stockings and a quarter cup bra. My neatly trimmed pussy very much catching his attention.

Isn’t she fantastic David said.

Damn straight she is Adam replied.

David then said, I think we can dispense with the bra honey.

Moving my hands behind my back I unhooked the clasp and removed my bra throwing it over to where I had tossed my skirt.

Come and kneel down between us David directed pointing to the floor right in front of the sofa.

I carefully got down on my knees between the two guys and reached out to take hold of their stiff cocks once again, Adam moving his own hand away as mine approached. I noticed Adam’s big hairy ball sack starting to tighten as I resumed my cock stroking. As I stroked away on the two cocks holding them upright I looked at David and as I did he stuck his tongue into the side of his cheek pressing it out. I knew full well that this was a sign that I should start to give head. I leaned over to my right towards David’s familiar cock and in doing so pulled down on it fully revealing the head. Opening my mouth I licked the head of his cock a couple of times before closing my mouth around it. Moving my head up and down I only took in the head of his cock and a little of his shaft and as I did this I kept up with my stroking of Adam’s cock. After a minute or so David thought it would be a good idea for me to do the same for Adam. With that I removed my mouth from David’s erection and leaned over to my left. I did the same thing with Adam’s cock as I had done with David’s, pulling down on it so the shiny head was fully exposed and then after licking it closing my mouth around it. Adam’s bigger cock did fill my mouth much more than I thought it would have. It also felt good in my mouth as I kept a hold of the bottom of his thick shaft.

David then asked me, are you enjoying having Adam’s cock here with us honey.

Keeping my head down I removed the cock from my mouth and said very quietly, yes I am and with that I proceeded to once again suck on Adam’s erection. I sensed Adam’s left hand moving towards me, underneath my body until it reached my breasts. He started to fondle them in turn and gently squeezed and pinched each of my nipples until they were both in a very stiff state.
I was now in a very high state of arousal myself and could feel my pussy was extremely wet. David told me to come back and sit on the sofa so Adam could kneel on the floor between my legs to fuck me. I did as I was asked and when Adam got up he removed all of his clothing. He then knelt down between my legs, I couldn’t have been far enough forward for him so he took hold of both my legs, lifted them up to his shoulders and pulled me forward so I was nearer the edge of the sofa. He moved his hands to my ankles that were up around his ears as the backs of my calves were now placed on the front part of his shoulders. Between my legs I could just see his stiff cock pointing straight up in the air.

David then spoke again – I think Adam would like you to guide his cock in for him honey.

I did guess as much and reached forward with my right hand to take hold of Adam’s stiff pole and as I did Adam lowered my left leg down so my foot was now placed on the floor. This had the effect of turning my body slightly towards David who now had a perfect view of what was unfolding before him. His stocking clad wife in high heels laid out on the edge of the sofa - legs spread wide with another man stiff cock about to be inserted into her wet pussy.

Taking hold of Adam’s cock I started to pull it downward to my pussy when David said, I think you should tease the head of that cock by rubbing it up and down your pussy first before you slide it in.

Again I did as requested, rubbing Adam’s cock up and down my pussy getting its head covered in my pussy juice.
David took my left hand and placed it on his own cock, I was forgetting that there were two cocks I was meant to be looking after as the attention my pussy was getting took all my awareness.

I think you better slip Adam’s cock in now honey otherwise he might be shooting cum all over you very soon David said quietly.

Aiming Adam’s erection he slowly eased himself forward, his cock sliding effortlessly in. He paused for a second then slowly at first he started to fuck my pussy moving his hips back and forth. David’s hard on in my left hand was now extremely solid as I continued to stroke off on it. Adam’s fucking action built up to a steady constant rhythm his left hand on my right ankle still holding my leg up and his right hand on my left knee keeping it pushed away. I could feel Adam’s balls hitting me every time he thrusted forwards, this didn’t go unnoticed by David.

Take his balls in your hand honey David said in deep voice.

I managed to get my right hand around the back of my leg, my arm being just long enough allowing me to cup Adam’s balls with my hand. This did impede Adam’s fucking of me slightly but he seemed to like the attention his balls were getting. David stood up and removed his trousers, he then stepped up onto the sofa and straddled the top of my head slowly lowering his own ball sack down as I tilted my head backwards. Sticking out my tongue I started to lick at David’s hairy balls, his cock standing proudly to attention above them. After a short time of licking David’s balls he moved his cock to my mouth, I opened my jaw and he eagerly slid his cock in. Now for the first time I had two stiff cocks in me and I was loving every minute of it.

