Lisa's ordeal:- Continued.

Having cleaned myself up as best I could I turned the key in the ignition and started to move off. I immediately thought that I should try and make myself more respectable for when I got home as I didn’t want to have to tell my husband of my ordeal. I pulled up next to the door that led back upstairs to my office, leaving my coat I got out of my car and hurried up the stairs.
On reaching my floor I headed straight for the ladies room only to be greeted by my boss Mr Stevens. He must have seen immediately that I was in some distress and asked in a very concerned way, my god Lisa what’s happened. I just stood in front of him and started to sob uncontrollably. Mr Stevens put his arm around me and led me back to his office, once there he sat me down and asked again what was wrong.

I started to tell him what had happened in the car park and whilst doing so Mr Stevens opened a cabinet grabbing two tumblers and poured out a couple of very large drinks. I was handed one and told to drink it. I gulped it down and not being much of a drinker I felt it go straight to my head. I was poured another and this time I slowly sipped it and although I didn’t really enjoy the bitter taste it did warm me on the inside and gave me some comfort.

Mr Stevens then said he should inform security and started to walked over to his desk to pick up the phone. I jumped up from my seat and said no, please don’t – I don’t want anyone to know about this. I then burst into tears again and Mr Stevens came up to me, put his arms around me and said it’s ok now Lisa, you’re safe here with me, it’s all over. As I sobbed with my head and hands on Mr Stevens chest along with his arms around me I felt secure and safe. Whilst standing there I felt Mr Stevens right hand slide down my back until he reached my behind and he gently squeezed my left butt cheek. I didn’t make any attempt to stop him as I had a feeling of numbness about me. As he squeezed my cheek a little firmer he also pulled me closer to him and I could then feel his manhood pressing up against me. Then I felt my left hand being moved down Mr Stevens chest and placed squarely on the bulge in his trousers. Again for some reason I made no attempt to move away from this situation as Mr Stevens then gently started to stoke my hair. Quietly he then said it’s ok Lisa, I’ll look after you now and with that he leant up against his desk.

Leaning back a little he unfastened his zipper and pulled out his now very erect cock. Mr Stevens then took my hand again and placed it around his oversized member. I started to instinctively stroke up and down in a slow rhythmic motion. That’s a good girl he said as I continued to slowly wank on his big cock, my head still on his chest. A few seconds past and I could feel Mr Stevens hand on the back of my head exerting a little downward pressure towards his erection. I succumbed to this and slowly moved down to his cock knowing that I was going to allow my mouth to be used again. Opening my mouth I slid Mr Stevens cock in and started to slowly move my head up and down.

I was now bent over and sideways on to Mr Stevens who was enjoying the moment as he continued to fondle my behind. I could feel the zipper on my skirt being pulled down and the securing button undone, then with an ease of motion my skirt was pulled down from me. I stepped out of my skirt whilst continuing to suck on the head of Mr Stevens cock. His hand now explored my nylon covered behind, squeezing each cheek in turn and probing between them too. Then slightly more f***e was exerted between my butt cheeks and I eased my legs apart so that Mr Stevens could slide his hand in down and around to my ever damping pussy.

Mr Stevens then stood up abruptly and before I knew it I was bent face down over his desk. Pawing at my pantyhose Mr Stevens ripped open a hole and then grasped my panties, pulling them to one side. No sooner had this happened I could feel his large erection probing at the opening of my wet pussy. Then I felt the head of Mr Stevens saliva covered cock ease gently into me and ever deeper. Holding onto my hips Mr Stevens then started to slide in and out getting ever faster with every probe. I clung onto the edge of the desk as I was pounded mercifully from behind - my pussy sucking in Mr Stevens stiff cock with every lunge he made.

I then heard a voice, Mr Stevens – is everything alright. I turned slightly and saw a security guard at the door holding a radio in one hand and a night stick in the other. Little did either Mr Stevens or I know that the rough pounding I was getting had triggered the silent alarm under the desk. Mr Stevens placed a firm hand on my back to keep me in position, his cock remaining firmly inside my pussy. Calmly Mr Stevens spoke, yes Johnson everything is fine, Lisa here is just helping me with a particularly large problem I have. He continued, so we can keep this between ourselves Johnson perhaps there’s something Lisa could help you with too.

