First time... kind of. still!!

My previous and first story was left off with my gf and I getting it on behind a movie theater. So I'll still keep some stories of this same girl again. My Girlfriend (Lisa) at the time was still trying to hold on to her virginity because of her religious background but she still wanted to have anal sex..just this time not in the dead of winter like the first after her and I had our first anal experience behind the movie theater, our school week was dedicated to teasing each other while at school. We would grab each other going to classes as a game. Example of it was id be walking to a class and she'd walk up say "hi!!" And she'd slide her ass across my crotch. (A black chick in a private school uniform to be exact) you know I'd(our you) be getting an instance hard on if that happened which it did, While i had to wear a sport coat and dress pants it was tough to hide a boner. Ha...but back to our games thru out the week. I had to play to, so when she would be in a circle of friends talking I'd slowly walk by and grab a hand full of ass..which she would shriek in a unexpected but pleasing tone. We did this till Thursday nonstop teasing each other all day and making out before and after school. But, Thursday Lisa had enough and I walked into school and she was at my locker as usual. She would normally give me a hug, but she stood at my locker and glared at me until I opened my locker. Right when I opened my locker she grabbed my cock and said "you are gonna wait and talk to me until the bell rings for homeroom so we both get detention"... with my dick in her hands I was gonna listen.

So she let go and we hung around my locker and talking until the bell rang... not a single student was in the halls but all the teachers were by their doors yelling go to the office. So we started to walk down the stairs. (the stairs had doors at the top and bottoms and it was 2 sets of stairs) .we get down to the first set and she pushes me to the walls unzips my pants and starts jerking me off in the stairwell...she was just going at it fast, dry and rough. She kept doing this until I tried to put my hand up her skirt but she jumped back and let go of me..she told me to zip it up and she leaned in. Licked the side of my face and said "I'm winning!!" As she skipped down the stairs to the office. Now that there could be a winner in this teasing game I had to make sure I won...I'm not fine with losing :p. We get to the office..get detention and we kept doing the same stuff we were doing all week teasing and grabbing and whispering naughty things into each others ears. Finally the end of the day comes. And we head to the study hall where detention was after school. We show up. She sits down , I sit behind her. And we have the teacher come in the room. There were maybe six other students in detention with us. But the teacher gives us the rules..don't talk or use cellphones while there and we can't go until the teacher says we can go. I was sitting behind Lisa so I had my gameplan set.. The teacher was reading and I moved my desk behind Lisa and I reached and pulled on the back of her thong. Which she looked back with the "what are you doing" look. But I pull her desk closer and put my hands under my desk and thru the back of her chair and start grabbing her ass..until she stood up a little and sat on my hands. Which I started to play with her pussy and massage it which got her all heated up..she started to breathe heavy and push down on the seat...after a minute or so I was losing feeling in my hands so I pulled them out under her...I wrote a note handed it to her which said "winning!!"..I sat back in my seat thrilled at taking the lead. After only being in detention 10mins the teacher stood up and told us to go home.(normally 45-60mins depending on the teacher) I said before we didn't drive. So we had time to kill. Now since I was winning in our little game, she had to make the next move. She said " well I told my mom I didn't need to be picked up for another do u wanna go for a walk?"..I wasn't being picked up for 2hrs and had to wait for my dad to get me from a restaurant down the street from school, so I didn't mind spending time with my gf. So we walked around the inside of the school once and then she put her backpack in her locker...I asked why, she said it was getting heavy..I asked if I could carry it she said no but that it was sweet I asked to help... She seemed really sad and I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn't wanna talk about it and we walked silently for awhile and she asked if I could put my backpack away and we could I did...our lockers were only 2class rooms away. But we went to go cuddle on a we start walking and we are still quiet and then out of nowhere she pushes me inside the boys bathroom which we were passing and pushes me into the wall and starts kissing me and biting my lips and neck. I kiss her back and grab her sides. She unzips my pants and pulls out my cock and starts to tug on it and she spits in her hand and slides..... her hands over my cock. She was going fast almost to fast for me to feel anything. She drops to her knees and then starts to lick my balls, while jamming her hand into my pelvis. I couldn't take it so I flip her to the wall and push up her skirt and slam my cock into her ass..hard. she would have screamed..but I yelped instead, because she bit into my hand that was supposed to cover her moaning. I slide my cock deep into her every thrust was having her body slam hard against the tiled wall. She was groaning every time I pushed in and out. I had to slow down my pace because I used all my energy to early.which she noticed and she pulled my cock out of her ass. which was tight because she still let out a moan as she did it...and told me to sit down against the i leaned against the wall and just slid to the ground...Where i was met by lisa's eager face where she then started to suck my cock again.. This time very slow..but sloppy to get my dick ready for something..she looked at me each time she pushed her head down seeing my facial expression as she swallowed my dick further and further..till she chocked up and had to take a couple breaths (she was still learning)..we sat there exhausted looking at each other on the floor.she finally stood up while I laid against the wall....shen pushed her ass into my face and had me lick her pussy. She was pressing hard into my face but I kept licking and licking trying to Do the best I could..which I was doing great according to her moans and shivers she would get moving thru her body...she slowly moved her ass down to my lap sitting on my lap looked back grabbed my dick slowly put it back into her ass...put one hand around my head leaned her head on my should and said into my ear "check mate...." She started to grind on my dick as she sat on my that it wasn't outside like last time I felt her movements even more..she could move so well side to side back and forth..mixing in a dip every now and then..I was once again thinking "do not bust a nut this is to good"....but then she leaned forward showing my cock in her tight black ass leaking precum and fluids over my dick she started to shake her front of Me, she new I'd bust when she does that because her ass was amazing.

I had to take deep breaths and concentrate on not blowing a load...but I remembered she said checkmate so she was winning this game... I can't lose.... So I say " oh fuck lisssa I just came" fake pumps of my dick into her ass...she turns around "damn it you can't keep doing this!!!" She stood there checking her ass as I was rubbing my cock. She looked up at me asking "why are you still stroking ur dick" I told her "feels really good to do this after u cum"...she goes back to looking at her ass sticking her finger inside to look for cum. I then yelling "winning!!!!!" stream of cum lands on her head..first line hitting the top of her head into her hair, she was starting to look up and another rope of cum splashed onto the side of her forhead, and the rest drizzled onto her nose, cheek and chin.....she looked pissed but licked her lips and started to suck my cock...she stood up quick and spat into the sink. Saying " I don't know if i like the taste of cum!?!" I stood there tired leaning on another sink "I heard you get use to it".. She washed her face and smiled at me, and replied with " well I wanna get use to the taste of yours". We got dressed and walked to our lockers and started to leave..Lisa looked fine but I looked like I ran a mile.. So on the way out a friend from class started laughing because I was sweaty and tired and Lisa was walking funny he yells out "you dog you!!!" Laughing then explaining to the guy next to him why he was laughing and what went down...we stood outside in the cold, till her mom got her..before she left she said she had a lot of fun, but we shouldnt do that at school anymore. I was kinda down by that because we couldn't drive so it was tough to get to it on when we went on dates, but she said "Saturday my mom and dad won't be home" with a wink...I was excited because I never knew where she lived because her mom or dad usually dropped her off or picked me up....turns out her house was only 9blocks away...there was a reason her parents didn't want me knowing...but they were gonna be gone all day Saturday... So we had the house to ourselves! be continued.......yet again if you liked it leave a comment I'm still new so any advice is good. Cheers!
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