A short time past, the two guys fucking my pussy and mouth until David suggested Adam should fuck me from behind. David pulled away from my mouth as did Adam from my pussy, I stayed put waiting for my next instruction.

David said to Adam, grab the end of this coffee table and get it out the way, there stiff rods swaying from side to side as they manhandled the table away.

David then politely asked me if I would get on all fours facing the middle of the sofa. I got up and as I did I could feel that my pussy juice had run down and worked its way between the cheeks of my ass, my pussy must have been a sloppy mess for sure. David sat down on the middle of the sofa perching himself on the edge. As I started to get down on all fours David took my head in his hands and focussed my face towards his cock. Adam was soon behind me, my back arched and his cock making its way once again to my pussy. Once in me Adam placed both hands on my hips and started his fucking action again. I then lowered my mouth down around David’s upright erect cock.

Can you reach Adam’s balls David asked?

I steadied myself on my left hand and then reached back to take Adam’s balls in my right hand. David then reached around my body with his left arm and started to grope at my breasts, pulling and squeezing on them as his right hand rested on the back of my head.

David asked Adam, how’s Caroline's pussy for you?

Adam uttered his first real words since proceedings started – talking about me as if I wasn’t there.

Fucking excellent, she's is gorgeous.

I said you wouldn’t be disappointed David replied.

The three of us remained as we were for quite a while and then I could sense David building up to cum. I stopped my bobbing and sucking of his cock but he told me not to and I quickly resumed my actions.

David then said, I’m about to cum in her mouth and with that the first jet of cum flooded from his cock. He filled my mouth with more and more cum as I swallowed down his complete load. David fell back on the sofa letting out a huge breath of air. This spurred Adam on and his fucking action became more intense. David had agreed with Adam beforehand that he could cum inside me and this was now his main intention. Ramming his cock into me in ferocious fashion whilst I still maintained a hold on his balls I could feel he was reaching his peak. Adam’s balls started to tighten in my hand and his cock became that little bit stiffer inside me. Then he released the first of many pulsating shoots of cum deep into my pussy. David was watching intently as I arched my back just a little more to get the last feelings of Adam’s erection pressing upward inside me. I could feel his cock starting to decrease in pressure and he slowly withdrew from my well fucked pussy.

Fucking hell Adam said breathlessly, that was really something!

I presumed by that that he had enjoyed it.

David leant forward, lifted up my head and gently kissed me then said, did you want to go and get yourself tidied up babe.

I got to my feet and walked as steadily as I could out of the lounge, Adam’s cum still deep inside me. I climbed the stairs to the bathroom and proceeded to make good the mess that the guys had left me in. I touched up my makeup, ran a brush through my hair and headed for the bedroom. I kept my heels and stockings on, slipped on a pair of panties along with a more modest skirt, bra and blouse.
On my return the room was back in order with the guys dressed sipping bear and chatting. David had cleared away my discarded clothes from earlier and had poured me a glass of wine. I sat down and we all started chatting as if nothing had happened. David said Adam was going to stay the night in the guest bedroom to which I readily agreed to. After a couple of hours of drinking and chatting I said I was tired and was going to head off to bed.

David said, okay honey I’ll be up soon.

Adam chipped in with a goodnight of his own and I left them to it.

Lying in bed I heard David come in, get undressed and then crawl in under the duvet. He put his arm around me and asked if I was alright to which I said with a smile on my face, I was fine.

Was it everything you hoped it would be I asked?

Everything and more he said, you were fantastic. I wasn’t sure if you were going to be comfortable dealing with us both at the same time though.

I presumed from the very start that I’d have to look after both of you together I said. I just did what I thought you wanted which was letting Adam fuck me as I sucked you off. Mind you I was a bit surprised that you had me suck on his cock though.

Oh I loved seeing your mouth around his cock exclaimed David. In fact I’d like to see you suck him off and maybe let him cum over your tits. Would you be willing to do that?

I thought for a second and then said, sure – if that’s what you would really like, I’ll suck his cock until he’s ready to cum and then he can cum wherever you like.

Are you saying that you’ll let Adam cum in your mouth or over your face David enquired in a slight state of disbelief.