Thoughts raced through my mind, was I really hearing Mr Stevens correctly and that he was pimping me to the security guard. Johnson didn’t hesitate, he brought his radio up to his mouth and spoke into it. Johnson here, you can stand down on the 501 alert - it’s just another false alarm. A cracker-ling voice responded but I couldn’t make out what was said. With that Johnson walked round the desk placing his radio and night stick down. Mr Stevens started to slowly pump in and out of my pussy again whilst Johnson stood before me eagerly undoing his belt. Johnson then undid his button, pulled down the zipper and lowered his trousers to expose a semi hard cock. He moved towards my face, still having hold of the edge of the desk I opened my mouth and the semi hard cock was inserted in. I started to suck on it as Johnson moved back and forth.

I could feel his cock getting ever stiffer until it was a rigid pole. Now both men really started to work on me, jabbing there hard ons in and out, Mr Stevens ramming me forward from behind onto Johnson’s cock as I took more and more of it into my mouth. This continued for some time, my head spinning not being able to think a cohesive thought.

The two men then turned me over so I was now lying face up on the desk. Mr Stevens took hold of my panties and pantyhose pulling them down and removing them in one swift motion. I raised my head to look down my body to see Mr Stevens once again insert his erect cock into my now soaking wet pussy. Dropping my head back down there was no desk to support it so my head fell back completely. Johnsons cock moved towards my face and again I knew I had to open my mouth to take his manhood in. He soon grabbed hold of my blouse and ripped it open then pulled my bra up displaying my slightly flattened breasts. He grabbed both of my tits firmly and started to fuck my mouth very hard. I could see his balls were beginning to tighten and could feel his cock stiffen in my mouth even more. I knew he was close to cumming and tried to ready myself for this eventuality. Then I felt the first surge of sperm squirt from his cock. I had very little choice but to swallow his seed as I didn’t want it running down my face and into my nose and eyes. More and more cum filled my mouth and I swallowed for all I was worth until eventually the onslaught subsided.

Johnson pulled out of my mouth releasing the grip he had on my breasts, his cock now losing its hardness. Mr Stevens continued to thrust away at my pussy - now even faster than before, he soon would be filling me with sperm. I once again raised my head to see Mr Stevens with an intense look on his face just as he gave out a relieving sigh and then I felt his pulsating cock shooting hot sperm into my pussy. Once Mr Stevens had emptied his balls into me both men stood breathing heavily as they put their cocks away and tidied themselves up.

I stayed motionless on the desk with the taste of cum in my mouth along with cum seeping out of my pussy. Mr Stevens directed Johnson to leave and as he did so he spoke quietly to him on his exit. I guessed that he was warning him of the consequences if word ever got out about what just took place.

Mr Stevens helped me off the desk and as he did so he took the advantage of feeling my tits and saying how nice they were and how he always wanted to see them. I hurriedly replaced my bra and pulled on my skirt whilst slipping my shoes back on. Looking around I gathered up my panties and torn pantyhose and stuffed them into my bag. Mr Stevens then said, I’ll walk you to your car just to make sure you get there safely and with that he took me by the arm and we headed off.

As we walked I could feel Mr Stevens cum running down the inside of my thigh and the feeling of being a dirty slut washed over me. I knew that once again I had been abused but thought that I was partly to blame this time so didn’t hold any ill feelings to Mr Stevens. The walk to the car seemed to take an age and even though Mr Stevens was talking I wasn’t taking in what he was saying. My thoughts were more concerned about how I was going to explain myself to my husband. Here I was with a ripped blouse, not wearing any panties or pantyhose, looking a complete mess and with another man’s cum dripping out of my pussy. We finally arrived at my car, Mr Stevens opened the door for me and I got in. He smiled and said that from now on he would be expecting me to be working late at least once or twice a week from now on. With that he pushed the car door to, turned and headed back up to his office.

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well at least hubby gets the ass unused