Panty Fetish

I worked in a five star Hotel in Bern,Switzerland and was Reception Clerk. One Saturday Afternoon, with very few Arrivals, a Couple, both around 45 checked in the Hotel. The Woman was very sexy and we had ot bring each Arrival to the Room and inform them about the Amenities, the Hotel offered.
I went back down to the Reception Desk and after about a half an hour, the Couple asked me for a Direction of a Restaurant out of Town. They left and handed me the Key to the Room which instaed of placing it on the rack I put it in my Pocket. Around 6pm I went for Dinner and as the Hotel was very quiet I took the Elevetor up and after making sure, there was no one went into the Couples Room. It was my luck that one the Bed she had put the cloths she must have changed after taking a Shower. There was the Utmost a pair of flesh coloured seetrough Bikini Panties and I could smell the Perfume of here and between the Legs, the Panties where still moist and had a strong smell of Pussy
Perfume. I put them in my Pocket, left the Room and went down to do my Job for the rest of the Evening. Only feeling this Panties made me hard and hot and soon I arrived at my rented Room, I got naked, oiled my Cock, put on a silver ring and put on this beautiful Panties. Wow it did not take long and my sweet hot milk spurted into this Panties. The next day, the couple came down, paid the bill and while here Husband did that, I talked to the owner of the Panties I was waering with my cock hard, so after they left I had to go to the Toilet and Masturbate, thinking of that georgeous Pussy which must have been in this Panties.
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6 months ago
Very nice story! I love panties smell...
1 year ago
i would to de same
3 years ago
i love sniffing dirty panties!
3 years ago