Yes why not I replied. If you want to see him cum in my mouth then I don’t have a problem with that. And as for him shooting his spunk over me I really don’t mind that either. He can cum over my tits, face or anywhere you like to be honest.

David grinned from ear to ear then said, you know I’d like to see that happen come the morning don’t you?

Yes I thought you might I said. I’ll leave it all up to you to decide what you want come morning. You never know you might have had a change of heart by then.
And with that I snuggled down and fell off to sl**p almost straight away.

As I opened my eyes I immediately replayed the conversation David and I had had just before I fell asl**p. Lord I though, that was the drink talking, I’m not sure I can do it now in the cold light of day. I sat up naked in my bed considering how to get out of this potential situation when events overtook me.

The bedroom door opened and in walked David and Adam wearing only underpants which looked like they were concealing semi hard ons. It seemed as though David’s chat with Adam about me sucking him off had got them both partially aroused.

Morning both guys said.

Hi I replied in a sl**py state pulling a hand through my hair with my tits on show as the covers were only up to my waist.

Both guys laid on the bed, one either side of me with David saying are you ready to make good on your promise of last night.

I didn’t say a word, I just extended my hands out and placed them on the bulges of the guys underpants. I then resigned myself to the fact that I would indeed be taking Adam’s cum wherever David had instructed Adam to shoot it.

Rubbing away at their covered cocks I could feel them growing stiffer by the second. David lifted his behind up and took down his underpants kicking them off with his feet. I took hold of David’s ever growing cock and started to stroke it up and down whilst still rubbing Adam’s bulge. Adam soon did the same thing in removing his underwear and as I took hold of his cock it seemed even bigger in the daylight.

I started to tease the head of the guy’s cocks with my fingers and as I did so David said I should let Adam suck on my tits. Adam turned on his side his face level with my breasts as I turned towards him. His hand came up under my left breast and he pushed it up making my nipple extend further forward. He moved his head closer until he was able to lick and suck at my nipple making it become very stiff.

After a few minutes of having my nipple sucked David said, I think Adam would like to fuck your mouth honey if that’s okay with you.

This was a slight change to what I had agreed too, I thought I was just going to be sucking Adam off not taking a mouth fucking as well. But nevertheless I agreed to it, where would you like me I asked.

On your back with your head off the end of the bed I think would be best David replied.

Both guys got off the bed their hard cocks ready to be looked after again by me. I laid on the bed as per David’s request, my head fully hanging down over the side awaiting Adam’s attention. Adam knelt down in front of my face, I stared at his erect shaft as it came ever closer to me. Opening my mouth Adam guided his cock in, his balls hanging down before my eyes.

David in the mean time pulled away what covers were over me, spreading my legs apart he knelt beside me and started probing at my pussy with his fingers. I knew for sure he was going to enjoy watching the mouth fucking I was about to get from Adam.

Adam started building up his momentum thrusting ever deeper and faster into my mouth. I raised both my hands up and placed them on the tops of his thighs in a vain attempt at holding him back. He was now really getting deep into my mouth almost making me gag on his cock.

David spoke out, that’s it – really give it to her hard, she loves cock don’t you Caroline.

All I could manage was a stifled moan as Adam with his hands on the bed fucked my mouth at a furious pace. He kept up this pace for at least 30 seconds or so stopping every so often and then starting again, every thrust making me almost gag or choke until he slowed to a standstill for the last time. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and with it came a thick strand of my saliva. His cock too was also covered in thick saliva some of which had made its way down over his ball sack.

Hard work is it mate David said.

Adam’s breathless reply was – Christ yes, I’m knackered.

Why don’t you have a lie down on the bed to recover and I’m sure Caroline would be happy to sit on your cock whilst you get your breath back hey Caroline.

Yes I said, if that’s what you’d like.

With David sitting at the end of the bed Adam laid himself down. I started to climb onto Adam and David suggested I turned to face him keeping my back to Adam. I turned myself around then positioned my pussy over Adam’s cock. Reaching down I grabbed Adam’s saliva covered hard on pulling it upright. I slowly impaled myself onto Adam’s cock. David sat there taking in the view of his wife sitting on another man’s cock as he stroked his own. I started to motion up and down on the erection that was inside me.

David then said, is that nice honey, you look like you’re enjoying it.

Biting my bottom lip I just gave out a hmmm noise as I kept up my steady pace.

