Daddy's poker game

Well since the first time my pussy lips were spread open for my dad to suck on my tender clit and did so everynight dad got an idea...

My daddy always had about 10-15 guys over for big poker night once a week, acouple tables set up in the basement( the man cave) they would drink play poker , just shot the breeze.. Most times my dad didn't even know half the guys that would come .. They were friends of my dads friends.

Well one poker night my dad decided he wanted me to watch.. He had me wear a cute pink shirt and pink skirt with no underwear ... with my hair in pig tales with 2 little bows... He told me to sit on the stool with me legs spread apart with my pussy exposed if you looked shirt the stool had my pussy eye level with the table.. He told me if I sat there all night with my legs spread he would give me a treat.. I was excited... I was used to wearing no underwear and having my pussy exposed all the time at home so I didn't know what my dad was up too..
8:00 came and guys started rolling in .. It was full house so to speak 15 men were ready to play poker.. My dad had the lights turned up high and some played some watched taking turns playing poker...

I took my spot on the stool and just watched.. As I watched the game they were glued to my exposed pussy... My dad was winning left and right.. I came to realize my dad was using my pussy to disstract the guys and win... It went on for hours till some of the guys got angry and acused my dad of cheating and I was helping.. It started getting out of hand.. Till my dad gathered them ... I couldn't hear what they were saying but the seemed to calm down a bit... My dad finally called me over and told me to sit on the table and lay back.. I did.. Hopped up on the poker table and laid back the ceiling light so bright in my eyes I closed them and waited..

I felt my skirt being pulled up to my thigh then I felt a cool breeze across my pussy and realized my pussy was exposed I started to sit up but my dad pushed me back down and told me to stay still ...
I just closed my eyes and felt my daddy's pussy lips being spread wide apart and my hood pulled up I felt the cool air hit my exposed clit..

My dad had told the guys he would give all the money back he won from them and that they would be able to do what ever they wanted to my pussy just no finger fucking or penetration cos I was still a virgin... They agreed.. And each man took turns orally violating my very exposed pussy. I could even hear them talking about my pussy how tight and bald it was how my clit sticks out.. I even heard some talking about what they were going to do to my poor clit cos they were mad at my dad when it was their turn tasting my young pussy...

My dad watched eagerly as one by one came up and violated my exposed clit some even went as far as tongue fucking my open twat.. I could feel their rough fat tongue going in and out of my virgin cunt hole.. First time I ever had anything in my virgin hole ... About 8 out of 15 tongue fucked me sucking my clit till I came and licking the cum out of my virgin hole...
Each guy trying to out do the other guy before him ... I ending up cumming for all 15 men that took their turn m*****ing my pussy with their mouth

Hours went by till everyone took their turn ravaging my pussy people were starting to leave but a couple of my dads good friends stayed to have another go at my now throbbing swollen clit..
When finally everyone left my dad hugged me and washed my pussy from all the juices left behind by the 15 men that licked, sucked, bit, and even tongue fucked my little pussy...

He put me on the bed and I asked him what my treat was for doing what he wanted
He told me to spread my legs and he was going to give me my treat...
He went on to sucking my clit till I came and for the first time I felt him stick his tongue in my pussy
It hurt from everyone else tongue fucking me but he kept ramming his tongue in me and went back to sucking my clit till I came it didn't take long my poor clit so sensitive from being ravaged all night by strange men that played poker with him...
After the last tongue fucking from my dad I was spent .. I fell asl**p with my dad still munching on my clit... Gezzz my clit throbs just thinking about that night

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3 years ago
a good one
3 years ago
yes that is hot
3 years ago
use Gangbang her !!!
3 years ago
sweetie i am sorry for your mishaps,but your dad was without a dought being abusive of you,my heart goes out to you,,but thanks for the story,,