After some time David asked Adam if he was ready to receive more cock sucking attention.

Hell yeah said Adam enthusiastically.

I looked at David for his direction. He got up and started to arrange some pillows at the head of the bed.

Come and lie down here babe he said.

I moved to where I was requested, on your back honey David said.

On lying down with my legs flat on the bed my body was at an angle of about 45 degrees thanks to the way David had arranged the pillows.

That should do you quite nicely Adam, David exclaimed.

Looks pretty good to me Adam replied.

Adam then knelt on his right knee as far up my body as he could whilst placing his left foot down on the other side of my body. His erect cock and saggy balls were only a matter of inches away from my face. David then suggested that I clean up Adam’s ball sack with my mouth. I wasn’t totally sure what he meant by that so I just started to lick his balls. They were covered in a combination of my saliva and pussy juice. Then from nowhere David produced a camera and started taking picture after picture of the pornographic scene on view to him.

Try getting those balls in your mouth honey David said.

Adam kindly edged forward a little and I opened my mouth as wide as I could but they were too big to both fit in. I managed to get one of his testicles in my mouth but having never done this before I wasn’t quite sure what to do so I just gave it a gentle suck. David continued clicking away with his camera as Adam slowly lifted himself up a little. I let his testicle slowly leave my mouth but also kept a little bit of sucking pressure on it for good measure as it exited. Adam then moved slightly to his left inviting me to take his other ball into my mouth, this I did again.

That’s beautiful babe David said. Now let’s have a few shots of you with that cock in your mouth.

Adam moved away a little as I pulled down his stiff cock to my mouth.

Just lick and suck on his head David said.

I did as I was asked, all the time David taking more and more pictures of his young wife making love to another man’s cock with her mouth. Thinking for myself for once I managed get my right hand in just a position which allowed me to cup Adam’s balls, my left hand still holding down the erection that wanted to spring up.

Then Adam spoke up for a change, wank my cock as well please Caroline he said politely.

I started to stroke his cock as I continued to gently squeeze his balls whilst licking and suck the head of his cock. After about three or four minutes of this attention that Adam was receiving I could feel his balls moving and tightening up. Knowing the moment was getting closer I quickened my wanking motion on him. Then about thirty seconds later a huge shot of cum propelled itself from Adam’s cock straight into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide for the second load and Adam fired it straight in hitting the back of my throat. I then closed my mouth pointing his cock at my face still wanking him off for the third shot. As his cum fired out again it streaked up my face and into my hair as did the fourth shot. The remainder of his load was less powerful and just splashed onto my face and lips. Once Adam had finished I took his cock one more time into my mouth and sucked out any cum that was left in his shaft. Adam then rolled away back onto the bed breathing heavily saying, fucking hell - she’s incredible.

The next thing I knew was David a few inches away from my face wanking his cock very fast. Opening my mouth slightly he started to cum, shot after powerful shot of sperm covered my face, some of it going into my mouth. He must have been so turned on as I thought he’d never stop. Eventually he did and said oh baby you’re wonderful, don’t move as I want to capture you just as you are.

Grabbing his camera he took more photographs of me with cum in my hair and of course cum all over my face.

Oh that’s so excellent he said, can I get you something to clean yourself up with.

No it’s okay, I’ll go and clean myself up I said.

I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, stood up and then took care not to walk into anything as my vision was rather impaired from all the sperm. I had a quick shower, washed my hair and brushed my teeth. Wrapping a towel around my wet hair I put on my bathrobe and went back to the bedroom. David was sitting up in bed looking at all the pictures he had taken.

He looked up at me and said, honey you were terrific, thank you so much.

You’re welcome I said with a slight grin on my face. Where’s Adam I asked?

Gone back to bed, you’ve exhausted him I think David said with a smile on his face.

So I’m presuming what just took place was the kind of thing you had in mind I asked in a curious manner.

God yes came the reply. What would you say to more evenings and possibly mornings of the same kind David asked.

If it makes you happy hun then I’m here to please and with that I turned and walked downstairs to eat what I thought was a well earned breakfast.
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3 months ago
Another fine tale, well written ;0)
1 year ago
Love the story. Wish we could find a willing third! Our long-term lover has moved on. Sigh
2 years ago
great do a sequel
2 years ago
Hot story, thanks.
More, more , more!
3 years ago
nice story, well put together